Freebie Weeks! And writerly updates! Oh my!

Posted October 9, 2017 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in News / 0 Comments


This is a supershort news update of sorts.

Freebie Short Story Weeks

From today (October 9th) to October 13th Changeling’s Time is available on Amazon for free. So if you’ve been wanting to try out more of my short works for free, now’s your chance!

Next week October 16th to October 20th, To Sleep for a Season will get its free promo week too. So if you like Changeling’s Time, hold tight and you’ll be able to get both these short stories for free!

Come meet my little alien critters that are kind of like a cross between a bat, a dinosaur and a sugar-glider as they deal with family and grief, faith and xenophobia, and also natural catastrophes!

I’m superproud of these stories. I think they’re some of my best works, so I hope that if you decide to download and read them, you’ll also consider leaving a short review for them. That would mean so, so much. <3

Please note! I’m experimenting with KDP Select again, so for the foreseeable future, these short stories will be Amazon-exclusive.

Writing Updates

Because I realise I haven’t announced it here yet: I’ve finished the first polishing round of DemiPrincess and have sent the story off to betas for commentary. Yes, I have finally finished that darned book that took me almost a year longer than I’d expected. (I’m still upset about that.)

This means that I’m very close to being able to start on book 2. It is actually within my reach to try and work on the thing in November! :O Okay, I probably won’t because I want to focus on a novelette idea, but I’M GETTING CLOSER THIS IS SO EXCITING. OMG!

Site Updates

Little Lion Lynnet’s now has a proper SSL certificate. Whoo! I’m also slowly closing up the comments on older posts. I find it quite hard to keep track of comments in multiple locations, so I’m slowly shifting the website over to be more informational than interactive. You can still leave comments on my Patreon, of course! That’s the main place to find me. I hope this won’t inconvenience anyone, but thank you so much for understanding. <3

And that’s it! That’s all the updates I’ve got for you today!