December Newsletter

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December Newsletter

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Monthly news and accountability! Eep! Which yep means you get the December newsletter a few days early.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

My life is… a mess, though not necessarily in an all-bad way. It just means I’m entirely and completely overwhelmed with some potentially extremely good things (that are terrifying and not things I would recommend if you have anxiety like, uh, me) and some potentially very bad things. Like, I don’t know, cancer scares in the family. Yeah, it’s… been a month. Still is, actually, as I desperately try to get everything I need to do done so I can focus on doing things I may need to do and ensuring that the potentially good things actually work out as good things. Aaaaaaaa!

Which, wow. I’m really being more cryptic than I was last week, aren’t I? Suffice to say: I still don’t know if this will go through, but if it does it involves having less than a month to sort out a move during the holidays. On a very limited budget. Did I mention that this is terrifying yet? Because it is terrifying and I’m just scrambling to not-forget anything and feeling less-than-stellar.

On top of that I’m enjoying the course I signed up for a lot even when I’m busy arguing what it says because my experience disagrees and they’re not accounting for the very valid disagreements. (Listen, there is not One True Way to teach. Different styles all have pros and cons and I resent it when one with some very heavy cons is presented as a panacea.) So… That’s clearly been a good and positive experience, even if it adds more stress because it’s more things I need/want to plan in. (Actually, the planning isn’t the issue. It’s the “Your brain is in high anxiety mode. Executive functions are compromised” part of it all.)

Anyway! The flakiness and flailiness continues. Boohiss. But hey I’m still getting things done slowly. Just… with a lot more flailing and anxiety than I would have liked and appreciated and… Just my life is a mess. Some of it bad, some of it will lead to good. It does mean that NaNoWriMo just did not happen, though. That’s just been a total bust. Ugh. I am not happy. This month should’ve been a shoe-in for writing fiction.

Featured Post

Video: Lynn rambles about… Anxiety and Me

Today in something a little different, I wanted to talk about anxiety and me. Specifically, I wanted to talk about some of the ways in which anxiety does – and does not – affect me in the hopes that it’ll help someone else out there too.

Completed Projects

Noooooooooooooooone. T_T

December Goals

  • 7 videos for AroAwarenessWeek 2020
  • 1 video on the Vows and Honor series
  • 12 books read
  • 1 essay reworking and sorting
  • 1 revised draft of Promises2
  • 1 course completed
  • 6 shorts for Patreon
  • Keep up Let’s Read Academics
  • Survive offline life ordeals

Yes, I am never going to make all of these. Wish me luck anyway!

November Goals

  • NaNo
  • WriMo
  • Rebel
  • 13,093/50,000 words on anything (notably DemiPrincess2)
  • Avoid writing nonfiction (excepting Let’s Read Academics) for a month

Writing Updates

This Month’s Fiction Wordcount: 13,093

This Month’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 8,500

Promises2: Whoo! I got another chapter done. I’m Frankenchaptering this beginning a lot, so it’s actually turning out slower than I expected, but ooooh I can’t wait to get to the supershiny stuff!

Stand-out Positive Moment

The potential for a very very good change in my life even if it’s currently resulting in extremely bad anxiety moments. For you all, though? I would say the stand-out positive moment is the return of the WIPs! WHOOHOO!

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?