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Week 3 Round-Up

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday!

Completed Projects

No new projects accomplished unless you count reworking DemiPrincess2 chapters. Now I’m back to working on shiny new material!

Goal Updates

  • 1/4 short February essays all wrapped up.
  • 1 essay draft on reading fantasy books with aphantasia

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 8,027

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 10,270 (wait, what?)

DemiPrincess2: I had to backtrack a bit to fix up a scene that’d been really bothering me, and I finally pulled the following chapters I had into line. WHOOT! Now it’s back to new stuff because we’re back on track!

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Life continues as it always does, boo. I wish recruitment agencies wouldn’t call you about a job application you sent that they know they won’t hire you for. That’s just rude. I’ve been fairly out of it, though, time-wise, resulting in updating Wednesday’s essay on Tuesday. :O

Stand-out Positive Moment

The stand-out positive moment is definitely the time I was struggling very hard with self-rejection issues and reached out to people on Twitter and everyone was so lovely and helpful. <3 Thank you! I’m still working on the don’t-self-reject part, but I have a draft of the essay that made me worry about them, so that’s progress! I know I’d have tossed the whole thing in the bin without everyone encouraging me to write it anyway, so thank you! 😀

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?


Week 1 Round-up

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! This is the first week of the new year, so everything is all messy as I start to notice all the things I wanted or needed to do before January began and… get to play catch-up. To give you an idea of how well my brain is functioning right now, I almost forgot to write this up at all. I have absolutely no goals set up for January. So, um, I guess I’d better get on that.

Completed Projects

  • 9/9 episodes of The Dragon Prince watched

Goal Updates

  • 1/4 discussions of papers in Asexuality and Sexual Normativity
  • 5,036/10,000 words
  • 1/13 books read

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 106 words

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 4,930 words

DemiPrincess2: Noooope. I have hit the stumbling block of “Must revise these last chapters” and they require Research. (Look, I could keep writing, but chances are I’ll have to toss 90% of what I’ve written if I do.)

Cursed: Hello, incredibly angry protagonist. I have a prologue-y thing now. WHOOHOO! And then my days got eaten by nonfiction.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Nope. I’ve got no updates. Nothing. Sorry! Life continues as it has. We’re not big on holidays as a family. I‘m not big on holidays as a person. Believe it or not, but I’m actually really curmudgeony. Okay, maybe I’m not, but the vast majority of my family consists of extraverts who just expect introverts to Suck It Up because who on Earth needs to recharge in the middle of a ParTAY?

They’re nicer people than that makes it sound, I promise. They just aren’t very good at accommodating introverts and I’m terrible at being the only person in the group who needs such.

Stand-out Positive Moment

Hello, verse novel! I was worried about this one because I had only the vaguest of ideas and then I woke up, January 2nd, because angry ranty protagonist narrator. I’ve no idea where exactly this is going other than “Fairytale mash-up? Fairytale mash-up!” The way this will mess up the Fairytale Verses logo is a problem for future!me.

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?

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Let’s Read Academic Asexual Literature

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After some deliberation, I opted to write and post this today as to give people a decent length of advance notice in case anyone wanted to join in.

As many of you know, I have a strong and vested interest in asexual and aromantic literature, whether that’s fiction with ace and/or aro characters or literature about asexuality and aromanticism.

One of the main aspects of my studies is, currently, simply looking at what individual authors have done with asexual representation and what, if any, patterns in representation that we can find in them. (The latter resulted in an 8,500 word essay examining tropes.) Asexual and aromantic studies are, to my knowledge, incredibly new, so I’m going slowly, making sure that I, well, study the trees before I really start looking at the forest. (It’d be remiss of me not to point out that asexual and aromantic studies are a subset of queer studies as a whole. They are.)

Anyway, one thing that I really want to do – partially inspired by the reception tweeting my initial reactions to Asexualities and partially by fellow Patron creator Sandstone‘s literary work – is share more of that reading with you all.

Which means that I’ve found something to fill up my Wednesday posting slot! At least for a good chunk of the year: I’ll be reading and discussing or commenting on nonfiction relating to asexuality and/or aromanticism. Mostly the former, admittedly. This means I’ll be rereading or revisiting nonfiction I’ve read too.

As with the livereacts I’ve been doing last year, the first post for each book will be publicly available to everyone and the later chapter will be available to Patrons only. I’ll also be commenting on the articles and books as I go on Discord, so Patrons of $5+ can join in with the discussion of specific points or not as they please. That said, due to my erratic scheduling in offline life, they will not be regular or announced with much warning. I’d like to think the fact that they’re books and cover nonfiction topics makes them more accessible than the livereacts were.

