Livetweeting Sera Myu New Legend of Kaguya Island (Revision) – Marinamoon Final

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Sera Myu Marinamoon Final Cast Moments during the last on-stage song.


Honestly, though, I am sad to wrap up the Sera Myu musicals. Here’re the final livetweets for the Marinamoon Final. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the changes made in this particular revision. I’ve had so much bad luck with the kaiteiban of these musicals and this, sadly, was no exception. So I did my best to just sit back and let myself get swept up in the energy of this musical and end my old!Myu viewings on a bang rather than a whisper.

That… didn’t quite work. But you know what? I’m thoroughly and entirely glad that I went through with the project to watch every single musical I could get my hands on and watched all of them. Even when the musicals didn’t thrill me as much as I’d hoped, I still enjoyed myself and now, months after the project began, I’m still kicking myself for not seeking these musicals out when I was younger and more likely to appreciate them the way that I knew I could have.

These musicals are… Well, I’ll be honest. The stories are a bit of a mixed bag, but the love and enthusiasm everyone has for them is delightful and make even the worst of the musicals a fun experience if you let yourself get caught up it in.

I don’t rightly remember what I was expecting of Sera Myu, short of hours upon hours of musicals that would cheer me up and remind me that there is good in the world still, and wowdid the musicals deliver on that front. I adore them. <3

And… yeah. Basically, that’s all I’ve got to say at the moment. I’ve just finished watching the Marinamoon Final as I write this and I’m still letting things sink in and settle. I just… I love Sera Myu. So much.

And thank you all for joining me on my wacky musical adventures as I’ve livetweeted them to the best of my abilities and putting up with my stream of all-caps and reaction moments and general tendency to SHOUT AT THE SCREEN even though I know perfectly well it doesn’t change a thing. I hope you’ve all have a fantastic time as well. And go watch the musicals if you haven’t already. They’ve brought so much cheer and goodness into my life. <3

Just <3 everyone. <3

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