Film Talk: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Episode 5

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And we’re back! This is one of the episodes that we cut from the dub entirely, so there’s no corresponding dub post.

Let’s get right to it!

Episode 5: Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love

Ooooooohkaaaaaaaaay. What is Usagi having a nightmare about?

Ah, okay. She’s dreaming about Tuxedo Mask. Well, to be fair we haven’t seen him in a while. So far this rewatch has far less of him than I was expecting/remembering. I really hope that stays.

I just have to ask. Luna, how did you even get into Shingo’s room and, also important, why did you think it was a good idea?

Sibling bickering. This show has so much sibling bickering.

Oooh, Usagi is wondering why Luna was in Shingo’s room too. Yay! And d’awwwww. I like how Luna has no clue how cats act. XD Though, somehow, I don’t think that’s going to solve her problems at all.

I… Okay, I’m glad that the image there is showing a purse. That makes more sense and I like the way it addresses how memories build up.

Awwwww, Luna tries to befriend Shingo. I told you that was going to go badly. XD I do admit I’ll be sad to see Shingo disappear into the background later on. We see so little of him, after all.

You know, if all of them has a different perfume scent, this would be a horrid pet shop for people with sensitive noses. It just gets overwhelming and horrid. Yeah, okay. We already knew from ‘new shop’ that there would be something fishy about these pets, but the glowing eyes are really creepy.

Awwww, pup– They’re going to kick the puppy, aren’t they? PLEASE DON’T. Oh, good. They didn’t.

WHAT THE? HE KICKED LUNA?! Show, when I said ‘don’t kick the puppy’ I didn’t mean ‘kick the cat instead’.

Am I the only one who thinks that “this pet doesn’t eat anything” is suspicious, show? Also, aren’t people going to, you know, notice the negative effect of chanelas? Jadeite really isn’t good at long-term strategy planning, is he?

Awwww, I think this is the first time Usagi’s voluntarily going to investigate something! Also the first time she’s noticed something weird on her own. Not counting the first episode where none of it was sinking in yet.

Well, getting in hardly counts as the hard part, Usagi. It’s pretending to be a shop. You’re supposed to be able to walk right into it. Also, yay Mamoru. He’s so rude. And honestly it’s so uncalled for. Seriously. what did Usagi do in this encounter except look at a pet shop? Was there really a need for Mamoru to act that way? I know it’s contrast to Tuxedo Mask and to try and mitigate some of the “But they look the same, so they must be the same person” that you get from it, but… Honestly I’d argue that the show didn’t even need to introduce Mamoru this early on in the show. I really hope they’ll start taking these encounters somewhere interesting soon.

Luna, why didn’t you just bite Usagi in the leg then and there?

Oh. Well. That works too, I suppose. And I like the little touch where Usagi just walks past a fallen toddler and doesn’t help them. It’s such a small scene, but you know a non-brainwashed Usagi would’ve helped. We’ve seen her do it before with Luna in the first episode, after all.

This is such an interesting episode. I can see why the dub decided to cut it, but the scenes say so much about the characters, Usagi in particular.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. They turned all the kids into mini!youma!

And here’s another attack we’re only going to see, like, once.

Wait, how did her tiara get back? Last I saw it it was spinning over the kids and Usagi was quite explicitly shown to be not wearing her tiara anymore.

Oh, Usagi. Shamelessly exploiting Shingo’s fannishness to get him to be nice to Luna. Though… I don’t think this is really how you conquer a lifelong fear of cats.