What does that mean in concrete terms? Well, the very first book I want to read for this is Asexuality and Sexual Normativity: An Anthology edited by Mark Carrigan, Kristina Gupta and Todd G. Morrison. This anthology was originally published as a special edition of Psychology and Sexuality. The book was published by Routledge in 2013. The special edition comes from 2011.

That means the articles in this anthology are already somewhat older compared to our understanding of asexuality and aromanticism today. Which I’ll cover in more detail in the discussion of the introduction because I have things to say. Unless I forgot them in which case I had things to say. I’ll be reading through and commenting on one article per week on, as mentioned, Wednesdays.

If you’re wondering why I’m not starting with Anthony Bogaert’s Understanding Asexuality, that’s partially because I don’t have a copy and largely because I’m honestly more interested in what people did after that book was published, but I do want to read and discuss it at some point.

I mean, at present it’s one of three academically published books about asexuality. Oh, don’t get me wrong! There are more nonfiction books about asexuality – The Invisible Orientation by Julie Sondra Decker springs to mind as an excellent introductory resource – but they’re more popscience than academic.

After reading Asexuality and Sexual Normativity, I’m not sure. I just know I want to start with that one because it’ll allow me to build a stronger nonfiction list of works cited when working on my own essays.

To that effect, I’d like to share some papers and titles I’ve got access to that may be of interest. If it’s marked with an asterisk I’ve read it before. (Note: This is not all that’s out there. This is what I have access to right now.)


  • Asexuality and Sexual Normativity
  • Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives
  • The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality *
  • All About Demisexuality *
  • Demisexuality and the Asexuality Spectrum *


Aaaand that’s it so far, but that should easily keep my occupied for… at least half a year? I mean the first book I’m reading is going to take me three months to get through at this pace. That said, please please if you have suggestions for things I could read, throw them at me because I keep getting lost in rather a lot of articles about asexual reproduction in biology which is, um, not what I’m looking for. (Yes, even when I narrow it down to literary articles.) And I’d rather know an article exists (and can’t afford it) than not know it exists at all.

Anyway, that’s the current plan! Starting next week, January 9th 2019, Wednesdays are Talk About Asexuality And Aromanticism In Nonfiction Days until I run out of material to talk about.

Come join me. It’ll be fun. 😀


Winter Sale!

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Winter Sale! Get "Among the Glimmering Flowers", "Feather by Feather and Other Stories", "A Promise Broken" and "Rapunzel, Rapunzel" for $0.99 each from December 15 to January 10! Happy holidays!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Because it’s cold and grey where I live and it’s time for the holiday season, I figured it was the perfect time to have a small(ish) sale! From December 15 to January 10, I’ve put four of my books up for sale at $0.99 each (or the equivalent in your local currency insofar as I can control it).

That means discounts ranging between 66% and a whopping 86%! WOW! If you’ve been looking to snap up some of my ebooks for cheap, for yourself or as a gift, this is the perfect time to dive in as these offer up a great selection of my work! Let’s take a look at the ones on sale with buy links and everything for the easiest shopping experience!

Among the Glimmering Flowers – From $5.99 now $0.99! Get it here!

Among the Glimmering Flowers by Lynn E. O'Connacht

Felicity feels stifled by her parents’ protective nature. She’s the crown princess, yet she’s not even allowed to care for her own pony. Her life consists of nothing but rules and permissions. All she wants is a little more freedom.

Horse-friend is happy to have a roof over his head, a job that he likes and food in his stomach every day. He never expected to run into the crown princess as she tries to sneak out of the castle. Or to get caught up in her clumsy attempts at having an adventure.

It isn’t long before trouble, rather than adventure, finds both of them, setting them on a course that will change their lives — and the fate of the kingdom — forever.

Among the Glimmering Flowers is the story of how two lovers first became friends and the first book in a series exploring a demisexual/allosexual romantic relationship. Readers looking for a low-conflict, cosy story should enjoy this novel.

Feather by Feather and Other Stories – From $5.99 now $0.99! Get it here!

Two stylised wings folded into a heart-shaped hug above a pile of feathers.Feather by Feather and Other Stories is a varied collection of over 40 stories and poems. In these stories, demons struggle with their nature (and bake biscuits); a young girl faces a witch in search of the bobble hat that will save her Great-Aunt; a steam engine attempts the impossible; a student finds a book that may spell the death of her; catastrophe strikes Nightshadow and his people, testing their faith in the Stars; a mermaid learns that life above the sea offers far more than princes; ghosts howl their stories at passersby; an asexual teenager struggles with relationships and trust; and Phee… Well. Phee is Phee.

Lynn E. O’Connacht’s first collection is a kaleidoscope of tales, featuring folktale and fairytale retellings, superhero fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction and more. Sensitive, imaginative, heart-wrenching, gentle, witty, candid, and engrossing Feather by Feather and Other Stories is a powerful and enchanting selection. It also includes an explanation on how to write your own triple sestina, a self-interview and brief commentary on every piece published in the collection.

