Book Release: A Harmony of Water and Weald

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A Harmony of Water and Weald: a Sea Foam and Silence collection by Lynn E. O'Connacht

A Harmony of Water and Weald:
a Sea Foam and Silence collection

Available as Ebook

Once upon a time… there was a little mermaid who wished for legs so she could walk on land and learn about the strange creatures that lived there. She thought it would be easy, adjusting to life as a human.

She was wrong.

And even after finding happiness with her family, the Sea Witch isn’t yet done with our little mermaid, giving an enigmatic warning about her future…

A Harmony of Water and Weald is a companion collection to the asexual fairytale retelling Sea Foam and Silence, delving a little deeper into our mermaid’s first experiences as a human as well as what happened after her happily ever after.

Most of the readers who let me know what they loved about Sea Foam and Silence said they’d also love to see more of the story and the characters. So… I wrote more! A Harmony of Water and Weald is a collection of free verse poems that explore Maris’s earlier discoveries of humanity (or, at least, the culture she finds herself in) and what happens after Happily Ever After.

Several of the poems first appeared on Patreon where they were shared as patron-only extras after reaching my first Patreon goal! This Road of Tiny Voices is set during Part 2 of Sea Foam and Silence and explores Maris’s first encounter with birds. (But not owls. Fun fact: Apparently I have a penchant for writing protagonists who don’t like owls. I have no idea why.) As the Sea Sings a Sussurus Lullaby is set after the end of Sea Foam and Silence and if you’re looking for queer, romantic fluffy adorableness, it’s got you covered. It’s got no spoilers except for the fact that Sea Foam and Silence is a book that has a HEA, which in my opinion isn’t really a spoiler at all.

And then I decided that I would make a small e-chapbook-sized version of this, to be shared one poem at a time with Patrons as a way to break up working on DemiPrincess1 and… it kind of ran away from me and became a primary project for a little while and now it is available to everyone all at once! YAY!

While A Harmony of Water and Weald is a companion piece, you don’t have to have read Sea Foam and Silence to follow along with the narrative. It also includes the short poem that sparked the whole verse novel to help out those who’d like a bit of a refresher. That said, I do (obviously) recommend reading Sea Foam and Silence first so you’ll have the best understanding of how I’ve decided to retell the fairytale.

At the moment, I don’t know when I’ll be releasing a print edition of A Harmony of Water and Weald, but I hope to do so in future. I’m really sorry to everyone who’d prefer print editions! It will come eventually. I just can’t say when because sadly I am a very broke author right now.

Patron-exclusive Extras

Though I don’t know when I’ll be releasing a print edition of A Harmony of Water and Weald, I have been working on creating the PDFs for that. Earlier in August, Patrons at any level got a sneakpeek of what the interior of the print edition will look like and a general overview of how I create print books.

Every Friday evening throughout September, I’ll be sharing a Patron-exclusive look at how to create the interior for A Harmony of Water and Weald‘s print edition. These are recreations of what I did originally just to give Patrons an idea of how this process works (and why it’s not as scary as it may sound.) All-together it’s about 1 hour and 15 minutes of me geeking out about interior layout design and how you can do your own.

I hope you’ll check out A Harmony of Water and Weald and, if you’re a Patron, will enjoy the extras as they release!

Finally, a brief reminder that Sea Foam and Silence is on sale at $0.99 for another week, so if you’d like to pick that up cheaply before diving into A Harmony of Water and Weald… Be quick! The offer will expire around Friday the 8th of September… sometime! (Darned time zones! It may be Friday, it may be Saturday if you’re lucky.)

Happy reading everyone! 😀