Lynn at a Glance

Lynn is…

  • Pronouns: she/her or they/them
  • Demibiromantic demisexual
  • Multilingual
  • Dyscalculic

The Official Bio

Most recently spotted in the wilds of continental Europe, Lynn E. O’Connacht lives on a steady diet of fiction. Her favourite treats are fantasy and soft science fiction. The lynnetbird is more commonly known as the lion-bird as cats have built up a positive symbiotic relationship with her. Sightings of Lynn E. O’Connacht are rare as she is a shy creature, most likely to be seen in the early mornings.

If one wishes to catch sight of this unique creature themselves, their best bet is to leave out books or RPGs that could be added to her diet, or to play music for her to mimic. One can also leave a plate with a variety of confections as the lynnetbird loves sweets and chocolate. These methods are especially effective in Lynn E. O’Connacht’s own territory as she is often too shy to venture far from it.

The More Useful Bio

Lynn E. O’Connacht is a queer indie SFF author, focusing on cosybright narratives, gentle stories with highly personal stakes. Her works frequently include asexual and/or aromantic characters and are predominantly secondary world fantasy narratives. Languages and linguistics also play a frequent part in Lynn’s work.

Lynn holds an MA in creative writing and literature and spends her time predominantly on the European continent, where she divides her time between all things (indie) publishing, editing and teaching English as a Second Language to students unfortunate enough to have to keep up with her. They seem to appreciate her even so.