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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Time for a linkspam-filled update. We haven’t had one of those in a while. These are all sorts of writing updates, mostly my own, but there’s also some news about non-fiction projects and a serial a friend started that I highly recommend you go and check out.

Wattpad Writing Updates

Yesterday, I finally got around to updating Wattpad with the latest few poems from Sea Foam and Silence. I aim to keep up with posting the serial better there once the next part picks up in April. Just to remind everyone, once we pick up the second part of the serial, we’re zooming through until the end. It’s completely finished and scheduled on this blog.

I also finally got around to adding Feather by Feather and Other Stories‘ sampler to Wattpad, so now all my previously freely available short stories and poetry is once again freely available for people to read and experience.

Links to all the newly updated Wattpad things!

Preorders for Peeweww Shorts Now Available

Not only that, but I’ve gotten the (rerelease) ebooks I mentioned this month sorted out and released for preorder. Lookit the covers!

Changeling's Time: A small strange creature with wings and a long tail on a colourful background. To Sleep for a Season: A small strange creature with wings and a long tail on a colourful background.

They’ll be available at retailers on March 22nd as as “Hey, I’m celebrating my birthday around this time” release. The peeweww stories are some of the best I’ve written and they’re certainly some of my favourite pieces, but. As you can see from the covers, they’re about non-humanoid aliens and their society. They’re incredibly niche stories and if more famous and well-known authors can’t sell their niche work at a profit without the backing of awards and a lot of high-profile visibility, I’m not sure when, if ever, I’ll get to write more of these pieces.

They’ve consistently been the rejections that went “We loved this, but can you send us something else instead?” It saddens me to see them languish, but I’m not at a point where I can afford the time to finish the whole series and sequence, even while they’re novelette and novella lengths. (I will finish them, just… slowly. Very slowly. If nothing else I want to address some of the things that show up in the stories in subsequent ones.) They take a fair bit of effort to write since peeweww are highly visually oriented and I’m, uh, not.

Which is all a longish way to say that I don’t expect these to do well or much, but I still want to give sending them out a go. I still think that, separated out into their own thing, they’ll stand a much better chance at finding the niche audience that wants to read them and I do so want to share these little creatures with people who enjoy them.

Anyway! So those are coming and some of what I’ve been working on last month. If you’d like to preorder them here are the links to the US Amazon ebook versions! Official release posts will follow when the ebook shorts are actually available.

They’re part of a series with a loosely overarching plot, but they’re written to be read as stand-alone pieces, so you don’t need to have read Changeling’s Time to move to To Sleep for a Season. They feature the same characters, though, so you will get more out of it.

I will keep you all updated on how the experiment goes! (But if you want to guarantee it goes well, um, buy the stories and spread the word about them? Unless it makes financial sense to drop everything for these, I will have to keep them on a back burner, after all.)

Sea Foam and Silence Design Adventures

Yesterday also saw the arrival of a certain proof. I can’t decide whether I’m impressed with CreateSpace or minorly annoying. If you’re ordering proofs from outside the US (and you’re in a country with a pretty decent postal infrastructure) experiment with standard and expedited shipping times. Chances are CreateSpace’s estimates will be completely off-base and you’ll get your books a lot sooner. This proof wasn’t supposed to arrive until the end of this month. Yet here it is not four days into it. One day I really should try it’s quickest delivery option just to see if there’s a difference. All the other proofs I’ve ordered have been the same too, so I know it’s not a one-time fluke. (That or I’m just super-lucky?)

Anyway! I don’t have pictures yet, but I did want to start sharing updates. The Sea Foam and Silence pretty much had the issues that I expected it would happen. (Yay. I was really hoping it wouldn’t.) I plan to do a series of posts discussing my adventures in design. I actually mentioned this before and have old posts written up, but since I’ve added one completed project and one project exploring new ground (full-page illustrations and poetry formatting), I figured it was actually a good idea to just revisit the concept and rewrite the whole thing from scratch. I aim to finish the initial posts in the series before I start scheduling them, so they’re a little way into the future, but I’d like to continue talking about my experiences with specific books and things as long as I’m enjoying doing so.

