Goal Review November/December 2017

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I, uh, appear to have been doing so badly that I utterly forgot to do my monthly review and goal evaluations for the end of 2017. Oops. ^_^;;;;; And I also may have forgotten, utterly, to set any kind of goals for December. Oooooooooops. *hangs head* So, instead, let me just reflect on November a bit.

November’s Goals

I Want to Read:

  • 2 books featuring asexual characters

I Want to Write:


I failed NaNoWriMo in that I did not make it to 50,000 words. But! I did read six (SIX!) books featuring asexual characters. And then proceeded to write detailed posts about three of them. One of those posts is more of an essay than anything else. I’m pretty proud of that one. 😀

December saw me revise nonfiction and slowly inch forward on RibbonDancer. And then I got my first betareading comments back on DemiPrincess1 and I may have spent the turning of the new calendar year editing a book. I’m not done yet and I’m still waiting for more awesome feedback to make the book even better, but I’m really excited.

And beyond that December was basically Depression and Anxiety Central, so it’s kind of… I don’t know what I’ve done with my month? But LOOK I HAVE EDITS. And this year I wrote… *checks statistics* Somewhere around…

Words of Nonfiction: 136,164

Words of Fiction: 181,053

That is A Lot by my standards. And I think it’s the first year in a very long time that I’ve written more fiction than nonfiction. Despite making a concentrated effort to write more nonfiction, even! :O

But yeah. 2017 sucked and it was awful, but I admit I’m pretty chuffed with those numbers. And anyway, here you go. An “I have simultaneously not had enough and also way too much sleep” update to catch up on the whole “I missed November” fiasco. Oops.


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