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News: Print Editions Are Back!

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Promo to announce the return of the Print Editions

Oh, yes. It’s time! The print editions of my books are back!

Well, mostly.

And some are entirely new!

It’s been a long time coming, but they are largely back! This announcement has also been a long time coming – yay, schedules? – so let me briefly lay out what’s happened and such.

I had big plans! That fell through! But they allowed me to return to getting KDP Print editions sorted, which I aim to have a knock-on effect to allow more and more shinies. (Sadly offering Patreon print copies is not one of them for the foreseeable future due to changes to international postal laws now requiring addresses if you want to send literally anything that isn’t a letter and PO boxes are ridiculously expensive.)

Anyway! So I set to work returning most of the books to print! That is to say all my print editions save A Promise Broken are now back in print.

  • Sea Foam and Silence
  • Courage Is the Price
  • Rapunzel, Rapunzel
  • Feather by Feather and Other Stories

are all available for you to purchase RIGHT NOW. Eeeeeee!!!!!! A Promise Broken is waiting on me to finish the companion novel, so I can rerelease them with new covers as a matching set, so apologies if you were waiting for that one, but I promise it’ll be awesome!

In addition, I also got ready the print editions for

  • A Harmony of Water and Weald
  • The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

So if you want a print set of all the aspec verse novels and fairytale retellings, now you can! I know people have been waiting for these and I’m superexcited! Among the Glimmering Flowers is still in proofing stage and will arrive later this month, so if you wanted that one, please hold on a little longer. It’s coming soon! I just had to get the verse novels out in time for AroWeek and ran into some unexpected snags. (Half of which were actual snags and half of which should never have existed in the first place because, uh, that’s… how print is supposed to work?)

Anyway! You can find the print editions of these available now! It is such, such a good feeling to have them all back and to have added new ones to the mix as well! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE SHINY COVERS in that graphic there. LOOK AT THEM. Don’t they look so good together?

Eeeeeee! I’m going to go off and, er, consider dinner. Yes, I am this disorganised in 2020, I know. (To be fair, my sleep schedule got messed up and I’m running on no sleep only caffeine today, so it’s been all sorts of shenanigans so far. We’ll see what the evening brings given everything. But Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The prints are back! [happy dance])


2019 Wrap-Up

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Yearly Happenings

Wow. Another year’s gone. Can you believe it? Time went by so quickly and it’s already time to move on. Seriously, 2019 was a blur. It was also a massive trash fire for a variety of reasons, and I just. I cannot even remember what all happened in 2019. Every month – and some months every day – felt like a decade all on their own.

Now it’s time to look back on good things in the year and what all I accomplished, though. So let’s take a look!


The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

This aro-led, all-queer magical girl inspired novella (20,200 words) is a little more bittersweet than my work usually is, but I’m very proud of it. I have plans and ideas for sequels too, but they’re on the backburner for now. (Available for purchase right now!)

The March on Heartful

This aro-led cosy SF short story (5,000 words) is what happens if you ask me to write something with no conflict and just go for warm and fuzzy. This is all about friendship and making friends and supporting one another. Also family. (Available for free!)

Asexual Representation in Mainstream Speculative Fiction

A rough overview of the state of asexual representation in mainstream SFF literature from 2000-2018, or, That Time I Tried To Write A Really Positive Essay And People Went “Uh, Did You See Those Numbers? They’re Like REALLY Low” At Me A Lot. But the good news is that a) indies exist, b) 2019 saw a whole bunch more acespec fiction published, c) 2020 is going to have EVEN MORE, d) post-2020 is ALSO going to have EVEN MORE, e) I am an imperfect human being and we can add all the books published that I don’t know about to the list as soon as someone who knows about them comes along too and then the list will be EVEN LONGER.

You Prince Has Drowned

Now available in Twine game format! It is my short story The Little Mermaid retelling/old school adventure game mashup… thing! Comes with more snark, no moon logic (well, mostly), and is definitely interactive as your choices determine whether the Prince lives or dies! (Kind of.)

Tales of the Little Engine: Audio

Finally available on, Tales of the Little Engine is now available in mp3 format. The audio is recorded by me, though it’s not an audio book. All stories are available as separate recordings.

Patreon Story Perks:

Patreon Essays:

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2019: Things I’ve Published

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Because it is that time of the year for award nominations and people like having lists of “What You Published This Year” things, I present to you… a list of writings I’ve published in 2019. Yay! There’ll be a handful of additions (notably two poems), but this is more or less complete.

