A Look Back at 2017

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2017 sure flew by, didn’t it? It’s been… a rubbish year for many, many people, including me. So! Instead of dwelling on all the ways it sucked, I want to focus on the ways it was good to me! That’ll be interesting.

So… Let’s start with the bookish news of what I’ve published this year!

In January, which I apparently can’t spell today, I published Rapunzel, Rapunzel, a verse novel about identity, anxiety and, well, Rapunzel. I’m really proud of this one, even if I find it a challenge to figure out the best way to market it. It’s a little bit of a lot of things. I’m really proud of how it turned out!

In August, I rereleased A Promise Broken under the Kraken Collective imprint, where I’m joined with several other fantastic queer authors and where we all work together to create more awesome queer literature to share with the world.

In September, I published A Harmony of Water and Weald, which is a companion/sequel collection to Sea Foam and Silence. The pieces are set either during or after Sea Foam and assume you’ve read that. This project was entirely unplanned, but I found that once I’d started writing individual pieces for Patreon I had to finish a wholly new narrative! I hope people will enjoy the pieces as much as I did!

Over on Patreon, I published a variety of short stories and pieces for patrons to enjoy. Some of them were collected later in A Harmony of Water and Weald, so I’ll be skipped over them. Other than those, I also wrote and published:

So that’s nine short stories published this year! I’ve been struggling with writing a bit, to be honest, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have loved to. That said, I’m partway through a short piece of secondary world magical girl narrative, I’ve finished DemiPrincess1 and have started on the sequel.

I’ve edited 5 full length manuscripts for others and two partial ones.

On the non-fiction side of things, I’ve been, um, busy.

I finally finished collecting the last of the Sailor Moon Reaction posts into ebook format. I’ve got ebooks for my reactions to the live action adaptation Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as well as reactions to all three currently released arcs of Sailor Moon Crystal. I’ve also been livetweeting my reactions to all of the Sera My musicals, but as of yet these are not collected in any way. With Storify shutting down, I’m still looking through the best option to collect the livetweets in an easily accessible format.

In addition, the beginning of the year saw me finishing off the bilingual read of HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and throughout December I’ve been diligently livetweeting William Elliot Griffis’ Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks as I have time.

I’ve reviewed… quite a number of books. I’m not going to list them all, but I did my best to focus it on ace spec (and predominantly demisexual) representation.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of 30 different books prominently featuring ace spec characters, split across a variety of topics and points of interest. They’re currently in the process of going live on my blog at a rate of one post per week and have all been shared with patrons.

I also compiled a list of happy aces in fiction and discussed How to Make a List of Asexual Books Post since people are so prone to just repeating the same books over and over.

I’ve finished a 3,000 word draft version of an essay entitled Asexuality in R.J. Anderson’s Quicksilver.

I also finished a 5,050 word draft of In Stillness: The Perception of Asexuality in Seanan McGuire’s “Every Heart a Doorway”, which still fills me with a mixture of terror because it’s the first nonfiction essay I’ve done in years and pride because I wrote that.

On top of those I’ve also finished two completely unavailable essays. I’ve been working on a draft for Asexual Representation in Traditionally Published, Mainstream Speculative Fiction between 2000-2017 (currently around 3,600 words). This one I’ve pitched, so hopefully I’ll have good news to report there. I’ve also been working on a shorter personal essay reflecting back on this year’s focus on reading ace spec literature and my experiences with it (currently around 2,700 words).

This essay is actually a stand-alone adaptation of a much longer piece that I’ve split up into four separate parts:

And I wrote a very, very rough introduction for a PhD proposal regarding the depiction of asexuality in fiction.

I rewrote a post I’d written for a blog. You can read the revised version of More Than a Story on Patreon and I aim to collect it in the revised edition of The Princess who Didn’t Eat Cake in 2018.

I did a short Grammar Geek post on genitives in English (aka possessive apostrophe S) as well as one on the differences between in, into and in to.

I wrote a post about how to write. (Spoiler: However works for you for that particular piece.)

I also wrote Six Ways Emotional and Verbal Abuse May Affect A Character, which as the title suggests is about six ways in which emotional and verbal abuse can affect a person and how it shows up in the narrative.

In May, I wrote about 8 Things To Keep In Mind When Boosting And Supporting People and in April I compiled a 3-step guide to getting started with indie publishing. In March, I discussed whether indies should consider translations of their works.

I also discussed the question of whether reviewers are critiquing the whole book if they’re critiquing a blurb of that book. (The answer is “No, they’re not”.)

Straying from my literary interests into gaming, I also wrote a pretty long post about the Thief-franchise.

Um. That’s a lot more nonfiction than I was expecting to have written. And that’s not all I’ve done this year! I’ve also started to dip my toes into audio and video recordings! Eep! These are all Patron-only, mind you, because my confidence is not that great.

I started off with an initial attempt at recording Sea Foam and Silence. As in the original, short version, not the whole verse novel. Then I did another attempt with more experience (and also slightly more confidence).

I also recorded The Little Engine That Couldn’t because that story and all its associated pieces, such as The Bravest Little Engine, are just begging to be read aloud.

I even tried my hand at creating a song! This one is especially for aces and then did a shorter more general version for everyone who’s queer and worries they’re not queer enough.

I recorded Swanheart, a short and queer swan maiden narrative.

And then I did the most podcasty thing yet and recorded myself talking about how we discuss the representation of asexuality in fiction.

The videos I did are largely a series discussing how I created the initial print layout for A Harmony of Water and Weald. (I stiiiiiill can’t get a print copy to look over, no. >>)

And I think that about covers it! I may have missed out a few things here and there because they got lost in the sheer volume of stuff I had to go through or because I’m self-conscious about them (which is, basically, every song I’ve recorded except the ones I just linked).

I haven’t done as much with audio and video as I’d wanted to do, but I’m just… going to sit over here and gawk at how much nonfiction stuff I’ve actually managed to do because it hasn’t felt like a lot and it absolutely is a lot! O_O