A Promise Broken – From $4.99 now $0.99! Get it here!

A Promise Broken by Lynn E. O'ConnachtIt’s a rainy day when four-year-old Eiryn has to say goodbye to her mother. Scared, confused and unwilling to do so, Eiryn tries to summon water to stop the funeral from happening and her life falls apart. Her uncle is always sad and busy; she keeps hearing her mother’s voice asking her to follow; her best friend keeps getting into fights; and some of her classmates hate her for existing.

Arèn never wanted children, but he’s desperate to protect his niece from his people’s extreme caution regarding magic and other races. Kerisaoina children aren’t capable of using it and his niece is no exception. Despite being only half-kerisaoina, Eiryn is already starting to show that she’ll be one of her generation’s most talented magic-singers and those who don’t approve of her existence are trying to take advantage of a young girl’s grief.

Eiryn is determined to make her uncle happy, but it’s hard to make other people happy when you have to struggle through the day yourself. She’ll find a way, though. She’s promised. And even if her mother won’t keep her word Eiryn will keep hers.

She’ll make everything right again.

You’ll see.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel – From $2.99 now $0.99! Get it here!

Cover for Rapunzel, Rapunzel. A young woman with very long hair and a tower-shaped hat, reaching out to blossoms on a tree branch.You can’t be Rapuzel forever.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel is a collection of poems, a fairy tale of modern life, growing up and falling in love. Or not.

Divided into five different parts, Rapunzel, Rapunzel explores the impact of anxiety and bullying, and the strength of love, for others and for ourselves. It muses on the difficulty of discovering who we are and how the masks we wear affect our lives and relationships.

Most of all, Rapunzel, Rapunzel is about embracing all aspects of yourself, even the ones you’re scared to show, and finding strength in who you are as a person.

And that’s it! That’s the books on sale this winter from December 15 to January 10! Get them while they’re cheap! I, of course, think they make wonderful holiday reading, but I’m totally biased.

That said, if you’re not sure what to pick… I can try to help out! Let me give you my totally not biased (disclaimer: they may be totally biased) recommendations on what to get if you’re not sure which book is right for you. (Or get multiple ones! Together they’re $3.96, so that’s four whole books – cumulatively over 225K – for less than the price of one!)

I’d recommend Feather by Feather and Other Stories if you’re looking to get a good sense of my range. That’s got a little bit of everything, so there’s bound to be something you enjoy in there. It’s got short stories, novelettes, poetry, fantasy, contemporary, dark fantasy, science fiction…

If you’re more of a novel reader than a short story reader (hi! I know that feeling!), I’d go for Among the Glimmering Flowers or A Promise Broken. Both stand on their own perfectly fine.

If you like your fantasy with fae and a ton of social commentary and just a touch of snark, I’d recommend Among the Glimmering Flowers the strangers-to-friends beginnings of a friends-to-lovers tale that I’m aiming to release in 2019 or 2020.

If you like your fantasy deliciously subtle and immersive as well as very very queer, I’d recommend A Promise Broken. Featuring my tiny child protagonist and her trans aroace uncle deuteragonist. With political machinations and child shenanigans, it focuses on family and community. Be warned of a potential cute overload!

If you like verse novels and poetry instead, Rapunzel, Rapunzel is a delightful short introduction to my verse novels. It is, technically, not part of the Fairytale Verses series, but it does retell a fairytale. As you probably gathered from the title already.

Again, happy holidays! May you find something wonderful and delightful to read!


Book Release: The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

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The Ice Princess's Fair Illusion (Fairytale Verses #2) by Lynn E. O'Connacht

The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

(Fairytale Verses #2)

Get the ebook now

(Friendly reminder that the price goes up to its regular $4.99 sometime around Sunday 11 November. You can still get it supercheap if you’re quick! And, if you like it and want more verse novel fairy tales, the first book, Sea Foam and Silence, and its companion are also on sale right now!)

All Marian wants is for society to accept that she’s just not interested in… whatever society thinks she ought to be interested in. A princess with a reputation for insults and snide remarks, she’s afraid to show anyone who she would be if people would let her. In a fit of temper at her refusal to marry, her father creates her worst nightmare: she is to be wed to the first beggar who arrives at the gates.

Edel was visiting purely for diplomatic reasons, aiming to ensure her daughter inherits a strong and peaceful kingdom. She sees something in Marian that is achingly familiar and when Edel hears the king’s proclamation, only one thing is on her mind: to protect Marian from the fate that had befallen Edel herself.

Their lives threaded together by magic, Edel and Marian will have to find their way in the world in this queerplatonic, sapphic verse novel retelling of King Thrushbeard.