I’ve noted the word count for fiction in case you want to nominate it for awards – which would be awesome and thank you so much for wanting to nominate my work OMG – but largely this is for anyone who’s worried they may have missed something important that I’ve done. This has been a pretty uneventful writing year for me, actually. :O

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Discord Book Club

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Hi, everyone!

Today I have a special announcement regarding Patreon: I’m starting a book club! It’ll be run on Discord, so it’s only open to Patrons who’ve pledged at the $5 tier or higher as well as to anyone at the $1 tier who’s supported me up to now as a special way to say thank you for your support. Before I explain the Patreon logistics, though, let’s talk about the book club and what to expect!

Obviously, being a book club, we’ll be tackling the same book together and discussing it. Though the book club isn’t restricted to books about asexuality or aromanticism, there’s a good chance it will have a higher focus on that. It’ll depend on what people vote for when it’s time to select the new read. The book club will predominantly focus on older releases and indie books as well as the SFF genre, but I’m sure new releases and other genres will come up occasionally as well. The book club aims to read about 100 pages per week, though since I’m usually reading ebooks actual numbers may vary somewhat. I’ll come up with discussion questions for everyone.

I’ve selected a book for us to start reading next week because wow why would I ever do anything not last minute. And that book is The Oathbound by Mercedes LackeyThis book is the first in her Vows and Honor series and was published in 1988. This is one of the earliest known SFF books with an ace-coded protagonist and since this trilogy is next up in my series of Ace Lit discussions, I figured it would make the perfect start to the book club.

After that, we’ll vote on books. If you’ve got suggestions for what you’d like to read, let me know! I’ll be working off my TBR pile to start us off, but I’m hoping to incorporate more options that you wanted to see as we go along.


  • Aug 12-18: Chapters 1-4
  • Aug 19-25: Chapters 5-8
  • Aug 26-Sep 1: Chapters 9-11

So how do you join? Well, anyone who’s a patron at $5 or more has access to the full Discord server. Just head on over to the book-club channel and you’re good! If you’ve pledged at $1 and want to join the book club, DM me through Patreon and I’ll make sure you get an invite link to the book-club channel. It won’t be a temporary invite, so you won’t have to worry about Discord kicking you out for inactivity or anything.

I think that about covers it. I’m really excited about this! I’ve always enjoyed readalongs, but I’ve tended to chicken out of hosting ones for books I don’t know well. No more! Let’s all just read books together and have a good time! 😀


Cover Redesign: Among the Glimmering Flowers

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Among the Glimmering Flowers by Lynn E. O'Connacht

Is it two news posts in one day!? Why, yes, it is! I have, after a lot of hmming and similar noises, redone the cover for Among the Glimmering Flowers. It now comes with additional brambleberries!

Okay, fine. Blackberries. What do you all think?

The redesign also comes with a giveaway! Wherein ten (yes, 10!) copies are up for grabs! (Reviews should be optional, but even one-line ones would be greatly appreciated.)


New Releases Times Two!

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Due to frantically trying to get everything done, some balls sadly got dropped. One of them was, uh, actually announcing that my newest story is available! So! Without further ado!

The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq is now available and will be discounted at about $1.99 for the remainder of the month. Get it now while it’s cheap! It’s magical girl meets secondary world, but make it more deliberately queer a la She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

I love this story so much. I just honestly still don’t know how to express how much I love that story. It just makes my heart happy and I hope it will make other people’s hearts happy too. And yes I have vague sequel plans to work on when I finish several other things on my plate – unless people fall in love with it and it sells so well it’s worth upending my planning to prioritise it. So if you want more sooner, spread the word!

Title card for Your Prince Has Drowned

Secondly! I, uh, released a short interactive fiction Twine… thing. I wrote this story called Your Prince Has Drowned, except it works better if you can actually code a text parser than it works as a short static story, so inspired by RoAnna Sylver’s experiences with writing actual games, I decided to revisit it in the shape of a Twine game. It’s still not entirely how I envision it because see no text parser, but hey for someone who hasn’t coded a thing since they were nine and something that’s intended to be a story with interactive elements rather than a gamegame, I think it’s not too shabby.

Anyway, you can check out Your Prince Has Drowned on, if you’re so inclined! It’s free-to-play in your browser! But if you want to support me and/or have access to a very basic hint book, that’s also an option!

And that is all my news this month! I RELEASED A GAME THING! I DID IT!


