Sea Foam and Silence by Lynn E. O'Connacht

Sea Foam and Silence

(Fairytale Verses #1, Sea Foam and Silence #1)
Release Date: 10 June 2016
Pages: 270

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She warned of the pain. She did.
But no warning can prepare you.
Nothing can.

How could any of us have known
what it is like on the dry sand?
We just watched.

It’s hard, not being able to ask
questions, though I have learned some speech
with my hands. ˆ_ˆ

I miss my sisters. I love my prince.

I have made friends here. I have laughed with them,
learned with them, played with them.
I love them.

She said I would die if he loves someone else.
Will I die? At the beginning I wanted to. It hurts
so much. Life isn’t easy, will never be easy, but…
I don’t want to become sea foam.


Tall-crabs aren’t like crabs.
Not really.
Crabs are hard and cute.
They pinch.

Tall-crabs can move like crabs.
I like that about them.
They can pinch you too
If you pull them down after a storm,
But it’s…
It’s not much of a pinch.
You can barely feel it.

Tall-crabs have shells too,
But they’re not very useful.
You tear them off quick as biting.
I’m not sure why they have such soft shells.

I want to ask why.
My sisters do not know or care.
Tall-crabs are easy food,
Better than fish or sharks.

But why do tall-crabs have such soft shells?

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