Week 38 Update

Posted September 20, 2019 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday!

Completed Projects

September is, I predict, going to be the month of Fail.

Goal Updates

  • 11/12 books
  • 0/1 completed proper paper
  • 457/5,000 words of fiction written

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 457

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 4,575

DemiPrincess: Look! Words! They exist now!

Life And Other Such Important Matters

I’m… basically up for the sole purpose of writing this post. Yesterday was not a good day (thanks, uterus) and today is apparently a continuation (thanks, anxiety), so I’m mostly non-functional right now. I’ll be all right. Just. If science could get on the whole How To Make Periods¬†Not Be A Nightmare, that would be great, thanks.

Stand-out Positive Moment

I HAVE WORDS. Also I have an amazing editing project to work on right now and I’m so excited!

This Week on Patreon

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?