Disclosure Notices

All opinions are my own. Well, unless it’s a guest post or I’m clearly quoting someone, of course. I generally try to be upbeat and positive, but this isn’t always possible.

Most of the things I review are books I’ve bought or received as gifts, but where I’ve been gifted a review copy I’ll note it. Likewise, where I know bias exists, I’ve done my best to note and address this so you can gauge how much credit you want to give my words. I do my best to include accurate trigger warnings, but I’m undoubtedly going to miss some. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know! That way I can add it.


!!! Currently: Oh, wow, my headspace is so terrible right now, comments are more than I can handle. T_T Please do reach out to me on Patreon or Twitter if you’d like to discuss things, though! I 100% don’t mind, but depression and anxiety brains… Ugh. !!!

Usually, the below is true: I love comments! Comments bring me joy. Just, please treat each other with respect and be civil. If you’re a return commenter, your comments should go through just fine. If you’re a first-time commenter, your comment may get put in the moderation queue. I’ll get it approved ASAP!

My Fiction for Sale

If you really, really like the sound of a short story I’ve mentioned working on and want to read it now rather than wait for me to find a venue for it or to self-publish it, get in touch and we’ll discuss it. I charge $0.03 per word and will post the story publicly on patreon and my blog for everyone to read. I retain all copyrights and I can do whatever I like with it, but I’ll do my utmost best to ensure there will always be a free-to-read online copy available. That’s what you paid for, after all!

Reviewing My Books

If you’d like to receive a review copy of my book, please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Please note that, at present, I only offer electronic review copies. Thank you so much for your interest! <3 I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Online Appearances

Currently, I am available for guest posts or author interviews. I am more than happy to trade posts and interviews with other authors who write in the same genres as I do. Contact me and let’s talk!

Reviewing Your Books/Games/Shows/Etc

Regretfully, I do not accept review copies anymore. Unless I’ve specifically requested one myself, this is non-negotiable. Please do not contact me asking me to review your book. Thank you so much for understanding! <3