Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28

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Hey, Lynn! Why is this post over a week late and why doesn’t it have any pictures like you said you’d add this time around? Well. You know that saying about when it rains it pours? It’s kind of pouring on my family at the moment. My parents had a massive health scare last week and while things are looking much better, we’re still more or less recovering, reeling and the like. I don’t particularly want to talk about it, but this post is so late and has no pictures because I’ve been pre-occupied and you’re getting these posts without pictures because I aim to add them later. I figured it was better to get the reaction posts out there and shared than hold off and get a massive backlog of posts that I need to do.

So… Now that I have a little bit of breathing room and an idea of what I want to do/how I want to handle this, I figured I’d catch up on the episodes! I’m really sorry about the missing pictures. I hope to have them added soon, but it’ll probably be a while. May is, so far, also looking exceedingly busy and I’ll undoubtedly end up frazzled at the very least. (Whoo.) So, for the foreseeable future… Text-only is what you get just so I can stay on top of things as best I can.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28: Infinity 2, Ripples

ETA: As you can see from the title card above, images have now been added for your viewing enjoyment! WHOOHOO!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28: Infinity 2, Ripples

What, Usagi? WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE?! Also, I know that there’s very little time that actually passes between Uranus and Neptune vanishing off and Chibi-Usa calling out to Usagi, but because the show stretches the previous moment out a lot, Chibi-Usa’s reaction feels very belated. And whoo mysterious healing powers!

Also, if the wound’s entirely disappeared, why is Hotaru tieing a handkerchief around it? It’s no longer there. It shouldn’t need a make-shift bandage!

OMG! Hotaru looks so happy just to have someone going “Hey, I’d like to know your name!” at her. She’s always been such a lonely character from what I recall, though.


Chibi-Usa, are you blushing? D’awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Yes. Yes, she’s blushing. D’awwwwwwww. And she’s already calling her Hotaru-chan and, oh, I forgot to mention: did you notice how she called to Usagi by name? She’s really not very good at this secret identity thing yet, is she? And the music here is so pretty. I think this is the first time I’ve noticed the new season using music written specifically for the season?

Oh no! That looks like Kaolinite. I do like that the show’s introduced her to us in her villain shape before introducing her civilian shape, though. It’s a nice inverse from having us wonder who she is.

Creepy eye/glasses are creepy. They’re supposed to be (listen to the ominous music!), but wow. Also I don’t like him. At all. *shudders* He’s creepy and I hate that he’s calling Hotaru selfish and how dead he sounds.


That amulet is really pretty and I DON’T TRUST IT. MAKE IT GO AWAY IT IS CREEPY. I BET IT’LL JUST MAKE HOTARU FEEL WORSE. Well, no. I suspect it won’t make her feel worse, but it will make whatever she’s dealing with worse because it is clearly dangerous and evil. Don’t trust the dead guy. Just look at that creepy smile. Okay, so Hotaru can’t see it, but we can. *hides under a blanket*

Yes, Hotaru, yes it was because he is an undead professor working for evil people. CLEARLY. That’s how introductions like that go. And that said I really like the music here. It’s incredibly unsettling and I love how it demands a presence and a slice of your attention without overwhelming or overpowering the scene in question. It’s really neat.

Oh, Usagi and your eternal optimism and faith in people. <3 Never change.


Awwwww, look. It’s Chibi-Usa’s first crush. <3 She’s so adorable and I love how Usagi is interacting with her here. No bickering, nothing but affection and a bit of parental/elder sibling concern that her daughter is crushing on someone older than she is.

Kaolinite has the same pendant thing Hotaru has. (Also, it looks really uncomfortable to wear in that shape. Though I admit I say this as someone who hates chunky jewellery to start with.)

Exploding water. >> I wonder how this shared vision thing works? Like, does Kaolinite just have supremely bad timing with her water reading skills or would Mamoru just black out and have the vision no matter what he was doing?


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Usagi and Chibi-Usa are sharing his bed. <3

Mamoru, the key word here is destruction. This is not a positive word in this context. Looking for these talismans is going to be a bad idea. It will lead to destruction. That’s what it said! Why would you even assume it refers to the enemy and not, say, Earth? Assuming it would destroy the Earth makes much more sense since it’s the only thing you know a lot about at this point and your visions lean towards “Things That Can Potentially Destroy The Earth” anyway.


