Livetweeting SeraMyu The Advent of Princess Kakyuu – The Second Stage Final

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Full cast of Sera Myu The Advent of Princess Kakyuu

Finally, some time to write up some general thoughts on this musical! For those who missed last week’s livetweet, here’s the Storify for SeraMyu The Advent of Princess Kakyuu.

This is the final musical from the second stage, the musical in which we say goodbye to Yuuko Hosaka, the longest-running Sailor Pluto. This is a revised version of the First Stage Eternal Legend. Like Eternal Legend both this musical and the previous Starlights musical follow the same pattern in that, in the original musical, Kakyuu makes no appearance, but the revision was significantly altered to include her in the musical.

Here I was thinking it was going to be a continuation of Starlights that focused on a battle with Sailor Chaos as they search for Kakyuu, but nope.

So, in some ways, this musical was a bit of a disappointment because it was so different from my expectations (and so close to something I’d already enjoyed in the First Stage), but I actually had a blast with this musical too. It was great fun to watch. Filled with energy and the plot was nicely done. It added some really fantastic little twists to the story about Galaxia reviving Beryl and the Dark Kingdom that I would have loved to see explored in a little more detail.

It had some delightful WTH moments, such as Mamoru and Haruka dueling with swords on bicycles for… no apparent reason that I could tell. (Seriously, though. Bicycle. Sword. Duel. That is just awesome.)

It reused some of the plots from the Stars manga and anime, though largely it reused elements from other older musicals to (usually) great effect. (I’m looking at you, Pluto who just randomly decides Beryl needs saving.)

I do have quabbles, yes, it’s true, but overall I really loved this musical. My one regret is that I’m now always out of Old!Myu musicals. NOOOOOOO. What will I do with my Saturdays?!

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