Film Talk: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Episode 4

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Welcome back! It’s been a while since I started the Sailor Moon (Re)Watch project. But this is an episode I’ve been actively putting off (and considered skipping entirely) because of the amount of nope I have for the premise.

But here I am, watching it! Like with the dub watch of this project, it’s taken so long to get back to it that I’ve decided to just hold off for a while and gather up a bunch of episodes, so I’d have a nice buffer and I should be able to finish the season without more interruptions. Fair warning, unlike Sailor Moon Crystal S3, there will be no screencap pictures. Sorry!

To recap what has happened so far (which is, thankfully, not much): Usagi saved a talking cat and discovered that she is Sailor Moon, a senshi reluctantly fighting for love and justice. She’s looking for her princess while thwarting the Dark Kingdom’s attempts to steal energy from humans.

And without further ado. Let’s look at the episode.

Episode 4: Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi

Okay, so far I’m liking the dub better. Just based on the preview here at the beginning.

No. No, okay, I take that back. Usagi’s parents aren’t anywhere near as horrid as Serena’s. They’re actually trying to reassu – And then they went and ruined it. Of course they did. They were doing so well. If by ‘so well’ we mean ‘terrible’. But at least they were trying to reassure her until they went all “Oh, yes, you eat a lot”.

SHE’S FOURTEEN. She needs food to fuel her growth spurts! And yes okay maybe her lack of exercise adds a bit to it. This is possible and I’m not going to be too snarly about it because I think her dad at that point is just trying to encourage Usagi to be more active and assure her that she’s not actually fat (because she isn’t). But COME ON SHOW SHE’S FOURTEEN.

LUNA. I thought that conversation went… reasonable, given the kind of episode we’re dealing with. Especially compared to the US one which was just Luna ribbing on Serena for being upset and here… Well, except for the drawing you can at least interpret Luna as trying to think along with Usagi.

*stares* Why does Umino think that is a good idea?

Aaaaand I’m back to preferring the dub version of this conversation. Oh, yes. So very much preferring the dub one. I’m this much quicker to want to bail out of this episode. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?! WHY AM I WATCHING IT TWICE?!

No. Nope. Haruna still looks the same to me. Hey, Usagi agrees with me.

I… don’t know what I think is creepier. Melvin telling the girls how he got the pictures and them chasing him to get the location or Umino refusing to tell them how he got the pictures and them chasing him (to get the location). Both are creepy.

It’s so interesting to watch these episodes back-to-back and realise the differences. It’s not just (or so much) the scenes that are cut, but it’s also the way the dialogue changes. The exchange between the girls and Jadeite is completely different.

It’s also things like Naru’s observation being different. She’s not asking where Serena went in the dub, which makes the transition to Serena being in the bath more jarring.

Shape Ray? Now that sounds more like what I would’ve expected from a Dark Kingdom Uses Society’s Obsession With Weight To Gain Energy plan. Far more than those relaxation pods. And this makes the girls’ willingness to get into the creepy alien things in the creepy basement make more sense. It makes me want to grit my teeth because GAH this episode, but narratively it makes far more sense.

Hey, I’ve just realised. This is the first time we’re switching to the Dark Kingdom. I think the dub had at least two shifts in this episode to date.

And the scene where Usagi is hungry is very different too. I like this reaction much better. It showcases Usagi’s personality more, I think.

Fainting still doesn’t work like that, but at least the dreamlike state is a bit more, well, dreamlike.

Motoki, you were feeding her liquids. I would sincerely hope that she’d woken up before you did that because she wouldn’t have been able to swallow otherwise. But thank you for apologising for laughing at her.

Aaaaaand then you go and ruin it. I think I prefer the doctor discussion from the dub. I would love an episode that combines the best of the two.

No. No, I’m not even going to try with Mamoru here.


Well, Luna, if you can’t stand watching it, please know that you started it. She wouldn’t be in the gym working herself into a fainting fit if you hadn’t been goading her.

Okay, has anyone ever tried to explain to Jadeite that killing the people you’re harvesting for energy is not the best long-term solution? Eventually it’ll become a finite resource.

And look Luna attacking and threatening Usagi makes a bit more sense. At least it doesn’t feel as emotionally jarring and unexpected as it did in the dub.

Hey, look! Luna is actually being useful and telling Usagi what she can do to defeat the baddies. Unlike in the dub where she was all “Sort it out yourself”.

Oh, Luna, that is just mean, using Usagi’s weight insecurity to get her to fight. Also, ow. I hate this episode.

Wow, that Dark Kingdom clip is much creepier and more menacing than the dub version.