Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33: Infinity 7, Transformation - Super Sailor Moon

Oh, look. I’m late. Again. But on the bright side, I’m now almost caught up on all the blog-related things that I’d fallen behind on? There’s that.

Anyway, after last week left us on an incredibly evil cliffhanger, let’s dive straight in!

Fair warning: All-caps abuse is present. Because OMG does this season of Crystal not pull any punches in any way. At all. *flails* Also, there are fewer screenshots because I was, um, a bit busy flailing and hiding under blankets and generally engaging with the episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33: Infinity 7, Transformation – Super Sailor Moon

I do really like the fact that we’re replaying the last moments of the previous episode here. It’s a good way to rebuild the tension and remind us of what happened. Especially useful if, say, you’re entirely new to the storyline. (Dear S1, I will not forgive you for making a friend quit on this reboot before this season.) That switch to the opening theme, though. That’s evil.


Oooooh, look! Pretty bubbles! I do like the fact that the first person to snap out of the hypnosis spell is Jupiter. But look! Everything is so shiny. All the Talismans are so very, very shiny and pretty.

Oh, poor Mamoru. He can’t even go and give Sailor Moon his powers like the others because he’s not actually a senshi. Relegated to the background of moral support (and magical cape of Indestructium). But look at how pretty this scene is. I love the colours and the contrast with the night sky.


OMG! We’re getting an actual transformation scene for Super Sailor Moon?! One that’s actually the length of a transformation scene?! *SQUEALS* THEY KEPT THE BUTTERFLIES!!!!! IT IS SO PRETTY. OMG THEIR BROOCHES CHANGED INTO HEARTS. OMG! OMG! OMG! THIS SEASON, EVERYONE. THIS SEASON. Episodes like this are a) everything I wanted from the first two seasons, b) everything I wanted from a manga-faithful adaptation because now I can actually follow along with what happens in said manga properly and OMG OMG OMG! I am flailing SO much. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


Oh, Neo-Queen Serenity, telling Chibi-Usa about her future which is actually your past. Do you think you could maybe have told her about Hotaru while you were at it? No? We’re just going to talk about how the invincible Sailor Moon just gets more powerful? Okay then!


That, Professor Tomoe, is the power of love and friendship. Which would totally have helped everyone settle on a planet of their own if only your plan had been to ask for aid instead of invade the solar system and kill every living thing. Pharaoh 90, go hold your monologue somewhere else. We’d just seen Hotaru fighting the spirit within her and trying desperately to hold on to her own self. That is way more interesting than you telling us how powerful Sailor Moon is and how much you want that power for yourself. WE KNOW.





Wow, Kaolinite is pissed now. That first of all. Secondly, I really like the new attack sequence for Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. It’s pretty. And you were hesitating Sailor Moon? Were you? Did I miss the part where she was hesitating? As opposed to, you know, plain unwilling to fight against her brainwashed friends and lacking the strength to do anything? (Speaking of lacking the strength to do anything… Why didn’t she use the ginzuishou’s purifying power? It worked on her.)

Pluto, I’ve had the impression for a while now that none of you know all that much about any of the items you’ve got. You all clearly don’t know what the ginzuishou is and is not capable of and now you’re telling me you don’t know what your Talismans are capable of. How long have those been in your (family’s) possession without knowing the first thing about them? Didn’t anyone in the Silver Millennium think it was a good idea to study them and figure out what they were capable of? HOW DOES ANY OF THIS WORK, PLUTO?! (We’ll… ignore the time travel questions I have about what you do and do not remember because ow my head.)


Okay, first of all, how are you all flying, senshi? Secondly, wow look at that destruction. Thirdly, lookit when Neptune is thinking about how they should tell Sailor Moon everything and the Outers just… nod at one another, no words necessary. I love that little touch. Also *snrk* Michiru getting a little bubble like Usagi does. That is adorable. <3 I like this scene. It’s just a little bit of levity and fun after an emotional and intense first half so far. (Also, if you’re curious, at the exchange rate current when I checked 1 million yen is… a little over 9,000 US dollars.)

Oh, poor Usagi, having to listen to the past of the Silver Millennium and seeing how much that still hurts her to do. Also the way Mamoru appears beside her when she needs him to cry on. So sad. OMG! SAILOR SATURN. I mean, yes, we knew we were going to see her this episode because the preview hinted at it, but OMG! Also, we’re getting to learn more about the Outers and their Talismans and can anyone tell me exactly why they weren’t allowed to leave their posts when the Silver Millennium was in trouble? I mean, I get that they were watching for outside threats, but, like, why couldn’t just one of them have done so and the other two had gone on to help fight against Metallia? There didn’t seem to be a threat from outside at the time. Why couldn’t they momentarily relax their guard? Show, will you be answering any of these questions in a moment? Please be answering these questions in a moment. I WANT TO KNOW. T_T (And not guess and come up with headcanon.)

Also, look! All the Outers (except Saturn) are in the eyecatch together and Saturn is in the next eyecatch. They’re so PRETTY.

And Saturn doesn’t say anything in the Silver Millennium. That is such a great touch. I like this action being silent to go along with everything.

Michiru, I highly doubt that “We were reborn on this planet” has anything to do with Saturn reawakening. She did a perfectly good job of reawakening herself when you three were scattered throughout the solar system, so chances are you could all move to the very edges of the universe or to different dimensions and you’d still find yourself gathering whenever Saturn wants/needs to wake up. Living on the same planet just does not strike me as the kind of thing that’s likely to spark destruction on its own.