Week 21 Update

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! Before we get to anything else, I have an announcement to make. We’ve reached one of the Patreon milestones and goals! Thank you all so much for your support. It means the world.

The goal we’ve reached is the one that makes the sporadic(ish) longer essay drafts about asexual and aromantic representation available to *all* patrons! That means that, if we’ve still reached this goal the next time Patreon collects (that is, like, 2 weeks from now eep), I’ll start unlocking the older essays one a month and the finished draft of Sing to Me will be posted for all patrons to enjoy! WHOOHOO!

Thank you all so much! I’m just floored and flabbergasted and humbled. You are fantastic people. <3

Completed Projects

  • 21,627/15,000 words of fiction written
  • 1/1 proper essay outline
  • 1/1 completed draft of the essay on Sing to Me
  • 12/12 books read

Goal Updates

  • 4/5 discussions of papers in Asexualities

Look at me go! The writing numbers are a bit of a mess this month because it’s a combination of not recalling when I edited what and rewriting – which yes means I rewrote every word and every sentence even if I didn’t change a thing – but that’s… honestly why I upped the word count this month to begin with. I edit much, much faster than my rough first drafts, so I can up the word count.

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 7,015

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 5,919

DemiPrincess2: Progress is go! I think I mentioned that I hit a point where I knew I needed to go back to revise? If not, I did! And… I finally got that revision sorted out, so I’m making headway getting back to where I left off. So far it’s already resulted in a vastly different opening scene. It took a lot of anxiety and a lot longer than I thought, but I think it’s much stronger now.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

You know when an opportunity arrives that is basically everything you wanted and it seems too good to be true and you’re praying will all your heart and soul that a) it is as good as it sounds, b) the opportunity won’t pass you by? That is my life right now and I’m not saying anything else in case I jinx it.

Also a bunch of geese have decided to live in the vicinity and they alternate between giving me joy and filling with an intense hatred of all things goose-related because when they make noise, they make a lot of noise. Like a lot.

Stand-out Positive Moment

[points up to the top] You all are AMAZING! Thank you so much!

This Week on Patreon

All the Patreon posts from the past week, collected in neat and tidy lists, divided by tier.




How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?


Week 20 Update

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got a new story coming out on June 1st. You can read all about that here, but I wanted to let everyone know that the preorder links for it are live. If you missed the announcement, you can read all about it here, but I wanted to add an advance note that I’ll be having a sale of all my queer books – including this one – on during Pride Month, so if you want it at the best deal for you that’s where to go. I’ll have a proper announcement on that nearer to June, but it’s all set up, so I’m giving advance heads-up.

Completed Projects

  • The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq is up for preorder!

Goal Updates

  • 14,612/15,000 words of fiction written
  • 0/1 proper essay outline
  • 0/1 completed draft of the essay on Sing to Me
  • 3/12 books read
  • 3/5 discussions of papers in Asexualities

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 11,252 (ish)

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 4,917

Your Prince Has Drowned (Twine Edition): I, er, forgot to record these words in the past month or so entirely, so I’ve lumped them all into this month. TO BE FAIR, I did a very big chunk of it this week, so it’s not unwarranted to count them this week.

DemiPrincess2: Got momentarily superceded by YPHD and prepping Shimmering for publication. We’re still in Oh God I Need To Revise From The Start Again territory.

Shimmering: Got the final round of edits for it done and set about getting it ready for publication.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Well, this past week has been nothing but busy. I bit the bullet and pulled a story I’d had on sub for a variety of reasons, I ran around doing all the things, I edited and prepped a novella for release, we did a chunk of gardening. In my case that involved a lot of precariously perching on things to cut and pull down ivy before it strangled a whole tree. New Dog spent the afternoon chasing rabbits. In a hole. Under a shed. Giving us heart palpitations because what if he got himself stuck. (He did not get stuck. Sadly the rabbit he was after was not so lucky.)

And, um, that’s it, I think? Life goes on and we muddle on through. I generally flail around thinking of all the things I could/should/would/ought to/want to/wish I could/etc do and then sit back and look at things and go “Actually, that isn’t little” and the issue is just that I’m a depressed perfectionist and overachiever struggling to balance depression-view with perfectionist tendencies.

Soonish I will have some really lovely news for you from a new writer acquaintance that I’m very excited about sharing. 😀

Stand-out Positive Moment

I got some really lovely feedback on an editing project. I’m so happy they’re happy! 😀

This Week on Patreon

All the Patreon posts from the past week, collected in neat and tidy lists, divided by tier.




