Release and Releases: Fairytale Verses #1

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Sea Foam and Silence: The Complete Collection

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Eagle-eyed readers have undoubtedly already spotted this, but Sea Foam and Silence and A Harmony of Water and Weald have been republished and are now available in a handydandy two-for-one collection in case you want both and save yourself a bit of money at the same time.

You can still get the books separately if you’re prefer that, though! You can get Sea Foam and Silence here and A Harmony of Water and Weald here.

Complete with the rerelease, they’ve also got cover changes! Mostly notably A Harmony of Water and Weald got an entirely new cover to match Sea Foam and Silence‘s cover. WHOOHOO!

So why do this republication days before/after announcing that you can preorder The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion? The short and frankly very useless answer is this “Because I had to”. The longer answer… Well, that’s why I’m here writing this now! Oooooh. So settle back and I shall explain.

Once upon a time, I wrote a verse novel, Sea Foam and Silence. It was a fairytale retelling and I’d always had a vague idea to turn it into a series. Sea Foam and Silence has a good lead-in to two other queer verse novel retellings in its pages. There’s the story of Asta’s mother (The Six Swans) and the story Asta tells Maris (Beowulf but queerer and with 100% more lesbians – which, btw, if that sounds like your jam, check out Rachel Tonks Hill’s Novis; that’s Beowulf in space with lesbians). But instead of writing those I wound up writing Rapunzel, Rapunzel and, after that, A Harmony of Water and Weald and then The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel has always been a slightly odd duck in my queer verse novel retellings, so that one remains as-is until I sort it out. But The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion is a verse novel that is incredibly and unapologetically queer and I desperately wanted to publish it with The Kraken Collective because I really really wanted to publish something 100% original with them.

But as I was working on The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion I realised more and more than what I had on my hands was a series of standalones, tied together by… Well, I won’t spoil the surprise of future stories when they happen. But it’s very magical and Sea Foam and Silence had already laid the seeds for that narrative quietly threading to the rest of it. (Well, some of the rest of it, no doubt.)

And so, The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion and the Sea Foam and Silence books being not just linked by being queer verse novel retellings or by being set in the same universe, they’re actually linked more closely! Which means that the series as a whole needs to be consistent and in one place.

It needed a new look. It needed to have a unified look that said “This is a series” to anyone who looks at the covers. And it needed to happen at least before the actual release of The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion. I would 100% have waited on setting the preorder if I’d had more time, but alas. Things worked out the way that they did. My brain has been a mess this past September, so announcing this before announcing the preorders or trying to juggle both on the same day? Yeah, that wasn’t happening.

But here we are now! Now you know what’s up with the redesigned covers and the series as a whole. WHOOT! So what’s that series?

That series is… The Fairytale Verses series. The Fairytale Verses all retell a different fairytale in verse and with queer protagonists! You can read them as stand-alone pieces, but there’ll be a meta-narrative running throughout at least some of them.

Currently two (or three) verse novels have been published in the Fairytale Verses:

  • Sea Foam and Silence
  • (A Harmony of Water and Weald)
  • The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

I have (tentative) plans for a fourth verse novel, which will likely be either Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, and after that… who knows. I have very tentative plans to add a retelling of The Frog Prince as well. But that one doesn’t have a cover ready to go for it yet. So… There we go. Depending on how popular the series gets as a whole there are at least six more stories that I definitely want to retell.