Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 42

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 42 (PGSM 42)Plot Recap: There were many youma that forced Usagi and Makoto to reveal their identities as senshi to Naru and Motoki respectively. Nephrite continues to struggle with adjusting to human life.

Makoto and Motoki are totally into each other, but Makoto won’t let it stand in the way of her senshi duties and tells Motoki this. Also a child went missing, but was then found (and forgotten about by the rest of the episode).

Also Usagi couldn’t deal with a youma, transformed into Princess Sailormoon and hurt Naru in the process before regaining her control and realising the damage that she can do (and is doing) to the world. And one solitary little scene with Mamoru realising she’s transformed into Princess Sailormoon again.

We’re not going to do the thingie-shaped narrator bit again? Awwww. I liked that. Also, Luna, why do you need to be careful? Oh, now we get to see what happened. Usagi got to watch what Serenity was going and yelled ‘Stop’ inside her mind. Neat.

A painting. They’re playing the “Something bad is about to be revealed” track and it’s Mio who brought it up, so presumably something bad is about to be revealed. And it’s such a pretty painting too.

No, nope. Nu-uh. Beryl has learned nothing from the red glow of Metallia getting stronger. She’s still obsessed with Endymion and making him forget all about Usagi/Serenity. THAT’S NOT HOW LOVE WORKS, BERYL. GET WITH IT AND MOVE ON.

I do like how this show has all of the girls have issues (or not) with the past life influencing their present life theme of the show. In the manga, Crystal and Classic you only really get a sense of it influencing Usagi’s romance and Venus pre-joining the team. And, in Crystal, the fight with the shitennou because Fan Service Reasons as well. It went further, somewhat, with the Black Moon arc with that being all timetravely and everything.

I like Naru and Usagi’s friendship. I know the show’s forgotten about it existing for… quite a number of episodes and all, but it’s really nice to see it again and to see how little has changed even with this big revelation. Drives home their friendship for me.

Oh, look. Kunzite is working through some of his anger issues and Zoisite is talking to him about breaking the spell on Jadeite. First of all, good luck with that the both of you. Second of all, I’m not entirely sure how “Kunzite, I can’t protect your sworn enemy on my own. Will you help me break the spell on the other guy who could help me?” is supposed to be an incentive to break the spell. Kunzite seems equally baffled. Also annoyed at Zoisite’s assumptions about his true self. I’m not entirely sure he’s wrong.

Not quite right either, mind you. I do get the impression this is the real Kunzite such as circumstances made him into, but I think he’s learning to work through his feelings and get to a mentally healthier headspace as time is going on.

Oh, Naru, how can you be joking at a time like this? After a story like that. Did you miss the part about Usagi maybe DESTROYING THE ENTIRE WORLD? I do think it’s something Usagi needs, though: a friend to joke around with and to remind her of life here. I like that they’re talking about school and how Usagi doesn’t always need to retake tests. (Take that, Mamoru who thinks she’s stupid.)

Oh, that‘s why Luna needs to be careful too. Because she’s getting too comfortable moving around the house as a plushie. (If only you had Luna-P, right, Luna? Then you could just brainwash everyone into thinking you’re Usagi’s baby sister or a niece or something.)

See? Kiddie!Luna is kind of cute in her awkwardness when she’s not trying to be a senshi. (Also, those tubs are really really really hot. Just in case anyone was wondering why Usagi is overheated. I don’t think I lasted more than fifteen minutes myself. Not that I was supposed to be in there for more than fifteen minutes anyway, so that works out.)

I wonder how Metallia/the youma decide whose energy gets drained. Is it totally random?

Poor Nephrite, being all depressed because he can’t get over the loss of his magical powers. I wish the show did a little more with that. It looks like it might be about to?

I have no idea how any of this is supposed to help Usagi gain control of the ginzuishou. Making herself physically weaker does not seem like a good way to accomplish this? I AM MISSING SOMETHING HERE. Is it a train your willpower thing? Because I could see the sense in it all if that’s what’s going on.

Zoisite has suspiciously good timing.

Oh, look. All four of the shitennou together having fun. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It actually gives us past life glimpses that show us something about how all these characters interacted with one another and not just the way that the Moon Kingdom got destroyed. Though, of course, it has to be said that we haven’t seen a whiff of the past lives of the senshi outside of Usagi/Serenity’s love for Endymion, so you can make of that what you will.

Oh dear. Beryl found out. That’s not good. Nope. Not good. And we know now that Jadeite is going to be Beryl’s man until the end.

Didn’t Luna just say that the youma was on the roof? What’s it doing on the ground? Also, Luna, despite being a cat with cat reflexes that have been shown to accomplish near-instant teleportation (because cat) is the slowest to turn around and face the youma.

