Demisexuality in Fiction

Demisexuality in Fiction

For a while now, I’ve been maintaining a list – an Excel sheet, really – of demisexual characters in fiction in general. In this time, several lovely and really nice other databases were also created, my favourite of which being Claudie Arseneault’s database of aromantic and asexual speculative fiction.

It’s a bit of a misnomer now, as I’ve been helping Claudie to integrate non-SFF into the database as well. As such, all records of the original demisexual database that I created have been integrated into that database. You’ll be able to find all the information I was tracking and more within this fantastic resource.

It comes with far, far better search options and is, in general, just miles better than what I could ever hope to accomplish on my own. For example: my own, old database was extremely erasive of aromantic characters in fiction. This is as much due to how I set it up as it is to the fact that these books, by and large, never mention romantic orientations as a thing of their own. It also allows better and easier filtering options and includes reviews by multiple acespec and arospec readers. (If you’re ace or aro spec and review books and want yours to be included, drop Claudie an email!)

Please go check it out. Claudie worked amazingly hard on creating a comprehensive, detailed database that’s easy to navigate and search. And, if you’re so inclined, join Claudie’s Patreon to help her maintain the database and keep up the amazing work. <3 It is a lot of hard work and Claudie more than deserves the support. <3 (Also, you get shiny extras about Claudie’s work, indie publishing and more! It’s win-win for you.)

To those of you who’ve submitted books and narratives featuring demisexual characters, thank you so, so much for bringing them to my attention and for your support. Your help and enthusiasm has meant the world to me!

This is not a goodbye! I’ll be pitching in with Claudie’s database to help maintain it as I can and I’ll continue to talk about asexual (and specifically demisexual) representation in books as well as writing my own. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, but I feel strongly that supporting Claudie with her massively comprehensive database and compiling all the representation we know of in a single starting point will ultimately lead to more visible and better asexual and aromantic representation across the board. <3