How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?


Upcoming Release: The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

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The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

Coming June 1st, 2019

Preorder the ebook

A deliciously queer magical person story in a secondary world with floating cities and airships, perfect for fans of She-Ra and Steven Universe.

All thaes life, Oibe Ekêmai has wanted to become a lêqnaemi, a travelling dancer skilled at nudging the world’s magic into making everyone’s lives a little easier. Thae has trained years for their chance at the Festival of Paths, where new apprentices will be chosen.

But the lêqnaemi have secrets they only reveal to those chosen to join their ranks and Oibe Ekêmai and thaes new friends soon find themselves thrust into an age-old conflict. With almost no preparation and certainly no training, their group will have to face the horrors all lêqnaemi have sworn to face and triumph, or the entire world may be lost to darkness forever.

CW: Major character death, body horror, citywide devastation, relatively graphic descriptions of gore, references to alcoholism, references to abuse, one moment of accidental misgendering (remarked on negatively)

Tags: aromantic bisexual lead, magical girl but with a nonbinary protagonist, because platonic relationships are just as powerful as romantic ones, friendship saves the day, creepy creatures made of darkness (I’d still totally take some home as pets), exes can be good friends too, questioning side character, assume everyone is queer, airship goodness, buckets are your best friend while travelling, dancing is magic, sometimes you don’t want dreams to come true, it has a happy ending (I promise), stubbornness can be a powerful thing, not on my watch, come for the cute stay for the world-saving shenanigans

SURPRISE! It’s an entirely new young adult novella coming this June! I’ve hinted at this one on Twitter a bit, and Patrons have had a chance to read through older drafts of this story. I’ve always loved magical girl stories – seriously, if you want to know how I tick, watch Sailor Moon season finales – but I’ve also always felt a little… outside of the ones I’ve experiences because bits of it never really felt for me. It’s the structuring and that’s probably an essay in and of itself.

And then I finally decided to write a story in this genre that did things my way. Which means it stars an aromantic lead, all the important characters are queer in some way and most of them are explicitly queer, someone has intrusive anxiety thoughts, language is A Thing, secondary worlds rock, dancing is important, and, oh yes, friendship saves the day. I’m incredibly proud of this little novella. It’s been great to dive into a genre that has meant so much to me and to put my own spin on it. I’ve already got a sequel idea squirrelled away in my head. To work on after I finish DemiPrincess, that is.

That said, as you can probably tell from the tags, this story is going to be a bit darker than most of my other work to date. It’s closer to the peeweww shorts than anything else. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any fluff to it or that it doesn’t have a happy ending, but the road leading there is a bit darker than you might be used to from my work. It also means I end up worrying about how to describe it a bit because did I made the notes and warnings strong enough? Did I overstate them? AGH!

And then I decided that this was the book I was going to use comp titles on and WHY ARE THE BEST COMP TITLES VERY POPULAR TV SHOWS. (Answer: because the magical girl genre is very much a visual genre and also the graphic novels I could compare it to kind of don’t work because they rely too much on being set in this world. Trust me, if you liked She-Ra or Steven Universe because they’re unapologetically queer AF stories, you’ll probably enjoy this one for the same reasons.)

Come meet my trio of doofuses as they hang out by moonlight and do their untrained utmost to fight evil by daylight! It’ll be available on June 1st, just in time to celebrate Pride Month and it’ll be on sale for $1.99 for the duration of the month. In July, it’s going up to it’s regular $3.99 price, so be sure to get it now. THAT SAID, if you’re looking for a bargain, hold off a little on preordering because I have more Pride Month related news coming up and you’ll be able to get it at an even better discount, albeit only slightly, and if you want to support me with just the one book purchase, preordering it is a very good way to go about it.


Lynn Elsewhere: 3 Tropes I Love In Fantasy Fiction at Dear Geek Place

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Surprise Sunday link post! Earlier this week I was over at Dear Geek Place to discuss 3 tropes that I love in fantasy fiction to celebrate Wyrd and Wonder.
The post itself is what it says on the tin: a discussion of 3 tropes I really enjoy in writing.
Wyrd and Wonder is a month-long celebration of all things fantasy. You can read more about it here. It’s an event run by Lisa (Dear Geek Place), Imyril (There’s Always Room for One More…) and Jorie ( Jorie Loves a Story).
There are photo challenges, read-alongs, giveaways… If you enjoy fantasy and talking about books, do check out Wyrd and Wonder and consider participating! 😀