Week 13 Update

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Saturday! Just barely. Ish. (Hi, the weather is encouraging gardening and I’m in full anxiety ostrich If I Avoid It, It Does Not Exist mode. It sucks. More on that below!

Completed Projects

  • 10/10 Star Trek: Picard rambling

Goal Updates

  • 60% Print edition of Among the Glimmering Flowers
  • 3,963/10,000 words of fiction
  • 16/14 books

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: I cannot maths today, sorry. I scratched out a tiiiiiiny bit of writing and editing in general. But honestly every time I want to sit down to write I end up curling up and wanting to cry instead, so that’s… clearly going terrifically.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

To illustrate how well I’mcoping – beyond the Anxiety Avoidance – I have been singing along to Getting Married Today from Company. By tackling both Amy and Jenny’s parts at once. (While this is a ton of fun if you like a musical challenge, I recommend against doing it for about four hours straight. The patter is about the speed at which I speak when anxious, so I have a ton of practice getting enough air – somehow – while doing effectively 3 minutes of non-stop speaking/singing and I‘m out of breath by hour 3.) Er, put differently: Hi, I made what is generally considered a really challenging Broadway song even more difficult and borderline dangerous. This is how well I’m coping.

Anyway. Today’s avoidance included gardening and wrecking the habitat of several newts. Sorry, newts! I was cleaning the pond up a bit and, well, I caught several newts. Poor babies. I made sure they got back to the water, though. And then I got distracted when a friend  and fellow author alerted several of us to someone maliciously one-starring queer SFF. And then I was also distracted just trying to get my homework done. Turns out that I have very firm opinions on how English (well, language, really) ought to be taught and part of my struggle’s been adjusting to a different approach. Hopefully it’ll be good enough for a pass, at least. Or at least not be completely broken and need revising from the ground up.

Stand-out Positive Moment

Newts! Listen, we are absolutely horrid at pond maintenance, so the fact that there are actual creatures that make their home in that mess and seem to do well just delights me. Also THEY ARE SO CUTE AND SMOL.

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?