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Lynn Elsewhere: 3 Tropes I Love In Fantasy Fiction at Dear Geek Place

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Surprise Sunday link post! Earlier this week I was over at Dear Geek Place to discuss 3 tropes that I love in fantasy fiction to celebrate Wyrd and Wonder.
The post itself is what it says on the tin: a discussion of 3 tropes I really enjoy in writing.
Wyrd and Wonder is a month-long celebration of all things fantasy. You can read more about it here. It’s an event run by Lisa (Dear Geek Place), Imyril (There’s Always Room for One More‚Ķ) and Jorie ( Jorie Loves a Story).
There are photo challenges, read-alongs, giveaways… If you enjoy fantasy and talking about books, do check out Wyrd and Wonder and consider participating! ūüėÄ

Guest Post at The Book Smugglers

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I’ve been particularly slow to update this here because I have had massive update fail, but! Last month, I was over at The Book Smugglers with a guest post about asexual representation in mainstream publishing!

Here’s a snippet to summarise what it’s about:

As an asexual reader and indie author, I see conflicting messages about the state of asexual representation in fiction and my heart hurts. Almost every list of recommendations, every discussion, every moment includes a variation on the lament ‚ÄúThere is so little representation‚ÄĚ with no elaboration or qualifications. While this essay will prove there most certainly¬†is¬†a lack of representation in fiction, there is also more out there than these articles often suggest and, though it makes little difference to the numbers as a whole, it can have a large emotional impact on individuals, especially those seeking asexual representation. Even if one restricts their search to books published by the Big 5 companies in publishing ‚Äď that is to say by imprints owned by Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, or Hachette ‚Äď, there is quite a bit more than people seem to assume.

Working with Ana and Thea has been a writerly bucket list dream for years and I’m utterly delighted with how the post came out. Ana and Thea are¬†amazing editors and have fantastic insight, so be sure to check out all of their blog and their work on other sites such as Kirkus as well!


Interview at Huntress of Diverse Books!

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Today Huntress of Diverse Book has posted an interview with one of my characters! Sinead is interviewing the protatonist of¬†Sea Foam and Silence and in keeping with the fact that¬†Sea Foam is a verse novel, we’ve done the whole interview in verse. Come check it out! Learn a little more about our little mermaid as she talks about discovering life on land, fails to understand puppies, and talks about what she loves to do.

And, while you’re there, why not check out the rest of Sinead’s blog too! <3


Interview at The Dabbler and Other People Being Absolutely Awesome

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Today I’ve been interviewed at The Dabbler by Dianna L. Gunn about¬†Sea Foam and Silence and #ownvoices in (indie) publishing. Yep,¬†Sea Foam and Silence, rather than¬†Rapunzel, Rapunzel. But isn’t the latter coming out soon? Yes! Yes, it is! Next Tuesday, in fact! But¬†Sea Foam and Silence is my precious little #ownvoices romance verse novel, so I am¬†always happy to talk about it! Also, I usually find talking about my work really hard and¬†Sea Foam and Silence is surprisingly easy to talk about in comparison.

Anyway! Moving on to sharing news about awesome other people!

Dianna will have a YA novella out with The Book Smugglers this spring, so watch out for that too! Here’s the blurb (which I helpfully nicked from The Book Smugglers’ own page).

Keeper of the Dawn by Dianna Gunn

All Lai has ever wanted is to become a priestess. When she fails the trials she runs away to the northern kingdom of Alanum, becoming the bodyguard of a wealthy merchant.

One night she hears stories about a mountain city where they worship the same goddesses she does. She abandons the merchant and heads north, determined to join the mountain city’s sacred order, the Sunrise Guardians, and serve her goddesses.

Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? I can’t wait! There are three more novellas coming too and you can read all about them here. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of The Book Smugglers Press, so I can’t wait for this year’s novella line-up!

Also be sure to follow Dianna’s blog for more #ownvoices interviews and spotlights! And, because I’m me, I just can’t let this opportunity to spread some more praise for fellow indie writers pass.

Be sure to check out Claudie Arseneault’s¬†Viral Airwaves. I’m in the middle of reading that right now and it’s¬†so great. <3 I adore Henry far too much. Claudie’s also recently rereleased¬†The White Renegade, a prequel novella (novelette?) featuring Seraphin, one of the main characters in¬†Viral Airwaves, for free pretty much everywhere. (Amazon is, as always, the exception to the rule because it takes a fair bit of digging and waiting¬†forever to get them to pricematch free books.)