It’s here! It’s here! The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion is finally available! YAY! I’m so happy and so excited to be releasing this superqueer and massively ace and aro narrative into the world. I have… attempted to say a lot about it in the past few weeks, with varying levels of success, and with most things focusing on the queerness of this verse novel.

So here are some fun things about it!

  • Not only are there lots of queer labels used in the text, there are discussions about how we use labels and who/why we benefit from using them
  • Basically everyone not Marian’s father and duke Whatsit is queer even if it’s not obvious
  • But if they’re major secondary characters (like Snow) it’s obvious
  • Edel and Snow’s relationship, though one of stepparent/stepchild technically, is 100% not about blood relationships (and yes Edel is a stepmother, not Snow’s biological mother)
  • There is no reasoning with anti-ace and anti-aro bigotry, but there IS writing stories fuelled by anger at the exclusionism and the goalpost moving and still ending up with a HEA
  • It’s a novella! And a verse novel in dialogue. (If that puts you off, most reviews of my verse novels by people who were hesitant find it enjoyable when they sink into it. Verse novels are actually, in my experience, pretty good for reluctant readers too and I expect the reasons are related.)
  • It has some darker core points and deals with anti-ace rhetoric (called out), sexual assault (strongly condemned), and generally living in a society that accepts most queer people to varying extents but erases aces
  • About the only anti-ace rhetoric you won’t see tackled explicitly is that nonsense attempt to redefine the split attraction model into something ace and aro exclusionary. (And mostly because I can’t even with the nonsense of it.)
  • HEA! (Obviously.)
  • Two fairy tales for the price of one as Snow White gets partially retold in the B-plot!
  • Edel is love
  • Passionate, impulsive ace vs no less passionate, more level-headed ace
  • who cuddle
  • and weird fairy godmothers who are surprisingly useless at their vocation
  • I talked about the reasoning behind the title at Huntress of Diverse Books (Thank you again for having me, Sinead!)
  • I wrote a brief (un)FAQ answering questions about the book!
  • I talked about whose labels matter in relation to the ones I’ve mentioned explicitly here
  • I talked about the influences on The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion
  • I also talked about the challenge of retelling a fairy tale that pivots around misogyny without, well, the misogyny

I think that about covers it! So grab your copy for cheap today! And to everyone who preorders, thank you all so much. You are amazing and I hope this story will be everything that you hoped and dreamed it would be!


Release and Releases: Fairytale Verses #1

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Sea Foam and Silence: The Complete Collection Out Now: She warned of the pain. She did. But no warning can prepare you. Nothing can. One little mermaid sets out to learn about humans and discover what love is, but life is never easy and love rarely looks like you'd expect. Get it now:

Sea Foam and Silence: The Complete Collection

Sea Foam and Silence: The Complete Collection

Available now

Order the ebook

Eagle-eyed readers have undoubtedly already spotted this, but Sea Foam and Silence and A Harmony of Water and Weald have been republished and are now available in a handydandy two-for-one collection in case you want both and save yourself a bit of money at the same time.

You can still get the books separately if you’re prefer that, though! You can get Sea Foam and Silence here and A Harmony of Water and Weald here.

Complete with the rerelease, they’ve also got cover changes! Mostly notably A Harmony of Water and Weald got an entirely new cover to match Sea Foam and Silence‘s cover. WHOOHOO!

So why do this republication days before/after announcing that you can preorder The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion? The short and frankly very useless answer is this “Because I had to”. The longer answer… Well, that’s why I’m here writing this now! Oooooh. So settle back and I shall explain.

Once upon a time, I wrote a verse novel, Sea Foam and Silence. It was a fairytale retelling and I’d always had a vague idea to turn it into a series. Sea Foam and Silence has a good lead-in to two other queer verse novel retellings in its pages. There’s the story of Asta’s mother (The Six Swans) and the story Asta tells Maris (Beowulf but queerer and with 100% more lesbians – which, btw, if that sounds like your jam, check out Rachel Tonks Hill’s Novis; that’s Beowulf in space with lesbians). But instead of writing those I wound up writing Rapunzel, Rapunzel and, after that, A Harmony of Water and Weald and then The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel has always been a slightly odd duck in my queer verse novel retellings, so that one remains as-is until I sort it out. But The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion is a verse novel that is incredibly and unapologetically queer and I desperately wanted to publish it with The Kraken Collective because I really really wanted to publish something 100% original with them.

But as I was working on The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion I realised more and more than what I had on my hands was a series of standalones, tied together by… Well, I won’t spoil the surprise of future stories when they happen. But it’s very magical and Sea Foam and Silence had already laid the seeds for that narrative quietly threading to the rest of it. (Well, some of the rest of it, no doubt.)

