Upcoming Plans September 2017

Posted September 1, 2017 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Goals / 0 Comments


This Month's Goals
I Want to Read:

  •  2 books with asexual characters

I Want to Write:

  • 5,000 words of editing

These are small goals, yep. As of this writing, I am hopeful of changes to my free time so I’m keeping them low and I’m still writing this way too far in advance to say for sure what books I haven’t yet read, so I don’t want to pin down a couple here and then end up reading them after I schedule the post. Then I’ll have finished my future goals IN THE PAST and then I would just get confused.

The writing goal is also lower because I’m hoping it’ll stimulate me to do far more and because, at this point, I’m doing a lot of fixing and scene adding, so it’s basically “Write the story based on these very detailed outlines of these key moments” rather than straight up editing. My point is: it’ll be lots of totally new material that needs to be created from basically scratch and given my track record and hopes I’m aiming low.

September tends to be the month of “Everything is started up again” what with the school year restarting and I don’t know what else. Me, I just really want a job that pays me properly (and does not make have suicide ideation) already. *HOPES and keeps on working hard towards getting one at frigging last*

And that is basically my September. We’ll see how it goes. *HOPES SOME MORE*