Shira Glassman’s Mangoverse, of course! They’re just so lovely. But I’m going to cheat copiously and link you to Claudie’s fantastic #Indiemanche thread because she expresses its marvellousness so much better than I ever could.

RoAnna Sylver’s¬†Chameleon Moon as well. It’s the current #AceBookClub read, so now is a¬†great time to jump into it if you’re a fellow ace spec reader and want to join with others reading books about ace spec characters (among others) by ace spec authors.

And, because I haven’t yet mentioned it I don’t think, do check out Claudie’s in-progress but already absolutely¬†awesome database of ace spec and aro spec characters in SFF.

There’s also Nikki’s Game of Books¬†which turns reading into a self-challenge game in which you set a points goal and gather points for reading. It’s a very laid-back “Do what works for you” vibe to it as well. So far all of us participating have sheets tailored to our own preferences and needs.

Lastly, the very lovely Elizabeth Fitzgerald is hosting Read My Valentine again this year. It’s a low-pressure, set-your-own-goal romance reading challenge.

I¬†think that covers about everything and I¬†think I have successfully deflected from talking about myself? Well, I may have just ruined it. So, um… To ruin it further, remember that¬†Rapunzel, Rapunzel comes out¬†next Tuesday, so if it’s sounds like your cup of tea and you can, please consider preordering to help with the initial sales visibility boost! <3

Okay, sales pitch done, so¬†go check out everyone’s awesome¬†as well! And please do share more of people’s awesome in the comments! I’d love to hear about¬†it! ^_^


Lynn Elsewhere: Guest Post at Queer Girl Cafe

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My guest post for Queer Girl Cafe is up!

More Than a Story

This little girl grew up thinking that she was straight. She’d been taught that there were only three sexual orientations people could have: heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Now, she knew that she wasn’t interested in girls at all, so by process of elimination that left heterosexual. No one around her ever challenged it. All the media she was surrounded by told her that what she liked was an idealised heterosexual relationship.

But she isn’t heterosexual. She’s demisexual. What she loves about the One True Love trope isn’t the ideal of a monogamous heterosexual relationship. It’s the fact that, for her, this is how romance and sex works. An absence of any sexual attraction to people unless she’s formed a strong emotional bond with them (and sometimes/often not even then).

I didn’t even realise it was going to go live today! (That just goes to show how frazzled I’ve been this past week or so.)

So! Because we’re talking stories, here’s another one. It’ll be a very short one, I promise. I was¬†terrified of this essay/guest post. When I contacted Nita about whether she’d like my contribution I cried and shivered and sweated my way through writing the email. And this was knowing that Nita was welcoming of (heteroromantic) demisexuals like myself!

Initially, I was thinking I’d write a piece about that fear and why I had it and how it’s difficult for some people to use the word ‘queer’ because they’re so strongly and firmly told that they are not queer enough. (That’s… one of my first experiences with trying to use the word ‘queer’ and why I only ever use it when I’m absolutely, 100% certain that it’s safe to do so. Hence the anxiety attack when contacting Nita.) But I could never get those experiences to mesh well with the positive, encouraging tone I wanted.

And then… I threw it around entirely, struggling even more mightily and finally figured out that I needed to start it like it was a story. I hope the format will resonate with others and that someone out there will find it useful! It was still terrifying to write. I’m kind of glad I didn’t realise it was going live today and that I didn’t notice until I was at work. It meant I got immediate distraction and, um, did¬†not duck under a blanket and hide for the rest of the day.¬†(And soon I¬†get to hide because it will be time for bed. Yay, time zones! Wow, I never thought I’d say that.)

But there you are! Two stories for the price of one! Many thanks to Nita Tyndall and everyone involved with Queer Girl Cafe for having me and making me feel welcome! ^_^



Links Round-up

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Time for a links round-up! I’m¬†slightly late due to personal circumstances, but here we are! I promised you all link round-ups for the Queer Girl Cafe posts and Pack of Aces interviews. I think neither project has run its course, so I’ll be making a new one later, but for now…

End of March round-up! Whoot!

Queer Girl Cafe Post Links

Pack of Aces Interview Links

I highly recommend checking out all of the links! There are some fantastic discussions of people’s experiences being shared by Queer Girl Cafe and the interviews are¬†amazing. And very, very dangerous for your TBR pile!


Writing News

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

I have several bits of writing-related news for you all today and hopefully both will be quite exciting.

