2019: Things I’ve Published

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Because it is that time of the year for award nominations and people like having lists of “What You Published This Year” things, I present to you… a list of writings I’ve published in 2019. Yay! There’ll be a handful of additions (notably two poems), but this is more or less complete.

I’ve noted the word count for fiction in case you want to nominate it for awards – which would be awesome and thank you so much for wanting to nominate my work OMG – but largely this is for anyone who’s worried they may have missed something important that I’ve done. This has been a pretty uneventful writing year for me, actually. :O


The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

This aro-led, all-queer magical girl inspired novella (20,200 words) is a little more bittersweet than my work usually is, but I’m very proud of it. I have plans and ideas for sequels too, but they’re on the backburner for now. (Availble for purchase right now!)

The March on Heartful

This aro-led cosy SF short story (5,000 words) is what happens if you ask me to write something with no conflict and just go for warm and fuzzy. This is all about friendship and making friends and supporting one another. Also family. (Available for free!)

Yep, this was clearly the year of aromantic fiction for me. 😀


Unless noted otherwise, all of these are available to all Patrons.

Assume that the vast majority of these are fantasy.


(Note: The Patreon-exclusive Let’s Read Academics series is not listed and videos are not included. All of the nonfiction here is publicly available.)

Wow that is, um, significantly more than I expected. Most of these in the tradition of nonfiction have pretty self-explanatory titles.


Note: All of these are locked to Patrons and consist of previously released short stories and poems. $1 will give you access to all of them and of course all the audio is from this year.

This set collects all of the stories of the Bravest Little Engine seen in Tales of the Little Engine, a short story collection with stories designed to be read aloud and show how sometimes encouragement can be a bad thing when people don’t pay attention to context. Mostly, though, they’re about two small trains who just want to make people happy and their friends.

Also the Nethertrain. Which will eat you if you’re not careful.

Two entirely non-SFF poems! Well, three. The haiku come in sets of two.

A short vignette about, well, a trinity. It’s flash fiction. I don’t want to spoil it!

Two short weird fiction flash pieces that may or may not be SFFnal in nature. Who knows. They’re weird!