Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 43

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 43 (PGSM 43)Plot Recap: Mamoru has had some of his life drained by a magical stone that Jadeite pushed into his body. Usagi is reasoning with Princess Sailor Moon about why she should maybe not destroy the planet and we’ve learned that Serenity has no fucks to give about anything except being with Endymion.

Also the senshi need the ginzuishou to destroy youma. But they can’t use the ginzuishou because it creates stronger youma.

Mercury, senshi of water, does not use her water-influencing skills to her advantage. Then she gets cocky and gets thrown into the water. Three cheers for our senshi super-intellect!

Wow, Usagi is really taking this “Don’t defeat the youma with magical mcguffin powers” seriously. I mean, we already knew she was and the entire last episode was about that, but this is the most physical we’ve seen her get in a battle, I think. Have we seen any Usagi outside of PGSM be more inclined to physically attack youma? Ami is all  “WTF! Who is this and what happened to Usagi?”

Oh! I see a moon stick! That she didn’t use because the youma jumped into the water. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it yet.

Gosh, no, Makoto. Why on earth would Usagi not be upset about Beryl trying to slowly and torturously murder her boyfriend if her boyfriend so much as thinks of Usagi? I’d want to swoop in and rescue the guy at this point and I haven’t exactly been quiet about my dislike for this version of Mamoru.

Wait. Metallia and the ginzuishou’s power are the same, but getting rid of one won’t get rid of the other? How are they the same then?

Zoisite looks very pissed off. He’s just tossed Jadeite against the wall. Yep. I’d say he’s a mite upset about the whole life-energy-draining stone Jadeite put in Mamoru’s body.

I do like how much of the Dark Kingdom’s storyline is about free will and choices. We’ve seen it with Zoisite who won’t consider serving anyone else, Kunzite deciding he won’t serve anyone ever again, and Jadeite struggling with divided loyalties and Nephrite’s general issues with having choice taken from him again and again.

Bits of the tree in the painting have disappeared! That bit was still disappearing in the last episode. Also, I have to admit, I was expecting this plot line to show up a lot sooner than it did.

I really think you should get some help for that obsession, Beryl. Love doesn’t work that way and eternity won’t last very long when you drive Serenity to destroy the planet with your actions. Again. I really dislike how everyone is blaming this all on Usagi/Serenity when everything was totes fine before Beryl decided to jealously raise an army and kill them both.

I am not going to answer that, Usagi. It’ll give me a headache. But I can wrap my head around it, so I know you can. Or will be able to.

Ominous red moon! And also clearly the best way to stop Princess Serenity from taking over Usagi’s body is to never let Usagi sleep again. This is not a good idea, but it is a popular time for other entities to take over bodies because the person the body belongs to is considered unable to do anything about it because they’re not in (conscious) control.

I have no idea how Serenity’s harp music gets to be heard in the Dark Kingdom where it wakes Mamoru up. Or how Luna found Usagi so quickly. She was lost at least a day last time and she was sitting in a public area rather than on a rooftop.

Oh! Oh! Oh! That makes so much more sense if Beryl is also intent on destroying the Earth. (I have no idea why. She wanted to rule it alongside Endymion. She wants to rule a barren wasteland? Restart everything? WHAT IS BERYL’S PLAN?! I WOULD LIKE A CLEAR PLAN, BERYL. You’ve got to have one. And the show is too fond of giving you monologuing bits of tension building and snapping at shitennou and/or Endymion for me to say that you monologuing about your plans would be entirely out of bounds.

Yay, Mamoru has decided to go back to Usagi. To calm the princess down. Yes, because it is really going to help calm her down if you’re around her and die all the faster for it. That’s a brilliant idea, Mamoru. Please tell me I paused this before you went “Turn off the life-draining thing for a while” at Beryl and I get to listen to that now.

Nope. No. No, he really wanted to go back to Usagi when being with her will hurt him terribly and pretend like all is sunshine and roses and other pretty flowers and expects this to calm her down. Seriously, I don’t know about you, but if the love of my life and the guy whose death caused me to destroy the planet (and the moon) came to me all “OMG I can’t breathe it hurts so much ow” because he was with me, I WOULD NOT ACTUALLY BE VERY CALM. This would, at the very least, require masses of acting chops on Mamoru’s part to pretend he’s not in pain and convince Usagi that no Mio was totes lying. (To be fair, I can see him pulling off the latter part. This is Usagi we’re talking about. She’d totally want to believe that.)

I totally called that sleeping bit! And We’re back to the idea of an Usagi who is mentally all in a muddle. This makes sense given what she’s going through (and, y’know, the whole “I could destroy the world” thing). But that scene with her mother and Usagi just backing the hell out of it as quickly as she can with what excuses she can muster? Recognisable.

Mars is still fed up with the past life duty thing. Awww, no. I wanted the episode to focus on Rei discussing how the now matters too.

Oh, so everyone who’s important in this show can hear the harp? Or, you know, at least Mamoru and Luna can. Maybe it’s a magical summoning harp song and Serenity is calling for Endymion whilst Usagi is calling for Luna. I’m going with this theory. I like this theory. (For now.)

Mio, I trust you about as far as I trust Kunzite, but at least you have the sense to know that that stone’s power is not something you really want active if he’s trying to calm Usagi down. Which… now that I think about it is a really really awkward way of phrasing it because she’s quite calm, whether Usagi or Serenity. She’s perhaps too calm as Serenity even.

*snrk* Youma does not care about the senshi wanting to attack it. Youma is very cocky, turning its back on them that way.