* * *

I have a Patreon page now. I don’t plan on mentioning that too often, but I’ll be putting a link in the sidebar somewhere and I’ll add links at the bottom of webserial posts. You can check out the Patreon page for the full details, but it’s essentially a kind of (monthly) tipjar for people who like my blogging or the fiction I share. Hopefully, Patreon will allow me to share more fiction online for free like I’m doing with¬†Sea Foam and Silence and did with¬†A Promise Broken.

Please do let me know if there’s information you’d like to see on Patreon! I’m a little leery of making goal milestones, but if people really want me to I’ll poke those and add them.

* * *

Cover for Feather by Feather and Other Stories by Lynn E. O'ConnachtAs an¬†experiment, I’ve decided to lower the price of¬†Feather by Feather and Other Stories¬†to $2.99 (or its equivalent in other currency) until July st, 2015.

I aim to be a bit more experimental with pricing and promotional pricing in future, but this is still pretty nerve-wracking experimentation for me. I don’t want the people who bought it at the full price to feel cheated and like they were treated unfairly and I’m not entirely sure how to square everything with one another.

Oh, to be the kind of person that wouldn’t care. But then I probably wouldn’t like myself very much. (Well. I probably would because I’d be that kind of person, but the person I am now wouldn’t like that me. I’m making a mess of this whole announcement thing, aren’t I?)

In any case: Throughout May and June,¬†Feather by Feather and Other Stories will be available for $2.99 from all retailers. After that, we’ll see how it goes. That depends on the outcome of the experiment. (Yes, of course I’ll share some of the details with you all. ^_^)

It’s pretty scary, but hopefully the experiment’ll go better than making the book a Kindle-exclusive did.

* * *

Sea Foam and SilenceThe serialisation of Sea Foam and Silence starts next week! Friday, May 1st will see the first poem in the verse novel go live and the serial will update every Monday and Friday until its conclusion sometime in 2016.

I am¬†so excited, everyone!¬†The Little Mermaid has always been a fairytale close to my heart, whether the original version or Disney’s adaptation, and I love retellings. I’m so happy and excited to get to do one of my own! And in a way that feels fresh and new (to me) too!

I hope readers will like it just as much as I do. Or more. More is also good. I’m really looking forward to trying¬†to get readers involved with the storyline as well. I haven’t quite worked out how to go about this yet, but it’ll be loads of fun to find out! The story’s more episodic nature should lend itself well to experimenting with this.

* * *

And… that’s it for me for now. I’m slowly poking at some other things that I’m (in no way) ready to comment on just yet. Writing is going relatively slowly, with most of my focus on building a bit of buffer for¬†Sea Foam and Silence at the moment, and I’ve apparently spent most of April focusing on non-fiction posts. I have made progress on my fiction! Just… it pales in comparison to the non-fiction.


Guest post over at Earl Grey Editing

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Elizabeth from Earl Grey Editing kindly let me do a guest post on my first experiences with serialised fiction in honour of publishing A Promise Broken last month.

(Meep! My first guest post that’s not solely¬†about my own writing.)

I hope you’ll enjoy it! And if you’re new to Elizabeth’s blog, please do check it out. She’s awesome.

Thank you for having me, Elizabeth! <3


Interview over at Tales of the Marvelous

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Last month, I interviewed friend and fellow writer/blogger Cheryl Mahoney about her newest book,¬†The Storyteller and Her Sisters. This month Cheryl is interviewing me about my latest release,¬†Tales of the Little Engine. You can read the interview here at Tales of the Marvelous. A little later today Cheryl will also have a review up about¬†Tales. Once it’s live (in a few hours or so), it can be found here. (*bites nails*)

I hope you’ll enjoy both the interview and the review! And please do check out Cheryl’s own works if fairytale retellings are of interest to you.¬†Hers are lovely. ^_^


Interview at The Bibliophibian

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Nikki from The Bibliophibian was kind enough to host an interview with me today.

Nikki is a dear and good friend, with a wonderful taste in books. (We were discussing that taste earlier today in another post, actually!) I always enjoy hearing what they have to say, whether about books or something else, and wish I were even half as smart, insightful and good with non-fiction words. <3

They¬†also deserve a better introduction than I’m able to provide. (In my defence, I’m not good at introducing people on a good day and I think I might be coming down with something. ūüôĀ Not during Nano, body! Especially not when I’m horribly behind!) But, anyway, Nikki is lovely and their¬†blog is well worth reading. And if you want to read the interview they did with me… You can read that here.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and Nikki’s other posts!