Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 31

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 31 (PGSM 31)Plot Recap: Mio has been trying to make Usagi lose all her friends by faking a concert from her rival Minako. Minako shows up anyway and we learn that Mio hates Usagi and is determined to isolate her from her friends and be emotionally manipulative and abusive because Usagi is just that trusting.

And that’s it, so let’s move on!

Ah, apparently we are getting a Makoto-centric episode today. See she’s narrating and talking about her feelings and her senshi-powers.

Awwww, Motoki. Just ask her out already. Also, I’d like to note that for a story that’s all about the epic love of the Moon Princess and Earth Prince, so far Makoto is getting a much longer and much more interesting romance arc.

Yes, Luna. We really think that different people have different psychological challenges and fears to be faced. I like Ami speaking up first as well. Can you imagine early-episode Ami doing that? And everyone has antics to get the potato out of Makoto’s throat. I like how, even though Motoki has been set-up as comic relief in many of these episodes, he’s not the only one doing comic relief things. It gives the show a chance to give him more depth (and they run with it). Half the reason his comic relief works is because it’s so tied up with who he is as a person.

And hey look another shitennou wants to learn about the past. Maybe. Let’s see. I like Nephrite’s insistence that he choose his own master. And Zoisite, I admire your commitment to Endymion, but seriously dude why don’t you just let the past memories speak for themselves. You’ve got to be able to see that your fellow shitennou aren’t exactly acting like the comrades you used to know. It’s much less antagonising.

And we finally hear something about Usagi’s father. YAY! It also gives us a chance to see a little more of Usagi’s family relationships.

Aaaawkward date asking is aaaaakward. But kind of cute in its awkwardness. It’s nice and imperfect and utterly silly. But sometimes life is like that. And I like how it’s Usagi that’s understanding what’s going on there because the show’s consistently put her as the socially aware one when it comes to feelings that aren’t hatred. Mio’s manipulation of Usagi? Not really registering because Usagi sees the best in everyone. Motoki’s romantic interest in Makoto? Kinda hard to miss if you’re someone with even a relatively healthy social skillset. Which we know Usagi has and the other senshi lacked because their initial episodes made a huge point out of their being losers and socially isolated because they didn’t know how to fit in.

Hey, the transformation phone skills! We haven’t seen those in ages!

I like how Makoto sticks to being herself and as much as I dislike the gender roles that Motoki is describing, I think the way he’s noticed so much about Makoto is really sweet. She’s always been a mixture of tomboy and very feminine where the tomboy is most of what we see and the softer side is something for people she can let her guard down around. But Motoki paid attention to her as a person and I think that, more than what he’s saying, is what surprises Makoto. We’ve seen in her introduction episode that boys tend not to see past her tomboy exterior and feel threatened by it too much to get to know more about her. And, as she said, no one’s said that to her before. I have a vague memory that, actually, Usagi said something like that to her at least once, though, so more depth there since something like that doesn’t register if you only hear it once.

Surprise!Luna! You know, I’m not as annoyed by her this time around. I still think the whole idea makes no sense, but human!Luna is amusing and serves as another person to carry the comic relief, which makes sense if the show as a whole is shifting Motoki into a more serious role on the show.

Yes, Luna, because you only started spying when Makoto tried to go home. That makes perfect sense.

Awww, nooooooo. Don’t set Makoto and Motoki up to be a couple to break them up on the first date, PGSM. T_T They’re adorable together.

Oh, well, that‘s not convenient at all, is it, Beryl? This effect that Metallia is having on the planet. Why is this your first line of thought when you’ve got two other shitennou running around who wouldn’t tell each other their plans and who are perfectly happy to attack lone senshi? Or would be if that fit their plan. Why isn’t your first thought that Kunzite is planning something? That would make sense. He’s done that before, after all.

Is that really the best place to hold your arms, Makoto? I know you’re in a forest, so raising your arms to protect your face from small branches you’re running into whilst chasing youma makes sense, but that did not look like an arm in front of your face. Not even above it.

Yes, yes, by all means transform right on the street. I know it looks abandoned behind you, but seriously you three didn’t even check to see if there was anyone around who could discern your secret identities as senshi.

No. Nope. No. Still not liking senshi!Luna. Also why are you transforming when your first instinct afterwards is to run away in fear? And then come back to hit things with a fan, but that was running away in fear initially.

Awwww. I like that you’re not taking the easy road of explanation, show. That you’re allowing Makoto to lack the words to really describe what she’s trying to say. I like how it showed us Makoto awakening her senshi powers. It’s a stronger and clearer example of how that works than we’ve seen.

And Nephrite is annoyed at his memories not awakening, so Zoisite summons Mamoru from London. Oh-kay. And then Kunzite shows up. This is going to end well.

Aaand that’s it. Next episode, Usagi is gearing up to go to London to seek out Mamoru. Obviously, this is also going to end well. See you then!