Week 19 Update

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! After last week’s disasterous attempt at trying to be online, this week we’re back on track!

Completed Projects

None yet! To be fair, they’re all relatively big. It’s only the essay outline that’s not.

Goal Updates

  • 3,360/15,000 words of fiction written
  • 0/1 proper essay outline
  • 0/1 completed draft of the essay on Sing to Me
  • 2/12 books read
  • 2/5 discussions of papers in Asexualities

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 3,360

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 0 (Who am I and what did I do with myself?)

DemiPrincess2: I saw this coming at the start of the chapter I’m on, but I have hit a snag. It’s the “Let’s go back to the beginning and rewrite the whole thing from scratch” type of snag. Great! Because I needed a reason to slow my progress down further. In my defense, this will save time in the long run. I’m just… not happy about it.

When the Beds Were New: A mermay poem! I can’t go through mermay without returning to the Fairytale Verses setting – and Sea Foam and Silence in particular – now, can I? $5 patrons should look forward to seeing the first and ridiculously rough draft tomorrow. Wherein you’ll meet a very angry and very confused mermaid.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

You know, it’s really weird. I am happier now, when my life is a mess we’re not talking about because I like being functional thank you, than I was when my life was not a mess. Now if I had the first clue on how to fix it, that would be marvellous. Alas, I… don’t. It’s very annoying. But on the bright side, I’m not generally doing too badly? I think? Worse than I think probably, but high-functioning anxiety person FOR THE WIN.

Stand-out Positive Moment

I have succeeded at Mother’s Day gifts, if ridiculously belatedly. Look, my family is really bad at Mother’s Day things and my mother generally despairs of gift cards or our attempts at good gifting. I have found a gift that is sensible, entirely non-practical and basically meets all the requirements of being the kind of gift she loves and that we fail at giving her.

No, I’m not telling you what it is. Just know that when it was time for her to select exactly what she wanted, she of course had to pick the most expensive option. Well, it’s nice to know where I’ve got my tastes from, I suppose. (Note: I’m not actually complaining. If it wasn’t an option, I’d have vetoed it. I’m just bemused because normally I’m the only one who entirely obliviously picks out the most expensive option when given a choice.)

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?