Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 35

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 35 (PGSM 35)Plot Recap: Ami and Rei had trouble with their parents. It has been mostly resolved. Mio has dropped herself unconscious in Mamoru’s path.

Yep. That’s pretty much it. The previews promised plot progression, though, so we say goodbye to the character-building episodes we’ve just had a two-parter of.

Mamoru, why are you still sitting beside this complete stranger’s bedside? You weren’t even responsible for her collapsing and given that she’s an idol about as popular as Aino Minako, whom everyone knows, there’d be no Jane Doe type hospital situations requiring you to be there. There is no reason I can think of, at all, for you to be sitting beside her bed watching her be unconscious.

Sounds like Mamoru and Usagi’s love didn’t destroy the world at all. Sounds like Beryl’s jealousy did that.

Mamoru, why are you calling Usagi when it’s already dark when the accident clearly happened during the day time? You could have called her at any time while you were waiting for Mio to wake up.

Oh, Minako… T_T So dedicated to her mission…

It’s very serious, Zoisite, but here you should listen closely to Kunzite there and consider whether, I don’t know, maybe Beryl has something to do with the whole destruction of the world thing that happened in the past.

Zoisite, here’s an idea: work with Kunzite to defeat Beryl and you will be protecting your master. You just need to be very careful that Kunzite isn’t trying to (or won’t succeed in) offing them both.

I so hate Venus’ transformation sequence. She is such a bad-ass character and then they gave her that transformation sequence. Yes. Yes, twirl and turn your back to each other before attacking because you’re both clearly not positioned right for a battle.

Seriously, you two. Get a grip (and a room). You’re both on the same side this time. You both want to drive Mamoru and Usagi apart because you think bad things will happen if they stay a couple. WORK TOGETHER ON THIS.

Oh, thank heavens Zoisite seems to have had the same idea.

OMG! We’re getting exposition on what happened in the past?! FINALLY! We’re only over halfway through the show! *happy dance*

No. No, we’re not. JUST TELL US ALREADY, SHOW. T_T Instead we get a mystery box handed over by Zoisite and Usagi and Makoto failing to get concert tickets.

Ah, it is a magical “forget your lover” music box. Right. And Minako is struggling to decide what to do because… I don’t know, Usagi is so happy to meet her idol again? And dramatic irony over Usagi thanking Minako for helping her with her romance problems.

You know, we should let Minako see how Mamoru treats her sometime. That’s not going to go over well.

I don’t think you even told her your name either, Mamoru, and you’re concerned about how you told her you didn’t need to be thanked?

Funny how we never heard about these calculations of Zoisite before now. He’s not shown any concern over Mio or otherwise acknowledged her existence.

Zoisite, you have terrible timing. You almost had Usagi’s memory erased. Oh, there we are. That’s… what is that anyway? Did it work? How long will it work? Poor Venus. She seems really sad about doing that.

Awwwww, Usagi singing Venus’ signature song to remember Mamoru and all the shitennou fighting against one another. The show is kicking up a notch!

Oh, and now the music box shatters. Why didn’t it do that the first time it fell?

Epic fight is epic between former friends and now-enemies and hey look Venus showed up because she’s had a chance of heart (sort of maybe) and the epic fight continues until a storm interrupts it. Kunzite, this would be the perfect time for a sneak attack like the bastard you are in this version would surely attempt. But no, nope you’re just as bewildered as everyone else.

And even Mamoru’s managed to pick up on the fact that Minako is Venus. And has known for ages upon ages, so it seems.

Are there usually that many toddlers at a pop idol live concert in Japan?

Also Usagi is late, no surprise there, even with Mamoru helping her out (big surprise there) and Minako collapses on stage.

Next time, Beryl has a scheme to separate Usagi and Mamoru and Usagi gets a new outfit and we finally get some idea of what on earth happened in their past lives beyond the bits we’ve managed to piece together. Maybe. Maybe we’ll just get confirmation. See you next time!