Blog Policies

Disclosure Notices

All reviews are my honest opinion of a product. While I try to focus on the positives and what I enjoyed, this does not mean I will ignore what I perceive as flaws. (Generally I prefer to mention them briefly and move on.)

Where I know bias exists, I have done my best to note and address this so you can gauge how much credit you want to give my words.

Unless otherwise specified on the page of the review all my reviews are for items I purchased or received as gifts from friends.


I love comments! Comments bring me joy. Just, please treat each other with respect and be civil. If you’re a return commenter, your comments should go through just fine. If you’re a first-time commenter, your comment may get put in the moderation queue. I’ll get it approved ASAP!

My Fiction for Sale

If you really, really like the sound of a short story I’ve mentioned working on and want to read it now rather than wait for me to find a venue for it or to self-publish it, get in touch and we’ll discuss it. I charge $0.03 per word and will post the story publicly on my blog for everyone to read. The story remains copyrighted to me and I can do whatever I like with it, but I’ll do my utmost best to ensure there will always be a free-to-read online copy available.

Reviewing My Books

If you’d like to receive a review copy of my book, please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Please note that, at present, I only offer electronic review copies. Thank you so much for your interest! <3 I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Reviewing Your Books

!!!!! I am not currently accepting unsolicited books for review !!!!!

Below are the regular guidelines for someone wanting me to review their books, but as I said just now I am not currently accepting unsolicited books of any kind.

I generally do not accept unsolicited books for review. However, I am willing to consider indie-published books provided that they

  • are well-edited
  • fit within the genres I usually read (i.e. it’s fantasy, soft science fiction/space opera or historical fiction)
  • do not contain erotica
  • are DRM-free ebooks (I don’t accept physical books.)

and assuming that my immediate TBR pile isn’t entirely out of control. (i.e. “100 books or more”). If you think your book would be a good fit, drop me a note using this contact form. Authors who don’t use this form to contact me will be ignored and I will toss their email into the spam folder.

If I accept:

  • I guarantee a brief impression of the book in my monthly round-ups (example), whether I’ve finished the book or not.
  • I do not guarantee a single-post review. As a rule, I only dedicate a whole post to a book I enjoyed when I feel I have something relatively substantial to say about it.
  • I do not guarantee a speedy review. I’ll do my best to read and review your book at latest the month after receiving it, but this is not a guarantee.
  • I do not guarantee a positive review. I do my best to focus on what I liked, but sometimes that isn’t feasible.

Guest Posts/Author Interviews/Etc

I’d be happy to host guest posts! Author interviews I’d like to host on a limited basis due to my own time constraints. I have fun with these, so I’d be happy to post more of them! ^_^ If I’ve reviewed your work in the past, drop me an email! If you’d like to pair this up with a review, please note it on this form!

Non-Book Reviews

You’re more than welcome to offer me recommendations if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss, but please note that I do not accept review copies for anything other than books at this point. Not physical review copies, not digital ones. Thank you so much for understanding! <3