Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 33

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 33 (PGSM 33)Plot Recap: Mamoru has sneakily returned to Japan without telling anyone and makes all his friends worry for him by not telling them he’s back. He’s also decided that he won’t destroy the world a second time because he loves Usagi and the two lovers are reunited at last!

Also, Mio is in league with the Dark Kingdom and Kamekichi’s living arrangements are unknown at this time.

Luna, what did I tell you about not forbidding the romance because it will backfire spectacularly?

Also I’d like to note that no one else believes the past must be repeated because they got reincarnated.

Oooooh, a discussion between Jadeite and Zoisite. Cuuuuuurious. And yeah it really shows that Jadeite is the youngest. He’s the one most likely to behave like a brat. Point in case, shoving Zoisite into his piano because Jadeite doesn’t like what he’s hearing.

And Nephrite has apparently decided that he’s had enough. If he can’t remember anything, he’s out.

Oh. Yes. I forgot to mention: this will be another senshi-centric episode. Focusing on Ami and Rei and their families, which is nicely balanced in the ways in which both girls don’t actually have anyone to raise them. Rei’s mother, we know, is dead and Ami’s communicates with her daughter through writing on the wall. Literally!

Magical sparkly flowers! Are they of doom? They’re magical sparkly flowers of DOOM, right? They’d better be. I want sparkly flowers of doom. T_T

Yes, Luna, because they can really hear you from Usagi’s room. Have you tried transforming into a girl to wake Usagi up yet? This is a genuine question. I can’t remember how the cat-to-girl works.

Also they’re magical sparkly flowers of youma. I’ll take it.

Sailor Mars! Lone youma fighting kick-ass vigilante of efficiency! *waves pompoms*

Hey, look. Kunzite’s remembered that he wanted to be the ruler of the Dark Kingdom. I still think teaming up with Zoisite to defeat Beryl is a good plan. They’ve got all their past life memories, right? So they could, I don’t know, discuss what happened in the past and what’s responsible for what? I have yet to see any proof that the love between Mamoru and Usagi is going to destroy the world as opposed to other people’s reactions to that love. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING.


Motoki, you should tell Mamoru that it is not okay to make people worry the way he did. Or rack up such an international phone bill. Motoki is blissfully unaware of everything; Kamekichi knows what’s what.

And, of course, the first thing Mamoru says about Usagi’s muffler is that she can’t knit. BECAUSE CLEARLY INSULTING PEOPLE IS ROMANTIC. (Disclaimer: This is totally not romantic. Also rude.) Also my dub specifically uses the words “You’ll make me mad” because this is TOTALLY NOT A BAD SIGN. Ugh. This is why I don’t like this Mamoru. Because he does stuff like this and we’re supposed to think of it as romantic and cute.

Ami’s mother on-screen! Being ominous about Ami’s future because the music tells us this is ominous. (Also the fact that we get to see Ami’s mother at all. That fact alone is ominous.) Rei’s father too! Well, sort of.

You know, I kind of like the conversation between Ami and her mother, except that we’ve already determined that, whatever is going on, it’s not affecting Ami’s school performance in any way. She’s still a straight-A student who’s done all her homework forever. And, mind, I’m aware that there’s a difference in culture here. I’m not saying that Ami’s mother shouldn’t encourage Ami to study and give academics her everything (she should) or suggesting that missing classes is good (it’s not), but maybe take into consideration that Ami clearly does care about her academic performance.

And switch to Rei not wanting anything to do with her father and being shocked to hear that he plans to come home. I don’t think she wants him to come home. She looks like she’s about to be sick. Poor Rei.

Oh, Rei. How long have you been friends with Ami now? She’s not going to “just tell her mum” to stuff the idea of sending her to prep school because she’s too much of a doormat.

I think it’s pretty telling that the person intervening between Ami and Rei fighting about their parents’ behaviour is Makoto rather than Usagi. I’ve been saying, for some time, that it’s Usagi who’s the emotional heart of the group that keeps them together, but she doesn’t know how to handle people fighting when they’re fighting with one another.

And Rei’s father shows up to interrupt the girls’ lunch arrangements. Interestingly, he asks Rei for her side of things explicitly, which is something Ami’s mother didn’t do.

This is so sad. Two people totally unable to communicate. T_T Poor Rei and her father. Poor Rei. I like how much of this episode is about family drama, though. I love the fact that the girls have a life in this show.

I’d ask what happened to the bad-ass Mars we saw last night, but she’s emotionally incredibly shook up at the moment and not at her best. And thus she realises that her senshi duties are making her do something similar to her dad when her mother died. Or, at least, sometimes would have amounted to the same thing.

Next episode, the senshi adventures of dealing with parents continues. See you then!