Week 47 Update

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! Somehow on time this week. I’d like to remind everyone that voting for the next month of Let’s Read Academics is still open until Monday! Cast your votes on the asexual academic literature I’ll be reading next before the 25th!

This weekend, I’ll also finally be able to sort out some of the WIP snippets I haven’t had a chance to get ready for Patreon, so keep an eye out for those to return as well!

Completed Projects

I wish. T_T

Goal Updates

  • NaNo
  • WriMo
  • Rebel
  • 9,687/50,000 words on anything (notably DemiPrincess2)
  • Avoid writing nonfiction (excepting Let’s Read Academics) for a month

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 7,134

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 1,972

Promises2: Oh, yes. It’s been years, but it is finally happening. I have begun on the sequel to A Promise Broken. Honestly, all it needs is a good overhaul. A complete overhaul, to be sure, but I’m not writing it up from scratch the way I am most everything else. Meep. It feels SO nice to be back to this duology, though. I’ve missed this tiny cinnamon roll and her disaster uncle.

DemiPrincess2: Technically, I have not written anything new yet, but I’m slowly feeling my way out of the hole I dug myself and figuring out why this section is bothering me to the point of “cannot continue”. I think once I rewrite the last two chapters, I’ll be good to go for… at least a while. I give up trying to predict this story. It’s currently shelved on “It will be done when it is done and meanwhile let’s also work on these other projects that are hanging around not twisting my brain into pretzels”.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Okay, so. Big, big things. I may be moving near the end of December/beginning of January if everything works out. I really hope it does because, well, you’ve all probably noticed that I’m not actually good at talking about daily life things. There are reasons and not all of them are “Lynn is a very private person”. Some of it is coming to terms with… a lot of things, most of them not good and honestly I like the pretence that I’m okay and everything is fine because, frankly, I like being functional.

Short version: This would upset literally all of my plans for the next… half a year, maybe longer, but it is a very, very, very good thing to the point where I have asked – well, begged – my friends to remind me how good it is when it inevitably gets hard. And… you know how sometimes you know things are bad and what you ought to do and, in your heart, you cannot make yourself do them because it can take a while for that to knowledge to really come home and ring true? Yeah, that’s this.

I’m sorry this is vague. I’m… nowhere near ready to really talk about any of it, especially not publicly, but please know I’m simulateously thrilled and excited and terrified of it going wrong or falling through somehow.

ON TOP OF THAT, something I can talk about that is also exciting, if disruptive to my short-term plans: I signed up for a TEFL course because I think it’s high time I actually got myself some kind of certificate to prove I can teach considering I’ve been doing it for the past ten years or so and the course was affordable and held in a way that ought to work for me, so I went for it. Partially as a back-up plan for the job applications I’ve been doing and partially because I keep applying and rejecting for teaching jobs because I lack the certificates.

So that will all take up a chunk of my December on top of writing and editing and everything else. I’m really excited and looking forward to it. It’ll make the ace and aro academics work I do so much better and it may get me to finish that grammar course I’ve been dreaming of doing and it’ll no doubt help me move forward in directions I want to go eventually and. Basically, I’m preparing to hopefully go into 2021 and this new decade on an extremely high note.

How will this all affect my writing and editing? Well, despite the fact that this sounds like it should be incredibly detrimental because it dramatically reduces my available time, I expect that it will have an overall positive effect since I expect that one of the major effects of all of this will be a huge improvement to my mental health even while everything is in massive disarray and that’s been the dominant factor in most all my struggles. So even though I’ll have less time on the whole, my brain will be in a state where I can get more done in that time. So that’s superexciting.

Stand-out Positive Moment

I actually have so many this week despite the fact that most everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but the good thing is just so huge it eclipses that. I will pick, however, the fact that I have amazing friends who stand by me and won’t let me gaslight myself or undermine myself. Also everyone supporting me and my work through your generosity and enthusiasm. I know I’m being supervague right now, but honestly this point I am at right now? Messy and disorganised and haphazard as it is, I could not be here without you all believing in me and what I’m doing and I’m deeply grateful to all of you.

And once (not if, once) this all works out… Get ready because we will make this world shine and sparkle together. Or, you know, at least a part of it and leave everything a little better than we found it and I can’t wait!

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