Demisexuality in Fiction

According to the Demisexuality Resource Center, demisexuality is “a sexual orientation in which one feels sexual attraction only after forming an emotional connection”. Demisexuality is… fairly unknown outside of discussions on the ace spectrum, as far as I’m aware. I could be wrong about that observation, but I don’t think so. Communities, in my experience, still only grudgingly accept asexuality as a separate sexual orientation, never mind welcome the nuances along the ace spectrum.

Anyway, that’s not what this page is about. This page is about books. Shiny, lovely wonderful books. That feature demisexual characters or presumed demisexual characters. (The notes’ll tell you whether the author’s confirmed it or not.

When I started this list, I’d read maybe two books that can be said to explicitly feature a demisexual character. Part of this is awareness, of course. People aren’t going to write demisexual characters if they don’t know it’s a thing. Well, not on purpose anyway. So it makes sense that there aren’t that many books available.

But representation still matters. Representation always matters. So here’s a list of books with demisexual characters for anyone who’s interested in having one. ^_^ Please don’t hesitate to share it! (And please credit me when you do.)

Below you’ll find an embedded GDocs Spreadsheet. You can also access the sheet on GDocs. Some additional notes on adult content are available in the GDocs file as well. These notes may contain SPOILERS for the plot.

See also: Asexuality in Fiction: Books with confirmed demisexual characters.

Last Updated: 4 June 2016



I have a story with a demisexual character that’s not listed here. What do I do?

Contact me and tell me about it! I’d love to add it. Please be sure to include all the information listed in the table, so I can add it accurately immediately. If you don’t, I’ll either delay adding the book until I have all the relevant data or add incomplete data. No one wants that!

In addition, if you’re contacting me about a book you’ve published, I’d be happy to review it. Please use this form to contact me about the possibilities. Most regular review policies apply, but for books with explicit and prominent demisexual main characters (protagonists, deuteragonists or important secondary characters) I will write a single-post review and bump it up on my TBR pile. (I.e. “I guarantee it’ll be the next book I pick up”.)

Do you accept fanfiction for this list?

Sorry, no. I’m looking to add original fiction only. Fanfiction is often inaccessible to people with no knowledge of or experience with the original material and I’d like this list to be as accessible to people as possible.

However, you’ll find a lot more demisexual characters and discussion of demisexuality in fanfiction, so here’s a list of works tagged ‘demisexuality’ at AO3. You may need to narrow it down to find fandoms you’re into, but hopefully it’ll help you get started. ^_^