Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 34

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 34 (PGSM 34)Plot Recap: Usagi and Mamoru are dating! Beryl is upset about this. Nephrite has decided to stuff it all. And Ami and Rei were caught outside in the middle of the night and now their pesky parents want to throw their lives around.

And Rei’s decided that the best way to deal with her problems is to run away. Thankfully, she has friends.

Yay. Mamoru. Watch my joy at his appearing in this episode. At least he seems to have the idea to learn all he can about what happened in the past so he can learn how to not do it again? I suppose there’s that.

You know what I like? I like that Makoto is the one in charge of looking after Rei because Makoto understands there exists this thing called ‘personal space’. Usagi, bless her, would have tried to convince Rei to stay at her place and push and Makoto… just lets Rei decide how much space and alone time she wants. Although with that amount of food perhaps she and Usagi have secretly communicated to plot an Ami/Rei sleepover.

Awwww, a heart-to-heart between Rei and Ami. Look, we have girls talking to one another about their problems and how to fix them. I love that.

OMG! They’re dressing up in each other’s clothes! Sort of. That is an adorable way to go about their party sleep-over thing.

Parents having thinky thoughts about how they raised their children so far. Motoki leaving food for Makoto. <3

Did one of those people just step out of the car wearing surgical gloves and carrying chloroform? Please tell me I did not just see that.

Awwww, the magical sparkly flowers of DOOM did not sparkle. I am disappoint.

Oh, Rei’s father… Can someone please send some cluebats after you? Please?

YAY! Magical sparkling flowers of DOOM are sparkling! This is not going to end well.

Oh and Ami’s mother just showed up. Because she knew where her daughter was likely to go. I AM IN TEARS. I just. FEELS, people. FEELS. We just had Rei sort of decide to give her father a maybe-chance in future because of her duties as a youma-fighting senshi (even though he still doesn’t have a clue) and now we have Ami’s mother tracking down her daughter and being all parentally restrained in her emotions even though she was probaby worried sick and FEELS.

Luna, you have terrible timing and Ami it is rude to pick up your phone whilst your mum is trying to not-tearfully talk to you about how you ran off for an entire night.

Oh, Ami, your mother isn’t going to hate you for that. T_T Look, see, she’s hugging you.

And then they all come together to defeat the youma and all’s well with the world, right? Although here’s a question. We know that Rei was a match for the youma last episode, so why aren’t Makoto and Usagi together more than a match? Is it the lack of fire-based attacks? I mean, that’d make some sense with Makoto’s powers since the youma is plant-based and she controls lightning and my science knowledge is not good enough to carry through the whole of this point, but you see what I’m getting at even so, right? It is narratively conceivable to assume her attacks have no effect on a plant and Usagi… Well, I have no explanation for that one.

Awwww, Ami and her mother saying goodbye and having a little heart-t0-heart before Ami runs off to school. <3

And Rei’s restored her photo to have her dad in it again. And Mio is up to something, collapsing as she does before Mamoru’s motorcycle. It says something about my opinion of Mamoru when my response is “Well, at least he stopped”, right? THIS IS NOT HOW I SHOULD BE FEELING ABOUT THE MAIN LOVE INTEREST IN THIS SHOW. (And yes I know he would’ve stopped because he’s not all jerk all the time, but this is how low my opinion of him is all the same.)

Next time! Venus and Zoisite have a confrontation! Mamoru gets himself into trouble Usagi needs to rescue him from again. Good times! Also Mio is up to something.