HARUKA AND MICHIRU! Kisskisskisskisskisskiss! The cuddling is wonderful and adorable and I heart it, but kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss. And whose fault is it that the awakening is coming, Michiru? Which one of you decided that it needed to come? And KISS ALREADY. PLEASE You’re making the we’re about to kiss gestures, show.

NO! GO BACK, SHOW. That is just EVIL. You know how badly the fans wanted an actual kiss. T_T

Say, have any of the senshi made the connection between professor Tomoe and Hotaru yet. I mean, what are the changes of two different Tomoe families living in Mugenzo both of which being allowed access to restricted areas? Shoooooooooow, will you answer that? Please?

Yes, Michiru. He’s so famous that, up until now, no one in the core group of the show has heard of him. Not even genius Ami whom you’d expect would have heard of him, seeing how much she enjoys studying and science.

Awww, the fangirl interrupting Michiru’s explanation.


Oh, Usagi and her jealousy. Not even knowing she ends up married to Mamoru (and ruling the world/solar system) in the future has helped that, I see. I do like that because it’s a reminder of how young she actually is and I also like the fact that it’s Usagi we’re seeing consistently putting the pieces of Uranus and Neptune’s identity together. It’s really nice to see that Crystal’s keeping that nuance that says Usagi is a person who isn’t very strong academically and cuts that tie with the idea that you need to be academically-minded to be intelligent. More of this please, show. I know so many kids who need that message because they feel they’re repeatedly being told that they’re stupid (and worth less) by the system they’re in. And Usagi, who is a kid like them, becomes ruler of the entire solar system.


Haruka, don’t go about pulling on Usagi’s hair. That hurts. And, look, I think you’re one of the most bad-ass characters on the show, partially because of your “I could care less about social structures and expectations” attitude, but pulling people’s hair is not okay. At least not if you’ve not been asked or otherwise been given explicit permission to do it and Usagi clearly has not, going by the way she’s screamed and startled at it. You could have put a hand on her shoulder, you know. Or just taken a few longer strides and moved in front of her. That’d create personal space issues because you’re basically forcing her to bump into you which, I’ll grant, you may not want at this point, but at least it’s better than yanking on someone’s hair.

Oh, Usagi. Practically blurting out that you’re a sailor senshi. Weren’t you the one trying to scold Chibi-Usa for revealing too much to Hotaru last episode?

Protective friends are protective. You know. Usagi’s saved everyone twice now. I think she can take care of herself pretty capably. Even if your roles are to be her guardians and bodyguards and such.

*laughs* Makoto’s cries at being denied a birthday party. XD Awwwwww. And I’m so glad we’re getting to see more of the girls hanging out together. It’s not much, but it adds so much just to see them hang out.

Yeah, no. No, I still don’t think those Talismans are in any way indicative of a positive kind of development. But at least this time they don’t seem to be directly linking the Talismans to the destruction, so it’s possible to read it as “Gather them so the world won’t be destroyed”. Did I just miss that in Mamoru’s vision earlier?

WHY are you thinking it’s a keyword to destroy your enemies, Rei? How did you jump to that conclusion from the information you received? I do not understand. It said nothing about your enemies and a few moments ago it was all about preventing Earth from being destroyed. Maybe I misinterpreted that, but this prophecy is confusing me SO MUCH.


I love the way everyone’s personalities is reflected in the gifts that they give Rei. <3 Again, this is such a relatively small scene, but it adds so much to the girls’ relationships and personalities. Look at Rei blushing and being slightly awkward and adorkable because she’s not used to having friends. <3

WHY do you need to guard Usagi from danger, Rei? She’s handled danger pretty capably so far. She’s the one who defeated the danger the past two times you went up against enemies, after all. Wouldn’t it make more sense to involve her from the beginning and defeat evil before it gets a chance to be too powerful with her help?

