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Book spine shenanigans

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Daily Life. The text 'Lynn's Living Life' underneath the cameo silhouette of a woman. Daily life updates.

The last time I did a book spine meme, I came up with a grammatically correct sentence that was something like seventeen books long. If I still had the books and/or the photographic evidence I would show you all and prove it, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how I was bored tonight and caught in a mood where I did not (still don’t) want to read. (At least the author whose book I’m reading now knows how to use vocative commas. They’re still not hard, people!) Anyway. I was poking about the internet as you do and came across a book spine meme note.

And I thought to myself that it would be an utterly brilliant idea if I, you know, putzed around with my book titles just for the fun of it. Except… Except two things, really, or possibly three depending on how you count:

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Readathon! Except unofficially this April

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My unofficial readathon was off to a… rather rocky start. We had visitors during the first few hours and then I couldn’t focus on my book or kept getting interrupted.

I interrupted my own reading all the time too, but that was intentional. I am… seriously contemplating running a couple of read-alongs later in the year. I’m still trying to work everything out and settle on dates and questions and ways to manage it. (The one date I’m certain of is an August/September readalong for Seaward by Susan Cooper. That’s roughly when the book is scheduled to get republished, so it makes sense to host the readalong then.)

This is all very scary and feeling like my questions are better suited to a reading guide than a read-along isn’t really helping, but I’m having fun.

Today’s read has been The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. It’s a reread and it’s every bit as lovely now as it was when I first encountered the book. I’ll be tackling Seaward tomorrow and hopefully I’ll find it easier to concentrate on all the reading then. And questions. (Oh! If anyone has ideas for questions on either, please do send them my way. I’ll give you credit if I end up using them! Can’t promise that, but…)

Today has also involved attempting to play Trine 2 with my cousin. That game is every bit as hilarious in multiplayer as I’d hoped. Honestly, we’re neither of us great at puzzle solving. I think we spent half an hour trying to make our way through a timing puzzle? A timing puzzle. (Timing and rhythm, I has them not. We finally solved that puzzle by going “You know what? This is a local multiplayer. Let’s just swap controllers so you can get BOTH of our characters across” and lo that solved the timing puzzle.)

And then my BPAL order arrived. Thanks for not telling me, USPS! Turns out ordering several imps at once is a bad idea (even if it’s sound financial sense) because the scents all mix together and oh my head. (I’m fine with perfumes oils individually, but all mixed up that’s a headache waiting to happen.)

Also, readathons apparently make me very chatty? But today has been a pretty decent day all things considered. Now it is time for bed and tomorrow it is time for more reading. I hope to reread Two Hearts and The Woman Who Married the Man in the Moon again as well.

And continue my typocatching and polishing, so I can call this tale done before the end of the month. That would be a marvellous way to end the month.


Signal Boosts

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Links. The text 'links' underneath a big, old-fashioned key. Links I felt were interesting.

Some signal boosts:

Rescue Expenses. The kitten looks in pretty bad shape, so you are hereby duly warned of photos of a kitten in bad shape. Both fosters have had unforeseen medical expenses and I’ll leave the details on the page to speak for itself. If, for any reason, you don’t want to see the pictures of Frankenstein, the kitten, do not scroll past the photo of Hosea, below the description.

Ysabetwordsmith has released a freebie poem for her poetry fish bowl: The Lady of Athens. The fishbowl is still open, so you can find more details (and perhaps leave a prompt) here. The theme is fantasy in other eras.

And aldersprig is still hosting a Giraffe Call for fiction prompts here for a little while. The theme is swords and sorcery.


Book Talk: Once Upon a Time 7 is here! WHOO!

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Banner for the Once upon a Time 7 challenge. Art by Melissa Nucera. In other bookish related news: Carl, from Stainless Steel Droppings has been hosting a reading ‘challenge’ called Once upon a Time for seven years. (Well, this is the seventh year, so it’s not quite seven yet.)

I’ve been too chicken to participate officially the previous few times, but this year I’m signing up. I’m signing up for Quest the First, which goes as follows:

Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.

Normally this wouldn’t really be very challenging, but since I’m tying this in with the new Talking About What I Read feature thing it’s more challenging than it looks! I can make the read-about target easily because the challenge runs from March 21st to June 21st, so that’s about three/four months. It’s the talk-about part that I’m a little worried about. But I’ll manage, I’m sure. That’s the challenge. ^-~

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Februaries, rambles, stories, the usual…

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Thoughts. The text 'rambling thoughts' underneath a burning lantern. For rambles, thoughts, and not-essays.

More or less. So far my February has been eaten by Let’s Play videos. It started out being really nice to me, but it was just to make up for being mean later on. *blows raspberry at it* (Yes, I’m childish today. It may have been the half a small cake I just ate and all the sugar. We will never know!)

