Livetweeting Last Dracul Final Chapter – The Seal of the Super Planet Death Vulcan

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Vampir, Mandrake and Levi from Last Dracul Final Chapter - The Seal of the Super Planet Death Vulcan

Here’s the Storify!

It got a bit confusing near the end because the musicals really don’t build up their backstory that well – and this one was about half an hour shorter than the others and it could really have used that to build up its narratives and… Honestly, I have a lot of sulky complaints about the story in this one. (For example: what was the point of Levi other than serving as a plot point for Vampir of which the relevance lasted five minutes if that long? And are werewolves vampires or not because after three musicals the narrative still hasn’t made up its mind.)

And, look, I’m staying far away from the way the musical tries to use Biblical stories because I really lack the background to discuss it properly even with an English degree that covered the Bible fairly extensively. But I think it was trying to do some pretty interesting things that were never really given room to breathe. Especially this musical it’s very much… about Vampir and Mandrake and it feels a bit “I want to tell this philosophical gothic story, but I’m constrained by the fact that I need to tie it into the Sailor Moon verse and setting and prominently feature the senshi”. And, honestly, this mix could’ve worked really well (for me anyway) if the narrative’d been stronger and more streamlined.

So much narrative potential just not used. YOU HAD THREE MUSICALS TO SPREAD THIS STORY OVER, SERA MYU! And it just doesn’t. T_T I am sad because there’s a lot to love here. There’s Vampir with her parent issues regarding both her father and Le Fay. There’s Mandrake and his backstory. The whole narrative with Vulcan, Death Vulcan and Sailor Astarte. The narrative with Usagi being afraid to transform because Bad Things Will Happen. The narrative with Usagi given away the ginzuishou and not getting it back within the same half of the narrative. The backstory about the stars. The whole Dracul/Abel/Cain thing. The whole thing with the Outers still deciding to go off on their own in the last musical (because of the previous two) and the way that affects the inners. The narrative with Neptune and Haruka getting bitten by Dracul and Vampir. The narratives with Gilles de Rais and Elizath Bathory. THE AMAZON QUARTET BEING CREATED FROM CHIBIUSA’S STARSEED (seriously where were they this musical?)

You see how many things I’m listing? THIS ISN’T EVEN ALL THAT THESE THREE (4 if you count the revision )MUSICALS TRY TO ACCOMPLISH. It is A LOT and you could conceivably fit all that into three musicals sensibly, but they don’t and I just… I really want to love this trilogy of musicals because they’re fun and innovative and they try to do some really neat things and the actors are all clearly having a blast, but the narrative just doesn’t live up to its potential (and as much as I like the songs, they really don’t have the impact they could have if they weren’t reused so much).

Anyway, though I’m very grumbly about these musicals, I actually really enjoyed them. This one in particular. So many of these scene were really fun to watch, hitting just the right note between amusing and emotional for me. (DON’T HURT MY PRECIOUS PLANT OF HOPE AND GOODNESS, MYU.) And… Yeah. I enjoyed it a lot, but overall I have a lot of mixed feelings that I was hoping not to have.

Next Saturday we’re moving onto a new musical narrative, a new performer to play Sailor Moon, and I know… absolutely nothing about it beyond that and the name. I assume we’re going to see a remake of the Black Moon/R arc, though, given said name. We shall see!

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