But then also, we get this speech while watching Usagi play cards and her reaction to it. She’s a sweet and, indeed as Haruka pointed out, still child-like personality. There’s an innocence to her that, I suspect, Rei is trying to protect. (It’s… a thing people do, after all. Trying to keep those we care about safe, especially when they’re as optimistic and positive as Usagi is. We want to protect that carefree nature, that ability to have faith in people and their inherent goodness.)


*snrk* Oh, Haruka. You certainly know how to rub Makoto the wrong way, don’t you? XD I bet you’re doing it on purpose. XD Oh, Mako and that cocky, cocky grin. I half want her to win because Mako! And I half want her to lose because she’s being so cocky about taking Haruka on. She should know how easy it is to underestimate opponents based on their looks from experience, but she’s not applying that experience to Haruka at all. It’s really interesting to see, actually, because of the way it speaks to how we perceive people and gender. Would she have been this confident and cocky if Haruka had presented as female? I love how everyone else is looking anxious and scared. They’re a lot more impressed with Haruka than Makoto is.

Aaaand there we have it. The first and hopefully not the last commentary we get on gender in this season. It’s an intriguing question as well becauwe we know that the senshi have spent two seasons beating men quite capably. We know the senshi know that they’re able to beat men in a fight because they’ve done so in the past. But society’s expectations of what men and women can and cannot do are so ingrained in them that their first response is, well, chiding Haruka for throwing Makoto and beating her in a judo contest.


I… don’t think I trust that orientation, Eudial. Not given the fact that you’re in charge of it.

Mars, are you sure you want to be introducing yourself in your civilian form before you transform? Yes? Oh, okay then. I just kind of assumed secrecy was supposed to be important, but I should probably have gathered from the previous times you all didn’t care about it that it’s not, shouldn’t I? WHY ISN’T IT?!

Oh, we get to see the full transformation sequences again? Please, can we not have one for all the senshi this time? Please?


Ooooooh, that is a cool attack for Mars! I like it! Even if we’re kind of back to the attacks being beams things with this one. Oh, look. Mercury is getting to use Aqua Mist again as well. Though, really, Mercury is a much more sensible senshi to take on Eudial. I know there’s a mirroring here with the elemental powers and the villains are easily defeated here, but out of curiosity: since this is a pattern with Sailor Moon villains, why does no one ever think to shake it up? (Especially true for the second season where the Black Moon has has plenty of time to figure out which of them is most suited to deal with which senshi given their powers. But no. No, for the sake of symmetry we pitch fire against fire, etc instead water against fire.)


I’m pretty sure you’re lying, Uranus. I think you were waiting for her to catch up with you. You know, being all stuck up in a tree like you’re waiting for her and all. And then talking to her. If you didn’t want her to catch up, you could have just stayed silent. Or, since you don’t look particularly winded and it took her long enough to catch up that you could hide up in a tree, you could’ve gone in a different direction and she’d never have known where you’d gone.

Wow, Uranus. You really aren’t careful about revealing your identity, are you? Wait what. You just kissed Usagi. YOU KISSED USAGI. WHY AREN’T YOU KISSING MICHIRU?! Also YOU KISSED USAGI. I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. OMG! NO YOU CAN’T END THE EPISODE THERE. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!

WHAT WHAT WHAT. I mean, I knew we were going to get a season filled with defying gender and sexuality expectations in fiction. Haruka and Michiru are, after all, a couple and the show has made absolutely no attempt to even try to be subtle about it. (The opposite in fact.) And there’s Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, who so far are more subtle since it’s pretty much consists of Chibi-Usa blushing and going “She’s so pretty!” outside of that scene in the opening where they’re lying hand-in-hand and naked whilst surrounded by red roses, and I was really hoping for a Haruka/Michiru kiss after the preview, but instead we get a Haruka/Usagi kiss and O_O <3 !!! <3 !!! <3

And. I was not expecting that. I was hoping and expecting the relationship between Haruka and Michiru and maybe a bit of teasing Usagi like in the previous episodes, BUT THIS IS AN ACTUAL KISS. OMG. !!!!!!!!!


I HAVE NO WORDS. I FAIL AT WORDAGE. And now Usagi is going to spend the next episode upset over being kissed by someone other than Mamoru. Twice!