And so, The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion and the Sea Foam and Silence books being not just linked by being queer verse novel retellings or by being set in the same universe, they’re actually linked more closely! Which means that the series as a whole needs to be consistent and in one place.

It needed a new look. It needed to have a unified look that said “This is a series” to anyone who looks at the covers. And it needed to happen at least before the actual release of The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion. I would 100% have waited on setting the preorder if I’d had more time, but alas. Things worked out the way that they did. My brain has been a mess this past September, so announcing this before announcing the preorders or trying to juggle both on the same day? Yeah, that wasn’t happening.

But here we are now! Now you know what’s up with the redesigned covers and the series as a whole. WHOOT! So what’s that series?

That series is… The Fairytale Verses series. The Fairytale Verses all retell a different fairytale in verse and with queer protagonists! You can read them as stand-alone pieces, but there’ll be a meta-narrative running throughout at least some of them.

Currently two (or three) verse novels have been published in the Fairytale Verses:

  • Sea Foam and Silence
  • (A Harmony of Water and Weald)
  • The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

I have (tentative) plans for a fourth verse novel, which will likely be either Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, and after that… who knows. I have very tentative plans to add a retelling of The Frog Prince as well. But that one doesn’t have a cover ready to go for it yet. So… There we go. Depending on how popular the series gets as a whole there are at least six more stories that I definitely want to retell.


Upcoming Release: The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

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The Ice Princess's Fair Illusion (Fairytale Verses #2) by Lynn E. O'Connacht

The Ice Princess's Fair Illusion (Fairytale Verses #2) by Lynn E. O'Connacht

The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

Coming November 6th, 2018

Preorder the ebook

All Marian wants is for society to accept that she’s just not interested in… whatever society thinks she ought to be interested in. A princess with a reputation for insults and snide remarks, she’s afraid to show anyone who she would be if people would let her. In a fit of temper at her refusal to marry, her father creates her worst nightmare: she is to be wed to the first beggar who arrives at the gates.

Edel was visiting purely for diplomatic reasons, to see if Marian or her sisters might be a suitable companion for her daughter. She sees something in Marian that is achingly familiar and when Edel hears the king’s proclamation, only one thing is on her mind: to protect Marian from the fate that had befallen Edel herself.

Their lives threaded together by magic, Edel and Marian will have to find their way in the world in this  queerplatonic, sapphic verse novel retelling of King Thrushbeard.

CW: acephobia/acemisia, arophobia/aromisia, sexual assault, brief allusion to self-harm, PTSD, spousal death, parental death, unsupportive parents

Tags: queerplatonic sapphic fairytale retelling, story in free verse, sex-repulsed MC, asexual MC, aromantic MC, young widow remarries, strained mother/daughter relationships, Marian’s father is a jerk, Duke Whatsit is also a jerk and deserves his stint in prison, f/f aromance, banter so much banter all the banter forever, the banter book, seriously this story is All About Cute Post-HEA Banter, cute girls being very cute, marian wants a little lamb, disaster ace, distinguished aro, labelstravaganza, gleefully and unapologetically ace and aro, sapphic AF, queer AF, basically everyone is queer, not recommended if you think ace/aro is not queer, kissing someone against their explicit wishes is assault, King Thrushbeard but sapphic and better, how did Snow White get into this story?, fridged dad, Part 2 is Not Fluffy, Marian gets teased about being sex-repulsed but in a friendly way which she is okay with, also Edel backs off and apologises when she does accidentally go too far, banterbanterbanter, keeping these two on plot is like trying to herd cats, experimental narrative structure, I will take this harmful insult for myself and HIT people with it, (Marian honey that does not mean it didn’t hurt you), if it’s aphobic it gets called out, I was very angry when I wrote most of this, fairy godmother fail, Edel is definitely the sensible one of the two (most of the time)

Oh, yes. It is time, everyone. The Thrushbeard retelling I’ve been sporadically talking about is finally ready to be released and revealed. WHOOT! I’m both super-excited and utterly terrified of publishing this story. It is gleefully and unapologetically ace and aro in a way that none of my books has been to date. And, well, basically, if it’s a negative stereotype you can take a sledgehammer to, I aimed to take a sledgehammer to it.

As I think most people who know me know by now, I’ve read a fair bit of ace fiction and… Well, I won’t beat around the bush. In my experience, those books tend to fail to tackle stereotypes in a way that I’m comfortable with. From dehumanising aroace people in the title to brushing off the trauma of sexual assault to simply… ignoring that certain stereotypes even exist. (Even though they were googleable in 2012 and 2016+ releases certainly have no excuse not to at least be aware of them, but that is a rant for another time.)

When I set out to write this retelling, I knew that I wanted it to be sapphic and I knew that I wanted Marian to be a homoromantic sex-repulsed asexual. So that’s what I did and once I started tackling ace concepts and ideas head-on I found I couldn’t stop. In part this is due to spending large chunks of Pride Month blocking and reporting vocal anti-ace people again.

