What to Expect in 2018

Posted December 31, 2017 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Goals / 0 Comments


Of course, as it’s time to start the new year, it’s also time to start looking at what said new year will bring. In short, like last year I don’t actually have the faintest clue what to expect of life itself. I do, however, have a much better idea of my plans and overall goals, so let’s just look at those.

  • DemiPrincess1 editing
  • DemiPrincess2 first draft writing
  • RibbonDancer drafting and polishing
  • 12 short stories/poems/vignettes for Patrons
  • Whatever else my brain decides to throw at me

That doesn’t sound like a lot, but 2018 doesn’t look set to be that diffferent from 2017, so I expect that my output will remain relatively low. (Thanks, depression and anxiety!) With that in mind, what I actually want to focus 2018 on is prepping for 2019. I will, undoubtedly, find some shorter project that I’ll complete in between everything else. That’s been a pattern since I started publishing, after all.

Tangentially related to fiction, I want to focus on creating new and better templates for my published works as well as tidying up the existing templates in order to keep them up to date. I also want to collect the 2017 Patreon supporter stories and poems into an ebooklet for everyone who’s supported me on Patreon.

Mostly, though, what I want to do is focus on creating more inventory and actually getting comfortable marketing what I’ve already got published. (I swear I actually passed Marketing 101.)


I have so, so many options when it comes to nonfiction. Here’s a list of what I know is coming. Largely because I’ve finished and scheduled most of these already.

  • A retrospective on my ace spec reads in 2017
  • A polished and finalised version of my essay regarding the ace rep in Every Heart a Doorway, available to everyone.
  • A polished and finalised version of my essay regarding the ace rep in Quicksilver, available to everyone.
  • Livetweets or reaction posts of Stargate: Atlantis Season 1. (I have not forgotten!)

Other things I’d like to work on include:

  • Restructuring and rebooting Grammar Geek. (First up: syntax and/or tenses!)
  • That essay on Chameleon Moon that I mentioned ages ago and never got around to writing.
  • Reworking the essay section on “You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay” to stand on its own.
  • Work out an essay on common tropes in ace fiction and discussing them with ample examples.
  • Continuing my ace rep reviews (Er, actually, I’m pretty sure this will happen)

Things I’m toying with and will undoubtedly put up to Patron votes once I’m a little more rested than I currently am and have more ideas so the voting is actually worth it:

  • A discussion of just why that joke in the B99 episode “Captain Peralta” is so harmful to aces. (I was going to do this but the thought of rewatching for screencaps was… Yeah, no.)
  • Reworking my reviews of Jo Walton’s Sulien books to be a more proper (personal) essay analysis of its ace rep.
  • I’ll take suggestions! (Do not suggest Clariel. I wash my hands off that book.)

Audio and video-wise

Who knows! I’m aiming to do more audio readings for Patrons. Most likely they’ll be from Feather by Feather. Videos will depend entirely on what, if anything, comes up. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a podcast, but… We’ll see? I’ve also still got that ace pride song idea in the very back of my head. One day, it may actually happen and you’ll get another song recorded for Patrons. Eep!

And… I think that about covers it, to be honest. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping (thank you, holidays and anxiety), so I may have forgotten a few things, but this should cover most of the important things I’ve got on my plate for 2018. It’s looking to be a fairly quiet year, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. Once I’m at least partway through DemiPrincess2, I’ll have to decide whether to pursue tradpub options or self-publish it.