Round-up: Posts I’ve Made about Asexuality (in Fiction)

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Due to a mix of being really busy and having some offline life family emergencies last week (things have been steadily improving, but it was still a massive scare), I’ve elected to largely sit out talking about (my) asexuality this Ace Awareness Week because I’m just… not in a state of mind to deal with amisics like I most likely would. 🙁

Instead, I’ve been working hard on drafting an essay that looks at asexual representation in mainstream SFF over the past week and I’ve been diligently focusing my reading on those books on that list that I haven’t yet read. Which means that, behind the scenes, I’m actually doing a fair amount of talking about asexuality! And then I recalled I had at least one review with ace rep go live this week and I was drafting several others and it struck me. I may not feel up to writing something entirely new for public consumption (I have thoughts about discussing the ace rep in DemiPrincess and Promises.), I can make a list of stuff I’ve done in the past. Especially since a lot of it’s discussing books with asexual characters in them and focusing on the kind of asexual representation found in them.

So here, I am! With a list! I hope you’ll find something useful to read among them. Or at least that you’ll find the way I discuss the representation and the way that changes of interest.

Writing: aka Behind-the-Scenes, bonus stories and excerpts (usually DemiPrincess1)!

Essayage or general nonfiction talking

Note: All of these are Patreon-posts and the vast majority of them are locked. 1$ per month sees you gain access to them and supporting me doing more of this work, though!

Reviews/Book Discussions

Note: I’ve elected to include only those books I either picked up because of the asexual representation, which means most reviews are from late 2016 and this year, so don’t be surprised if you find that I’ve talked about a book with ace spec characters and it’s not in this list! It’s not meant to be exhaustive. Just cover the books where I’ve been talking about asexuality.

Other Notable Posts from the Blog

That… uh… was more than I was expecting and yet it feels like far too little. And also incomplete. But these are already a lot of links. So hopefully it is a useful overview/resource of what I’ve been saying over the years.