The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion is one of the angriest books I’ve ever written. Its use of an ace stereotype in the title is 100% intentional and gets explored in the text explicitly. It’s a raw book in places, aimed at capturing and sharing some of the ways in which aces and aros are hurt by a society that won’t make any room for them, even when it claims it’s doing exactly that.

But it’s also a book that is about love and hope and happily ever afters. Because of course I would give Marian and Edel a HEA ending. It just… deals with some bad stuff along the way. It’s a deeply personal book in a lot of ways and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

As mentioned, it’ll be available on November 6th, 2018, but if you’d like to sign up for eARCs before that time, you can do so here.


News: Paperback Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

The worst news first: Sometime in the near future, the paperbacks of my books that are currently available will be gone indefinitely. So if you wanted your own paperback copy of anything I have in print, get it soon. I’m sorry I can’t give you precise dates of when what is happening. I can say that, whatever happens, I’m pulling the paperbacks on October 1st, 2018.

Okay, so now that the band-aid rip of scaremongering is done, let me explain why. If you follow indie authors or keep up with what’s happening in self-publishing, you have have seen the writing on the wall sometime last year when Amazon decided to beta adding the option to create paperbacks of your works to KDP (Print). Late last month, Amazon finally started to take the steps it needs to fold CreateSpace into KDP Print within a few weeks. (This is the only time frame we have “a few weeks”.)

Amazon/CreateSpace has already been selectively sending authors emails about this (you can read a transcript of it here). From what I can tell, they’re staggering the process of shifting CS titles to KDP and… in doing so decided to inform authors in the same staggered way. (As opposed to mass-informing authors by explaining what they’re doing and they’ll receive a new email when they’re up in this process because what even is effective communication.)

Anyway! When I decided to publish print books, I very strongly favoured IngramSpark, but went with CreateSpace because they took care of getting the ISBNs for me and that was the deciding factor for me (because Reasons; mostly my brain is a jerk and “it was more affordable”). While Amazon KDP will still offer that, there are… some things about the new deal that are just a hard no from me. David Gaughran highlights some of the key things authors need to know regarding CreateSpace.

You’ll notice that some of it is or sounds pretty good. Being able to price things in individual territories for one. The fact that, if you make changes, your old print book will stay live until you finalise the new manuscript for another. If I understood correctly, this also allows Amazon to let you offer print books for preorder, but don’t hold me to that.

Some of it isn’t, though, such as the shift in payment cycle and the increase in printing costs in certain regions for certain books. Other differences include the fact that if you order a proof on CreateSpace, you get a copy that has a note saying so added on the final page. KDP Print puts a large “not for resale” banner right across your cover. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the placement was standardised and didn’t care whether it’s covering up text. Amazon hasn’t really offered a lot allowing some authors (like me) to believe that its expanded distribution is actually as good as CreateSpace’s was. Despite its promises that non-US residents can now order books more cheaply, it appears that prices for proofs and author copies have actually gone up because you now have to pay full-price for them (plus shipping).

And… Just… *sigh* Okay, so remember when I said above that one of the main reasons I opted for CS over IngramSpark was that it was affordable? Did you notice that Among the Glimmering Flowers doesn’t have a print edition yet? That’s because I can’t afford the costs to check it for proofing at the moment. And as much as I love having print copies of my work available, they don’t actually sell well. The vast majority of my sales numbers are ebooks, and if the print books don’t earn out at least what I need to pour into them to break even I can’t afford to switch to a new publisher until the numbers balance out in a way to suggest that it’s a viable option.

It sucks and I hate it, but at this moment in time I cannot afford to switch. Not to IngramSpark (which is what I’m likely to do when it’s a viable option again in future) and not to KDP Print (where I’d still need to order new proofs to check that they print things fine and deal with several issues I’m not willing to accept as part of the new deal).

So. I don’t know when my place in the CS-to-KDP queue is and I don’t know when or whether we’ll have a better idea of what timeframe we’re working with here. Maybe they’ll all be on KDP by then. Maybe I’ll still be in the CS queue waiting for my chance to move them. I don’t know. These few weeks we can expect more details to emerge and more discussions about what this change means for authors.

That all said, I will note this:

do want to bring the print editions back. I like them. I’ll continue looking at options to make them available again in future (but bigger and better). There are tentative plans that may see some return sooner than I’m fearing. But I cannot predict when that will be and I don’t want to promise anyone anything. I’m really, really sorry to everyone who loves paperbacks. I love them too and I’m not happy. But, right now, I don’t know what else to do. If I trusted Amazon enough not to mess this process and what it means for authors up in any way, I could just leave them on KDP Print for now and see what happens with them. I feel very strongly that I can’t.