So if there’s any aspect of my design adventures that you’re particularly curious about, let me know! I’ll see if I can cover it or incorporate it into one of the posts. One of the first posts is a look at the ebook creation software I’ve used and what I thought of them. As well as some thoughts on which are most useful to who. (Different people, different needs and all.) I should really get into the habit of taking pictures of the work I do so I can show people what it looks like. I love it when other authors do it, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of my own.

Anyway! So that’s another project I’ve added to my to-do list because clearly it’s not yet long enough.

Pack of Aces Interviews

I mentioned the Pack of Aces interview spotlight series this month earlier, though I think I only mentioned it on Twitter. So now I’m including it here as well. The Pack of Aces is running an interview spotlight series this month. You can read more about it here and see an interview with Cait Spivey here. I’m, understandably, really excited to see Spivey mention that Guerline is demisexual!

It’s on my TBR pile and I’m really, really looking forward to seeing more from the interviews and getting my TBR pile to explode with shiny, fantastic ace spectrum representation! (So far it’s added, like, every book the authors mentioned/wrote. You should check them all out!)

Queer Girl Cafe

I also mentioned the Queer Girl Cafe on Twitter earlier. Here‘s the first post by Katherine Locke.

Queer Girl Cafe is a weekly column hosted and organised by Nita Tyndall (who is awesome) and shares stories and essays and interviews by and about queer women, especially in relation to YA fiction. (Oh, to have seen just one story that didn’t make The One a certainty. Narratives and society, I know I’m demi and that The One is a concept that links nicely to my sexuality and all, but I could really do without the implication that this makes me straight and allosexual. Like really. We’re more than a plot point and heterosexual narrative ideal that exists because heterosexual marriage is The One True Way To Adult.)

Er, sorry. I have a lot of conflicting, complicated, hard-to-word feels about Finding The One narratives. MY POINT IS that Queer Girl Cafe is a fantastically inclusive weekly column of all kinds of queer ladies and girls and I’m really excited to see everyone’s contributions and hope that it becomes a great and inspirational project for all kinds of queer people, not just girls. You should definitely go and check it out!

Disclaimer: I’m a contributing member of both projects mentioned above.

Becca’s Writing Updates

I’d like to draw your attention to a (slightly belated) update on Becca Lusher’s material. As you all know Becca is a good friend whose work I really enjoy. She’s recently started to serialise a fantasy novel, Wingborn. It’s the first in her Overworld series and… well, let me just quote you what it’s about.

Lady Mhysra Kilpapan was blessed from birth with a distinguished family, a glorious home and a giant eagle miryhl of her own. Fully aware of her luck, she wants for nothing in life – except a chance to become a Rift Rider. The elite force of the Overworld has been closed to women for over one hundred years and not even the legendary Wingborn are allowed to join. Until now.

Women are being admitted to the Riders again and Mhysra wants to be first in line. Except her parents have other ideas, and there are plenty of others who are less than pleased about the change. Yet if Mhysra can find a way to reach Aquila, she will let nothing stop her.

But the Overworld is in trouble and the vicious kaz-naghkt are destroying Rift Rider bases one by one. The Riders need help. Can Mhysra and her friends really be the difference between survival and destruction? Or will they fail before their first year of training is through?

I’ve read a draft of this book ages ago and it’s a lot of fun. I highly recommend it, even if I’m sorely behind on keeping up with this version.

You can find the index of the story here. Go check it out! If you like fantasy, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Becca is a very dear friend of mine.

Right. I think that’s all the updates I can think of mentioned? I’ve spent the day neck-deep in the Design Adventures posts and now writing up this. I think I’ll take a short reading break to read a novella (and, uh, eat some more food). I may also be a little hyper from having stayed up way too late by accident last night and may not have had enoug sleep. (Apparently my internal clock does not depend on the sun shining in through my window and waking me up.)

I vanish off! *FWOOSH*