Livetweeting Sera Myu: 10th Anniversary Festival – Ai no Sanctuary

Posted August 11, 2017 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Film & TV, Other People's Creations / 0 Comments


All the senshi gathered at the end of the Ai no Sanctuary musicals

Oh, my, this musical was so much fun, everyone. It was everything I’ve been loving about Old!Myu, wrapped into an hour-long original story that actually mostly made sense. Here’s the livetweet Storify!

It’s now Sunday and I feel like I should be able to say something sensible and useful about it, but I’m afraid I’m still stuck on saying “EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “BUT I WANT MORE MUSICAL T_T” Not that the talkshow wasn’t fun because it was. It’s really interesting to hear previous cast members reflect on their time in the musicals and hearing what their answers to questions are and the sketches seem to have been either hilarious or adorable. (It’s a compilation of highlights from each day of the festival rather than 6 hour-long talkshows, so bits seem to have cut off.) I’d definitely recommend the talk show if you’re a fan of the old Myus. Everything about them is just so full of love and energy.

(Also, I think old!Myu does best when it’s trying to tell a wholly new story all its own. It gets to be every bit as silly as it likes and doesn’t need to worry about plot holes because “the audience already knows this stuff anyway”.)

Next up is a retelling of the Infinity Arc: Mugen Gakuen – Mistress Labyrinth, so we’re pretty much right back to retelling storylines from the manga/anime. I’ve only got about 6 old!Myu musicals left now. T_T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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