And… I don’t know. Maybe that’s just my brain being its usual jerk self and this may look and sound like a snap decision I’ll regret to everyone else. (Who knows, maybe it is. I’m a mess and have been the past few days.) But it isn’t. This merger has been looming since 2016 and these details about the differences between KDP Print and CreateSpace have been around since at least the end of 2017. I’ve had months to mull this over and look at my options. And right now with the knowledge I have this is the only one that I think in any way works for me, and I hope what I’ve said so far will help people understand that.

I am devastated by this decision. This isn’t how I wanted September to start. This isn’t, ever, the kind of decision that I’d want to take. I mean, move to a distributor with better options, sure. That part’s fine and I still want to do that in future when I can. But not taking the books down indefinitely until that time arrives. That’s not a choice I ever wanted to make. T_T

I should also note: ebooks will be unaffected by this and I actually have some really exciting news to share with you regarding these either this month or next month! There is some good news that I want to share this month too! Just… Not in this post. Right now, to be honest, I just want to curl up and cry (or at least sleep until the day is over) and soon I’ll be putting on a bright face for Saturday’s reaction read, but. Yeah. We go on as best we can. I can beat this. I will beat this. Eventually.

But, yeah. That’s my September news for now. Circumstances mean the paperbacks will disappear for an indefinite period of time after September and I’m really, really, really sorry to fellow print book lovers who wanted copies after that date. I promise they’ll be back eventually, but that’s currently all I can promise.


Book Release: Among the Glimmering Flowers

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Among the Glimmering Flowers by Lynn E. O'Connacht

Among the Glimmering Flowers by Lynn E. O'Connacht

Among the Glimmering Flowers

Get the ebook now

(Friendly reminder that the price goes up to its regular $4.99 sometime tomorrow. You can still get it supercheap if you’re quick!)

Felicity feels stifled by her parents’ protective nature. She’s the crown princess, yet she’s not even allowed to care for her own pony. Her life consists of nothing but rules and permissions. All she wants is a little more freedom.

Horse-friend is happy to have a roof over his head, a job that he likes and food in his stomach every day. He never expected to run into the crown princess as she tries to sneak out of the castle. Or to get caught up in her clumsy attempts at having an adventure.

It isn’t long before trouble, rather than adventure, finds both of them, setting them on a course that will change their lives — and the fate of the kingdom — forever.

Among the Glimmering Flowers is the story of how two lovers first became friends and the first book in a series exploring a demisexual/allosexual romantic relationship. Readers looking for a low-conflict, cosy story should enjoy this novel.

Iiiiiiiit’s summer solstice time where I am and we all know what that means, right? That means it’s Among the Glimmering Flowers‘ book-birthday today! WHOOHOO!

To celebrate, here is a guest post I’ve written for Nicole Field’s blog about demisexuality in fantasy worlds. With bonus recs of other people’s books! (Nicole is a fellow demisexual author and, if I recall, her Changing Loyalties also features a demisexual character! So if you’re looking for more demisexual rep, go check her books out too!)

I know, I know. This post should be all me-me-me, but look. You all know me. If I see an opening to rec people good acespec and arospec books they might want, I will take it. Which reminds me that Claudie Arseneault’s Baker Thief is coming out in five days on Claudie’s birthday and you still have time to preorder and make her birthday superspecial! And I think it’s also when New World by Lyssa Chiavari comes out (but read Fourth World and Different Worlds first because, you know, series).

*deep breath* Okay, but you’re all here to hear about Among the Glimmering Flowers. Well, I hope you are anyway because this is a post to announce and celebrate its release into the wider world.

And… I won’t lie. Publishing books doesn’t get any less scary the more you do it. This month especially because in my infinite wisdom I decided to publish it during Ace Exclusionists Will Not Shut Up Or Stop Gatekeeping Month. This should be a happy month because, clearly, having your orientations and identity invalidated at least once every hour is a good and happy thing. (In case no one can detect the sarcasm there, I assure you it is not a good and happy thing and instead of promoing my book, I’ve been mostly hiding away. And then I do come back to promo and the world is on fire and, oh, we had a family loss this month too and my point is it is actually pretty hard for me to focus on good and happy things right now.)

But I will tell you this: I think, and note that I am biased, that Among the Glimmering Flowers makes a really good escape book if you’re looking for a few hours of kindness and comfort in your day. It is a book that is all about young children meeting and becoming friends (and waaaaaay later on lovers because childhood-friends-to-lovers in other books, but this is not a spoiler, I promise. It says so right on the first page of the first chapter. Anyway.) It’s all about family and struggling to deal with adult expectations of who you are and very, very slowly starting to realise that you’re on the asexual spectrum without really having words for that spectrum. Which is some of the most ownvoices I’ve ever read and, to be honest, something I haven’t seen often in asexual representation to date. Mostly it’s all teens who already know they’re asexual or it’s adults getting told they’re asexual (and then don’t do any research). The one exception I can think of off the top of my head is We Awaken by Calista Lynne, which if you’re looking for an ace/ace f/f romance YA is worth checking out. Just be warned it has a sexual assault scene and deals with a bunch of microaggressions, so it’s not a wholly fluffy ace romance.