Okay, Haruka. First of all, if Saturn’s soul is calling the Talismans together and the Talismans are the key to awakening her, shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, trying to destroy the Talismans? Also, I get that watching the Silver Millennium fall was traumatising and you’re all terrified of it happening again, but since it’s pretty clearly established that Saturn doesn’t just awaken to go for a morning stroll and that the future exists don’t you think it’s maybe worth investigating why she wants to wake up and solve that problem? She doesn’t seem like the kind of senshi you actually can seal away.

Also, Pluto, given the fact that you know that the senshi know the future exists, shouldn’t you then also know why the future exists since you’re from there and have lived through this once before already? HOW DOES YOUR FUTURE-SENSE WORK? Does it just know what it needs to for plot and drama reasons? Is it like “Well, I am actually really hazy on the future because time powers are difficult to control and I need to focus on the present or Things Go Very Wrong and thus I only know the general shape of things”? Or something along those lines? There has to be something that stops you from seeing the future. Or at least sharing it and if you did deliberately not share it, could we have some reasons as to why? Please? Because that would be fascinating and neat and I’d really like to hear it.

Lastly, there is no way Usagi is going to let you kill Hotaru just because she might destroy the world. That’s not how Usagi works. Or Chibi-Usa for that matter. See? They refuse and wow. Ow. So we have a choice to save Hotaru by awakening her as Saturn or save the world by letting Hotaru die. Seriously, this show does not kid around with its ethics and consequences. I actually really like the subtlety in Haruka’s reactions to saying this because, at least to me, it says that the Outers actually considered the possibility of sealing away Saturn without harming Hotaru and concluding that they couldn’t. That mercy-killing Hotaru to save the world is the only option that’s open to them and, yes, it sucks and they’re not happy about it, but they will do what must be done because someone has to do it and that person should not be Usagi. (Who they know wouldn’t anyway and they can’t risk that. Not again.)

THIS SCENE, EVERYONE. THIS SCENE. And it’s not just Haruka’s emotions, of course. It’s also Chibi-Usa’s. She’s already been asked to spy on her new bestie (and the girl she’s totally crushing on) and she clearly wasn’t happy about it, but that’s what it meant to become a good senshi so she was brave and did her best. And she perhaps thought that was the worst that could be asked of her, but no. No, the worst that’s being asked of her is to stay by and watch her friends murder her friend for the sake of protecting the world and she… can’t. (I don’t blame her. I couldn’t either. But hi if I were a senshi, I would so totally be Sailor Moon, so. Yeah. Probably not surprising.) And the Outers just… “You can hate us, but we’ll save the world so that’s okay”. Just… I love that it’s Michiru who says that because, out of all three of them, she’s the gentlest and the kindest that we’ve seen, especially with the way Pluto is keeping her distance from Chibi-Usa now. (I hate that by the by. Pluto, you do actually care for that girl. Showing it a little would go a very long way at making viewers feel like that heartfelt moment at the end of season 2 meant something more than plot development.) If Michiru thinks this is the way it has to be… There’s no point trying to appeal to any of them.


Dear world, please give me a Sailor Chibi-Moon goes off to save Hotaru platformer game. Much love, me.

Also, Chibi-Usa, this is in no way going to go horribly wrong. *hides under a blanket*


You see? There is NO WAY this isn’t going to go horribly wrong within the next few minutes. OMG! But that was scary! Hello, Mistress 9. This is one terrifying entrance to make. *hides further under her blanket* I knew she was going to be introduced and you knew from the moment that Chibi-Usa opened that gate that someone was going to awaken and I knew that it was going to be Mistress 9, but. Just. Wow. This has so much impact. Just so much impact. Again, glad that I know what was happening or I’d be so incredibly scared right now.

Oh, no. Diana. And Chibi-Usa’s eyes. We know the ginzuishous are tied to Usagi and Chibi-Usa’s hearts. No. No. No. No. No. No. Please, show, switch to the new ending song this episode. *hides even further. contemplates earplugs*

WHAT NO. NO WHY DID YOU KEEP THAT ENDING SONG. WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA, SHOW? THAT IS THE ABSOLUTELY WORST SONG. Seriously. You end this episode on a Chibi-Usa who is not breathing (read: dead) and you play that?! You go off and play her super-cheerful “I am going to be the bestest person I can be! YAY!” song. I take back everything I said about the timing of this song tying in so nicely with the way this is the section of the show where Chibi-Usa starts to come into her powers as a senshi and how it totally fits the mid-section of the show instead of the beginning or the Dream arc, which, okay, yes. I admit that I think it would be absolutely perfect for the dream arc and I really hope we’ll get it back for the Dream arc at least to start us off with, but this episode? No. That is the worst possible song for this ending. That’s just cruel, show.

And that teaser! What the heck is going on in that teaser? Like, I don’t know how else this show is going to go on at this point. I knew Hotaru had both Mistress 9 and Saturn locked inside of her (and presumably the battle with Mistress 9 is what caused Saturn to summon the Talismans which, come to think of it, may have been how Uranus and Neptune were awakened to begin with?), but we’ve more or less reached the end of what I know about this arc of the story and this teaser? Is very confusing. Also can we have Pluto react to Chibi-Usa dying next episode?

I get that she’s Usagi and Mamoru’s (future) daughter and everything, but Chibi-Usa and Pluto were so close the last season and there’s hardly any reason for Pluto to keep her emotions to herself now. Please, show, can you acknowledge Pluto’s feelings towards Chibi-Usa again next episode? It doesn’t need to be much. Just something to show us you’ve not forgotten about it.