Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 32

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 32 (PGSM 32)Plot Recap: Mamoru magically finds himself in the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite is not happy about this. Also Jupiter has awakened her powers and broke up with Motoki before they’d even got together properly. Minako decided to join them to fight these youma for some reason and apparently Metallia is summoning monsters on earth now. (Except only in Tokyo.)

Kamekichi still lives in the tiny terrarium and Motoki has apparently moved out to live on his own. I FEAR FOR KAMEKICHI’S LIVING ARRANGEMENTS.

And that’s about it.

Usagi, you’re a sweetheart, but you don’t think about anything even remotely difficult if you can possibly help it. It’s no wonder you’re defeated by past life shenanigans. Especially considering we know you’ve awakened as the Moon Princess. Yes, it makes perfect sense to assume you have no connection to your past life.

Nope. No. Still don’t like this version of Mamoru.

The scarf! OMG, it came back! And made Usagi sad because destiny and unrequited love.

Drama in the Dark Kingdom! Kunzite is a little fed up with the mind control and, really, can you blame him? Although I have to wonder, since all three of them died, how do they remember Kunzite’s anguished cry of rage? It could be just Kunzite and Mamoru’s flashback, but it seems an odd choice since it’s not a memory his fellow shitennou can share in. It keeps up the mystery with what Mamoru/Endymion actually did, sure, and it focuses on the reason Kunzite is so anti-Endymion, but couldn’t we have gone a little further back in time so we see the other shitennou relive their Endymion-caused deaths? We don’t need to see what Endymion did. We just need to see all of them remembering the moments of their deaths and voila. Same impact (if not stronger) than the scene the show decided to give us.

I think I’m going to agree with Kunzite here. Derail things from how the past life handled them and things will change. I’m not entirely sure they’d change for the better, but they would definitely change. Then again, Zoisite could make a point too. If the past is going to repeat and they all remember the past, they could… I don’t know, make different choices at crucial moments because they remember how well the choice they want to make turned out the last time.

And everyone argues and Jadeite is confused and Mamoru is getting at least some of his memories back. Apparently they’ve been down the bickering path before. And hey I think maybe I like this version of Mamoru who gets a sword pointed at his throat and just gazes disdainfully at Kunzite.

Poor Motoki and his lack of English skills. It’s interesting to see him do this without an electronic phrase book (or just a paper phrase book) on hand. We learn that Mamoru has gone missing and Usagi, of course, decides she absolutely must go to London to look for him.

Look, Zoisite, neither you nor Kunzite like Beryl. Why don’t you two just team up to defeat her? She’s done nothing but hurt the both of you when she’s pissed off. Also, Beryl, that is absolutely no way to get answers out of a person.

We go from a shot of an angry Beryl to one of an angry Mio. I WONDER WHAT THIS MEANS.

Usagi, even if your allowance covered a trip to the other side of the world, I highly doubt your parents would let you traipse off there on your own. Especially not when you’re not on vacation and your English is poor at best.

Mio, this is Usagi you’re talking about. She probably would go halfway across the world to look for a friend if they’d gone missing. Also what are you planning with this trip thing and why do you think Usagi’s parents would — No, wait. Her mother totally would let Yuuto walk all over her and let her daughter miss school. Nothing I’ve seen convinces me she’d put her daughter’s education before ZOMG idol!

And the magical transformation phone! I love how often that thing gets used compared to the anime and manga versions. There it was like “This nifty thing exists! Let us forget about it in ten episodes” and then it randomly pops up once two seasons later. It may show up more often/for longer, but it definitely doesn’t show up as often as it does in this show which likes using it whenever it’s even vaguely sensible to do so.

So negative, Luna. Why so negative? It’s not like their love is destined to doom and destroy the world, is it?

Of course Usagi hasn’t noticed the dog jumping from her arms. I’ve held cats and dogs and various other small animals in my life and their not wanting to be in your arms anymore? Kind of really hard to miss. You’ll notice it the most when they’re opposed to being held, rather than just tired of it and wanting to do something else. I call plot. (And it’s not even necessary. She could as easily have had the dog on a leash and had the leash slip from her grasp. Issue solved.)

Usagi is very slow on the uptake about this “Get out of the camera angle” thing.

Yuuto, do you really want to give Usagi your entire wallet? I know Mio vouched for her (probably) or your possess by a youma (and Usagi isn’t a thief), but you only met the girl this morning and so far she’s only shown you incompetence and unprofessionalism. (Then again, she’s supposed to be, like, fourteen, so what did you expect?)

Why do I get the feeling that Venus is the smartest of the whole group? That’s really supposed to be Ami. I mean, not that I’m complaining about Minako having a brain. I’m not actually a fan of the way the anime portrays her a lot of the time. Even accounting for differences because different upbringing, she’s supposed to be the leader (and was apparently this bad-ass vigilante in England before returning to Japan) and once she reveals herself as Sailor Venus, all of that disappears like it never was. Here, she’s smart and competent and kind of awesome to balance saving the world with her work as an idol (and her life-threatening medical condition that the show’s not reminded us exists for a fair number of episodes now so I thought I’d throw in a reminder).

The Mamoru reminder. Can I go on record as noting that angrily calling someone an idiot is not romantic? (Although at least in the Mamoru-flashback it was understandable what with Usagi almost accidentally getting herself hospitalised or worse.)

Luna, here’s a thought: if you tell someone not to do something, it generally just entices them to do it more. Maybe if you’d let Usagi spend time with Mamoru, she’d have realised that he tends not to be very nice to her and dumped him because she deserves better. But no. Nope, instead you make it all “Forbidden love! Doom!” and she goes “BUT I LIKE HIM!” and stubbornly starts to deny he has any flaws because she’s now determined to prove you wrong.

Or something. That make more sense before I tried to word it badly.

Or, here’s a thought, if her and Mamoru getting together will make the world crumble and be destroyed, how about you explain the stakes to her instead of this whole “No! Not allowed because we say it’s bad!” thing you’ve got going on.

HA! Youma! Called it! And Usagi is so worried about those tickets she forgets that she’s a senshi and could kick this youma’s behind any day. Also, tickets to London are more important than not getting strangled. Usagi, your priorities are terrible.

Mamoru waves a sword around like a feather-duster and magically makes the youma let go. I’ll just… go with the flow. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of hi– What, no! Go back to London, Mamoru! I liked not having you in the show!

Wait, are you actually giving Usagi a note on what’s at stake if they pursue a relationship? You are! And then going “No! I don’t believe it will destroy the earth, prove it with me!” Do you really want to take that chance? Wow, Mamoru, that’s selfish. Understandable, but selfish. And also that is kind of cruel to Usagi. Asking her for the muffler thing to continue their relationship before even letting the whole “We could destroy the world, do you want to take that risk with me?” sink in. And then Usagi jokes about it because she’s just such a mix of emotions and Mamoru calls her an idiot, again, and hugs her. (I’ll give him a pass on this one too; he’s clearly not serious about her being an idiot. It’s more of a “I love you for thinking about such things and endeared that you’re missing the point with practicality and literal mindedness” situation.)

Well, I’m sure that it would help if Beryl stopped chasing after a guy who’s clearly not into her, Minako. But yay plot progression set-up! Mamoru is back, we’ve learned Mio is definitely in league with the Dark Kingdom (and may be an aspect of Beryl somehow; Zoisite, what did you do, teaching Beryl astral projection), and the world may or may not be destroyed in a few episodes’ time.

Next episode! The senshi group might possibly fall apart. See you next time!