Wait. I was talking about Among the Glimmering Flowers. Um. Anyway, it is a soft and subtle book about childhood and friendship and that budding sense that you’re asexual rather than allosexual and what to do about that. It’s also about looking back on your life and musing about how to be a good person and how people can change in a way. And it’s rambly because Felicity, wow, she loves rambling. It’s about opposites attracting and that girls can like feminine-coded things and still be fun and kickass protagonists. Well, okay. Felicity doesn’t kick ass in this book because it’s not that kind of book, but she does do an awful lot of sneaking around and defies parental rules in traditionally book-teen ways that somehow do not end in disaster. (To be fair the most daring thing in this book is her quest for out-of-season blackberries. Yes, really. Trust me, it works because it’s that level of gentle soothingness and, anyway, it recaptures that magic of excitement that perfectly mundane adventures had as a child because GREATEST ADVENTURE EVER. I mean, look, I dreamed of magical portals and Chosen One fantasy novel plots narratives plenty as a child, but the greatest childhood adventure I’ve ever been on was probably “sneak into the botanical garden to play hide-and-seek while your parents are at the nearby pub not-noticing just exactly where you are”. Those days were thrilling and I would kind of like to see more of them in fiction. Maybe I just need to read more middlegrade fiction. Anyone have recs?)

This is probably a good time to point out that Among the Glimmering Flowers is, technically, an adult fantasy novel because of the way it’s structured even if my brain refuses to accept it’s anything other than somewhere in a younger YA or older MG bracket. (It totally would be except Felicity and Horse-friend are recounting this story as adults and commenting on it and thus it breaks the core frame of YA and MG in that the narration is too old to be either and why do I always write hard-to-classify books?)

Anyway! Among the Glimmering Flowers is a supercute friendship story with low stakes and a focus on kindness and good things happening and it is available now. Its protagonist Felicity is acespec and slowly discovering this. Well, mostly commenting on it in hindsight, to be honest, and it goes on to explore how asexuality (and demisexuality) are not the same as allosexuality in terms of experiences in a positive fashion. It is very much acespec rep for acespec readers, and I just hope that lots of people will enjoy it.

Happy birthday, little book! Fly wide and far!


Site changes, blog changes, and Patreon updates

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Firstly, you can read more details on the Patreon changes here, but they have some reprecussions for this site and blog as well and it’s high time I actually talked about them properly.

The very short version is: I’m burnt out on book talk posts, having to consider them reviews and just, generally speaking, feeling pressured (by myself) to provide a lot of posts in order to provide continuous content. So, effective immediately, I will cease writing reviews. You won’t notice this until several months from now when I run out of scheduled posts, but it is happening.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided that the ones I’d scheduled beforehand will go up as scheduled, but after that I’ll add “make significant changes to the blog structure” to the list of things on my To Do list. By then I’ll have a good idea of how the rest of the changes impact everything and what the most sensible way to restructure is.

In addition to being burnt out on reviews, I also find that I vastly prefer to analyse books and ace and aro representation in a more essay-style format and I’d like to shift from these reviews to something longer and more detailed. That said, due to the increase in time, effort and money these take me, I won’t be offering them for free until we reach a milestone threshold on Patreon. When we do, I’ll start reposting them publicly here. This is also part of why I want/need to restructure the website here because I want people to be able to find these easily.

Beyond that, though, I really want to try to be more diligent about cross-posting from Patreon to here and to promote the Patreon posts more than once a week or a few times per month. Yes, it’s nice that WordPress lets me post to Twitter automatically, but it’s annoying to readers if they have to click through another link to actually get at the content. That doesn’t mean the round-ups are going away! I find them useful. It just means I want to do more than the round-ups.

These changes mean that the blog is shifting over into more of a news and updates section than a blog as such. Not that I’m very good at general blogging anyway.

Basically, what I’m aiming for is to produce less but imo far higher-quality content and to have more time for writing fiction instead of having so much of my brain space dedicated to book discussions masquerading as reviews.

I will, undoubtedly, find some other way to keep chatting about narratives I consume because I like talking about stories and I’m not changing the goals posts. I don’t always tick off all the items on it, but I find them fun and helpful. I’m just changing up everything else. Hopefully for the better!

Thank you for reading all of this! You can read more details about my essay-writing plans on Patreon if you’re curious about the nitty-gritty of what I’m planning there.