Goal Review October 2018

Posted October 31, 2018 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Goals / 0 Comments


Last Month's Goal

I Want to Read:

  • Tone of Voice by Kaia Sønderby
  • The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley
  • The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge

I Want to Write:

  • That Darned Essay

Well, I managed one of these. October was an abysmal month for, uh, most anything that was not that darned essay. And mostly it was just abysmal all-around. I don’t want to talk about October.

I shall say only this: I finally finished a draft of that darned essay I was happy enough to call “done” and Patreon promptly decided my page contained “adult” content. (It doesn’t.) And I’ve been waiting for them to get back to me on the appeal for, oh, almost 3 weeks now.

Which, personally, I consider appalling customer service, given the severity of the potential impact having to appeal a decision that should never have happened in the first place has. But it is what it is for now. Just know that I’m severely pissed off and if this stretches on into a month, I will have lost whatever goodwill I have towards support staff. (I’m sure they’re doing their best to stay on top of the tickets, but if this is an average waiting time, your support process isn’t working right and, at minimum, you need to hire more staff to keep on top of the volume.)

Anyway, that should give you an indication of how well my October’s gone.