Book Talk: Storm Rising

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Book Talk: Storm RisingStorm Rising by Becca Lusher
Series: Dragonlands #2
Pages: 409

Trouble stirs in the Dragonlands and Elder Khennik kin Blazeborn seems trapped at the very heart of it. After a disastrous stay with the Stormdrake kin, it’s time for the human delegation to visit the Skystorm Clan, yet their welcome is less friendly than anticipated.

Whispers and accusations fly, but something is definitely not right inside the Clan. And with the Dragon Moot fast approaching, can the Rift Riders and dragons sort things out swiftly enough to save the Khennik from another catastrophe?

The Cloud Curse is changing – but is anyone willing to listen to reason? Or will politics and arrogance combine to bring down all the kins and Clans for good?

Also in this series: Blazing Dawn, A Courtship of Dragons
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Storm Rising by Becca Lusher is the second book in the Dragonlands series and it picks up more or less after the first book leaves off. It’s not necessary to read A Courtship of Dragons, though I do recommend it because I remember the romance between Estenarven and Mastekh being very subtle and it may be surprising to dive into book 2 if you skip it.

In Storm Rising we finally make it to the moot that the group was headed to and… well, if you thought things were bad with Ushara, they’re about to get a lot worse as we learn more about how the Cloud Curse works and just how deep the rifts in dragon society have really gone. On top of that, Nera and the other Riders are, of course, bound to get into more trouble because when have they ever managed to stay out of trouble?

It’s taken me a while to pick this up, unfortunately, and for once my memory failed me more than I wanted it to. Becca recaps some of the events of what happened in Blazing Dawn, if only because it’s plot relevant to do so, but the recaps are just that: plot relevant and, as a result, sparse. It works, don’t get me wrong, but I would have enjoyed the book far more had I had the first one more clearly in my mind still. I definitely recommend reading the books close together for maximum impact. It is, after all, technically one long narrative. It just happens to be broken up into several novels.

Still, I loved it, though. Storm Rising doesn’t read as much like a romance narrative as Blazing Dawn does and that was, if I recall, my main issue with that book: it set up expectations that just didn’t happen. Storm Rising doesn’t. It’s set firmly as an epic high fantasy adventure narrative and it shows from the way the banter and games everyone plays work together to tie into the narrative. There is Becca’s trademark banter, yes! And games! So, so many games. Because, clearly, no one’s learned from the last time dragons, Riders and myrhils played together.

There’s a joy and a love of life in this story that just warmed my heart and that can be lacking from other narratives that focus on a journey with a group of people. (I’m looking at you, Lord of the Rings.) The book is pretty much non-stop action, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t breathers. It’s just… different kinds of action to help balance everything.

I loved this book and I’m eagerly awaiting book 3, where I suspect strands will start to fall together even more strongly than they did here. And the Rift Riders series? Well, the two series are interwoven with one another and I’m really eager to follow Becca’s publication schedule for them because the guessing games about how the two relate are just far too much fun. (Also you get to meet Rhiddyl as both a baby and a young dragon and that’s delightful.)

Definitely highly recommended. I loved this book and this series. I just want to snuggle in them and soar happily over the clouds with Nera and Teka. Or Mhysra and Cumulo for the Wingborn books. But ideally Nera and Teka. They’re just such a delight (and the books and narrative aren’t quite as dark).

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