Anyway, despite my life throwing a few curve balls at me that kept me off my writing game, I am actually still ahead of target. You do not want to know how ridiculously pleased I am by that.

Today I finished off a rewrite for one of the two stories I want to work on this month. It needs typocatching, but I don’t think any big issues were thrown up. And, anyway, I’d like to think I can get away with the less than realistic aspects. It’s written like a children’s story and features talking trains, after all.

I cried. So much. It’s a story that breaks my heart and it’s very dear to me. I thought I’d share a line. Don’t worry. It is not a sad line. It’s from before things go terribly, horribly, awfully wrong. (But don’t worry! It sort-of ends well. This is not a spoiler.)

The station master paced along the platforms, crying ‘What shall I do?’ and pulling at his greying hair as if making his headache worse would help him find a solution.

See? Totally not tragic. Yet. It is part of my Super Sekrit Project and once the polishing is done will bring me one step closer to its completion. And then I shall TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

You know, I wish I had this level of silliness in me when I tried to interview myself for the fun of it. It might be funnier. It might also be a heck of a lot worse. Anyone have questions or suggestions I could use? :p

If you count the self-interview (which I may still toss; who knows) I wrote 5,500+ words of fiction to do. GO ME! I also took a break from the story I was actually in the middle of reworking to work on these things, so… Yay for breaks!

Oh! Let’s do the book meme several days late.

I’m in the middle of reading Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper. I gave up on Possession (sadness!) and Fallen Grace (less sadness; I didn’t expect to love this to pieces), so I’m down to my last set book for the month already. If this keeps up, I really am going to have to up the numbers a bit to be more challenging. I have set two bonus reads, but I won’t tell you what they are. They’re more “Hey, if you don’t know what to pick, pick one of us!” selections for when I’m stuck.

As I said, February was nice to me for the first week or so. I do hope it’ll perk up again. Wait, did I set 12,500 for my February goal too? I am less than 4000 words away from reaching that. I don’t know how that happened! O_O

And that’s what’s been going on with me. No doubt the month will continue to seesaw, but I hope I can stay on top of things (and build up a really good word buffer for later on in the year when I’ll need it).


Awesome people are awesome

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Thanks to everyone who commented on my panicky plea for help post. You’re awesome and I am deeply grateful to you all for responding. I think it works fairly decently, but so far I’m still the only person to have seen the story. I may very well be biased. I may or may not end up trying to steer the reader to one specific interpretation. I hope not! I’m hoping that keeping it gender-neutral will make it easier for aces to identify with Jules’ asexuality instead of harder to relate to the story as a whole.

Have a (run-on) sentence from the latest draft!

I’m not sure if I’m still breathing because it doesn’t feel like I am and I have no idea what to say to her, but I won’t hang up (I can’t) and then I hear her voice and I rush to tell her not to hang up and that’s when I realise that I’m talking to her voice mail.


Happy new (Gregorian) calendar year!

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Happy new (Gregorian) calendar year!

I’m a little early with it, but that’s because I aim to be in bed and asleep soon.

I spent my day reading, for anyone curious. I decided to clear my ereader of the samples I’d loaded onto it. Turns out about half of those samples ended before the story even began. What? How does that even make sense? Why are they calling it a sample?

Another thing I’ve learned from my sample reading is that I have to get my hands on a copy of Team Human as soon as possible. *sits on her grabby hands. is a good girl*

*waves* Good night all!


A year in postings, a blogging retrospective

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Daily Life. The text 'Lynn's Living Life' underneath the cameo silhouette of a woman. Daily life updates.

I only started to switch over to WordPress in mid-December and I’m reconsidering the wisdom of reposting all the posts manually. So I was very nice and copied over all the relevant posts to WordPress as well. Now you can have them in both blogs!

This is a meme that does the rounds on at least LJ round about this time of year. I thought it’d be a fun way to go over 2012. However, because I am a complete and total git, I’ll also see about doing a Year In Stories and Poetry list and a Personal Highlights list. We’ll see how that goes. XD You’re also getting this a few days early because I am a bouncy bunny today. (I shall see The Hobbit later today. It is all very exciting. I’ve been rewatching LotR the past few days rather than rereading the book. I plan to do that sometime in 2013.)

But before we get to those lists… (And deepest apologies in advance if I’ve missed someone. I’m doing this by memory. Let me know if I forgot someone? I like congratulating people.)
Before we get to my lists… Let me again extend my congratulations to (in no particular order) Maria Stanislav, Clare K.R. Miller, Memory Scarlett and Amy Rae Durreson! CONGRATULATIONS!

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