The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion (un)FAQ

Posted October 31, 2018 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


With the release of The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion being so close (less than a week now!), I figured it’d be nice if I did a short FAQ-style post for questions I can imagine coming up. So! Here I am, answering not-so-frequently asked questions in the hopes that the answers will be helpful to you!

Some questions may contain mild spoilers.

Q: Do I need to read Sea Foam and Silence before I pick up The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion?

A: Nope. In the grand tradition of fairy tale retelling series, all of the main stories in the Fairy Tale verses stand alone. You can pick up The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion without having read Sea Foam and Silence at all.

Q: What about A Harmony of Water and Weald? Do I need to have read that?

A: Again, nope. Harmony is a companion collection for Sea Foam and Silence only. You can safely skip it entirely unless you really want more cute, queer fluff in your life.

Q: How does Marian identify? What should I call her in reviews?

A: Marian is a sex-repulsed, homoromantic asexual or asexual lesbian. She’ll use whatever fits the situation best. However! If she has to pick one label to describe herself, that is ‘asexual’, so if you’re concerned about describing Marian in terms that feel in-character, always include that she’s asexual. That’s the label that matters most to her.

She also uses she/her pronouns.

Q: How does Edel identify? What should I call her in reviews?

A: Edel is a panplatonic, aromantic asexual. She generally favours aroace because it’s a quick way that encompasses all labels she finds particularly relevant. Edel, though louder than Marian, is actually more laid-back about how people describe her orientations. As long as it comes close, she’s good.

She also uses she/her pronouns.

Q: Is everyone in this story queer?

A: No. Marian’s dad, Duke Whatsit (yes, that’s his name) and one of Marian’s childhood crushes are all as allocishet as they get. Marian’s childhood crush is the only allocishet in the book who isn’t cast in an antagonistic role too, if you’re curious.

Q: Will we get to see the rest of that Snow White retelling?

A: Someday, I’d like to write it, yes!

Q: Do Marian and Edel live happily ever after?

A: Oh, yes. Of course they do. That’s the whole point of a HEA ending, after all.