You have to hand it to Serenity, she does pick some super-scenic spots to go play her harp of doom.

Ah, of course, Mio is there too. How could we forget Mio. I don’t like her.

Nooooooo, Usagi. Mio absolutely is not one of your enemies, whyever would you think that. It’s not like she kidnapped Endymion, rubbed it into your face that he would die because of you, and/or done her best to torment you before she vanished off to the Dark Kingdom to go bother Endymion there. (Here’s a question: if she’s a shadow of Beryl’s and we know they’re separate physical bodies because we’ve seen them in the same room together, and they both lust after Endymion, does that mean that even if they killed Usagi, they’d go through the whole “He’s mine! I WANT HIM!” jealousy war all over again?)

Mamoru, I should not be impressed that your response is telling Usagi to ignore Mio, but I am. THIS IS HOW MUCH I BELIEVE IN THE ROMANCE BETWEEN THESE TWO: I expect Mamoru to tell Usagi off for making a rage face at a girl who torments her and the people she cares for rather than to support Usagi’s “I do not want to see this person” feels and I end up genuinely surprised when he doesn’t.

Wait, so she just put the damn stone in Mamoru last episode and she’s already offering to remove it if he does what she asks? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT? He’s not going to manage, is he? Please tell me he’ll fail because otherwise my reaction to this plot is going to be more all-caps abuse.

I’m pretty sure that there’s a narrative rule that says that True Love is supposed to recognise each other no matter what shape or form they’re in. It bodes very badly for Usagi and Mamoru’s True Love in this show if that rule were to get — Oh, look. It got broken. Normally I’d be all for trope breaking and applying some humanity and common sense to situations like this. It’s not like Usagi doesn’t have reasons to doubt Mamoru, after all, because the last few times they spoke he was all snarly and “Usagi, I shall kill you before I let you destroy the world”. But I’m already having such a hard time buying into the True Love Across The Ages and Incarnations thing that this just isn’t a trope I want to see played with. I need it to help convince my brain that this is a romance story.

I’m not sure how spreading out and making the gaps between your ranks bigger is going to prevent the enemy from escaping, but hey what do I know of strategy and tactics?

Mars takes a moment they can’t really spare to scold Venus. Venus does not care and Mars just stands there. If the enemy gets away this time we know who to blame!

Called that too. I told you that would involve lying. And I get why Mamoru is doing it, I really do. I still want to throw pillows at him for lying to the woman he loves. Supposedly loves. Mamoru, you’re a terrible liar. You can’t even look at her when she asks confirmation. Heck, the camera isn’t even allowed to see the top half of your face.

And no “I am proud of you” or encouragement or anything. Just “What happened earlier?” Oh, that face as Usagi tells him she’s the Princess and I just. I just. How am I supposed to believe that he does love Usagi for Usagi? I still have yet to see him like and enjoy typically Usagi-things such as, I don’t know, thinking her love of rabbits is cute and getting her some adorable little rabbit hair clips or something. You know, something small and nice to show us that he sees Usagi and knows what she likes. (This is not entirely fair. He seemed to be having fun during the shopping collage when he didn’t say anything and that shopping trip was all Usagi-behaviour all the time.)

At least their conversation gets interrupted by a youma? I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

OMG Usagi grabbed that sword and went after the youma with it! I like this Usagi. She’s so pro-active and determined and willing to try different things to defeat youma when necessary. And, of course, we know that Princess Sailormoon uses a sword to fight youma, so it’s not entirely impossible to assume she knows what she’s doing.

Aaaand Princess Sailormoon is coming back, so perhaps it’s just that they were fighting for control of Usagi’s body and Serenity was slowly winning. I liked the pro-active kick-ass sword-wielding Usagi idea much better.

Oh no! Venus is collapsing during the battle! Oh, no. Not quite. But almost. Mars really does have a point, Venus. When you’re like this you’re not an asset to the team, but a liability.

First of all, Mamoru, how do you know that it was Usagi who was strengthening Metallia’s powers and secondly, that is what you’re choosing to tell her? I know it’s important information and all, but seriously you have what is cast as scant minutes to return to Beryl and get that stone removed so you can do whatever the hell you want again, but what you choose to tell her is “Usagi, it is your fault — not the Princess’, yours — that the world will be destroyed this time around”? Not “I love you. Be strong” or something that couches the whole “Your feelings of anger and hatred feel Metallia” in something positive and loving and encouraging? AND THEN HE CALLED HER AN IDIOT AGAIN.

*bangs her head against the desk* Eight more episodes. I can put up with this guy for eight more episodes. I can I can I can. I’ve done it before. At least he’s not trying to be hurtful? He sounds like he’s genuinely trying to be encouraging. (Mamoru, you fail at encouraging people. Try to take some empathy classes sometime.)

Did he just finally say romantic things to Usagi? *faints*

Did he just kiss her? *faints again*

I am so sad to hear Kunzite say those things. Not because I think he’s necessary wrong, but because that one episode showed them to be such good friends and we’ve not really seen Kunzite show how badly hurt he is. He’s kept it hidden under anger and arrogance and snarls. And I think, though the show didn’t really show us, that fight he had with Endymion, had given him some measure of hope and it just got snatched away from him again with what he’s seeing there.

And that is heartbreaking. T_T

And look. I actually like Usagi/Mamoru in this show as a pairing as long as Mamoru doesn’t say all that much. >>

Mars, what are you up to goading Minako like that? I also like the reveal on Minako’s powers not having fully awakened yet. Be interesting to see where that goes (again) because I don’t really remember it all that well.

And that’s it for this episode!