Anime Portrait of Lynn

Most recently spotted in the wilds of continental Europe, Lynn E. O’Connacht lives on a steady diet of fiction. Her favourite treats are fantasy and soft science fiction. The lynnetbird is more commonly known as the lion-bird as cats have built up a positive symbiotic relationship with her. Sightings of Lynn E. O’Connacht are rare as she is a shy creature, most likely to be seen in the early mornings.

If one wishes to catch sight of this unique creature themselves, their best bet is to leave out books or RPGs that could be added to her diet, or to play music for her to mimic. One can also leave a plate with a variety of confections as the lynnetbird loves sweets and chocolate. These methods are especially effective in Lynn E. O’Connacht’s own territory as she is often too shy to venture far from it.

The More Serious and First-Person Version:

Hi! I’m Lynn. Nice to meet you. You’ve reached my personal blog, Little Lion Lynnet’s. Here, I talk about whatever strikes my fancy: books, games, films, tv shows, my own works, thoughts I have on writing and storytelling, snippets of my life… Basically, it’s a blog and I talk about whatever I’m in the mood to discuss. You’ll also see me posting short works that I’ve wanted to release for free as well as webserial installments when I’m running one. Sometimes I join in with bloghops, readalongs and memes.

You won’t see a lot of political commentary or the like. I also host the occasional guest post and interviews. In the interest of full disclosure: I am also an independent author. But don’t worry! You won’t see me hawking my books or stories at you all the time. If you’d like to check them out, there’s a full list under My Books in the menu bar or right here in the bio. I do talk about my projects and the process of writing my own works, though. If that’s not something you’re interested in seeing… Sorry? You can use the ‘X Talk’ categories to focus on the reviewy content if that’s what you prefer. ^_^

Anyway! Whether reading or writing, I thoroughly enjoy fantasy, especially YA and children’s fantasy, and other forms of speculative fiction, but I’ll read anything if the book sounds interesting and I’m in the mood to read it. I thoroughly enjoy being an author-blogger and I hope anyone reading will find something good and positive on my blog!

Um, what else? Oh. Yes. I’m a cisgender white woman, so my pronouns are she/her. I use singular they to refer to non-binary people when I know to do so. I was raised multilingually and most popular pronouns are feminine pronouns in the other languages I grew up speaking and I consider using them harmful to both non-binary people and women. It’s complicated; I’m sorry.