And, again, Luna isn’t really joining in with the youma fighting. Now, I don’t actually have a problem with showing a child as not someone who should be fighting anything and with Luna being more of a “Run away, be helpful when I can” and more child-play-attack kind of character or any of that, except for one detail: Luna is not actually a child. Sure she’s in child form, but she’s more of a several-thousand-year-old plushie cat which should more than qualify her as an adult because Luna in cat-form is cast as an adult with adult responsibilities and adult sensibilities in a way that the senshi, who are older than child!Luna, still lack because they’re children. Child!Luna? Not a trace of that. For no reason whatsoever. This is one of the main reasons I disliked her so much the first time I watched it. The show clearly wants to have a child-aged senshi the way the manga and anime had Chibi-Usa, but it doesn’t want to commit to the Crystal Tokyo future — much as I like it who can blame them; it doesn’t really fit that well with the story they’re telling — but instead of cutting the character of Chibi-Usa out altogether, they’re created a Sailor Luna role to fill it. And, sure, I like her more than I did the first time around and I admit that I quite like having her around in human form when she’s not a senshi, but that form still doesn’t mesh with what I keep on seeing of Luna in cat-form. (Also, there is still no in-story reason why Artemis can’t do this.) And I really wish it did. It could have been really fascinating to see Luna struggle with suddenly sometimes having a human body and learning to control it and how it all works even without the Sailor Luna powers attached to them. (Especially without those.)

Anyway! Long rambly ranting over. Back to the show! Wherein the youma just hurt Ami and Luna and apparently scorching off part of a glove in a way that leaves no trace whatsoever on Mercury’s hand means she is now no longer able to fight because the pain is too much. I am not generous tonight, no, so shows not having the budget to show slightly more realistic suggestions of burns is on my list of things to poke. (Even if it’s a kids’ show and I actually am okay with non super-realistic/gory depictions of violence.)

Say, was there a helicopter sound in the last episode when she lost control of the ginzuishou as well? I should go back and check that. (Note to self: You’re 16 minutes into the show, give or take a few seconds.) Nope. No, helicopter sound. That was another episode where there was a helicopter then. There was another episode where a helicopter sound overrode pretty much everything in the episode at that point. I don’t know why the sound is there. Is it a bad DVD rip? (How?) But it’s just music and sound effects, so there’s no reason for the helicopter to be there? Unless the helicopter is how Endymion arrived to protect Usagi? (What the hell are you doing, Mamoru? You formally declared yourself her enemy and said you’d kill her if she used the ginzuishou and now you’re trying to protect her even though she’s fighting the ginzuishou?)

Mamoru, I still don’t like you. Also, I know there’s this whole love romance thing that’s supposedly going on between you and Usagi, but if you know how the past life destruction happened because reasons, you also know it happened because you sacrificed yourself to save Serenity’s. AND YOU’RE DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING NOW. Except slower and not because of a magical floating McGuffin sword that strikes only once.

Mio is certainly enjoying herself. At least someone is whilst the world is slowly hurtlig towards destruction.

I just. I don’t. Mio clearly cares about nothing save immediate gratification of her cruelty urges. That or she’s just not smart enough to realise that everything Beryl and she are doing to Mamoru is going to destroy the Earth even faster.

Conclusion to draw from this episode, if you hadn’t come to that conclusion already, do not mess with Serenity/Princess Sailor Moon.

Usagi is gaining control again and doing something other than destroy with her powers? Destroying the youma through the power of sad harp music? Well, at least it’s healing sad harp music. There is that. And Serenity does not get the hint and Usagi is yelling at herself and attacking herself.

Awww, no. There goes my Serenity has PTSD theory, I think. Does it? I don’t know. She only cares about Endymion and she cares so much because he treated her like a person. (I’m waiting for Usagi to point out that her friends treat her like a person too. And I’m a bit scared of hitting unpause and discovering this isn’t what she’s doing.)

Oh, good. She did point that out. I’m glad.

Lovely. So… Using the ginzuishou creates really powerful youma that they need to use the ginzuishou to defeat? I FAIL TO SEE ANY FLAWS IN THIS PLAN. THERE ARE NO FLAWS THEY ARE IMAGINARY. (Disclaimer: There is a really big flaw with this plan. It is called a downwards spiral towards DOOM. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN.)

Oh, did I mention how the pretty painting that got introduced has now got a light glowy bit on it? Because it does. It is shaped rather like a full moon. Mamoru seems to be in a lot of pain as well. Poor him.

And on that note, I shall see you all next time!